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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 28

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January 1974, Number 1
Portable Punched Cards for Recording Tree Fruit EvaluationsH.W. Fogle2
Japanese Apple VarietiesY. Yoshida and G.I. Mink7
Apple Rootstocks for Colder ClimatesJ.N . Cummins and H.S. Aldwinckle9
Orchard Susceptibility to Some Apricot, Peach and Plum Cultivars and Selections to Xanthomonas pruniH.L. Keil and H.W. Fogle16
The 'Ozark Gold' AppleP. Stark Jr.20
Research Information Request Concerning: Apple Varieties Resistant to Woolly Apple AphidsAPS14
April 1974, Number 2
Obeservations on Firmness in Storage of 8 Strains of Delicious Apples Frozen Prior to HarvestS.J. Leuty26
Influence of Hardy Intermediate Stocks on Growth and Yield of Two Apple CultivarsD.C. Ferree28
Training Apple Varieties for Over-The-Row HarvesterR.F. Carlson30
Field and Processing Studies of 'Primegold Apple'G.W. Varseveld, M.N. Westwood and R.L. Stebbins32
Computerized Fruit Germplasm Resources InventoryH.W. Fogle andH.F. Winters35
Com-Pact RedhavenR.G. Van Well37
Relationships Between Fruit Size and Seed Number and Size in BlackberriesJ.N. Moore, G.R. Brown and E.D. Brown40
The American Pomological Society and Its Value to Apple ProducersH.W. Fogle46
July 1974, Number 3
New Varieties from the Virginia Fruit Breeding ProgramG.D. Oberle50
Susceptibility of Grape Cultivars and Selections to Exidant InjuryW.J. Kender and S.G. Carpenter59
'Jonamac', an Early Ripening 'McIntosh' Type AppleR.D. Way62
Some Anatomical Variations in Relation to Russeting in the 'Golden Delicious' AppleR.K. Simons64
Status and Performance of 'M.26' RootstockR.F. Carlson71
October 1974, Number 4
Future Germplasm Reserves in Fruit and Nut CropsC.J. Hearn74
Future Germplasm Reserves of Pome FruitsR.C. Lamb75
Future Germplasm Reserves - Stone Fruit PossibilitiesP.R. Fridlund80
Preservation of Small Fruits Germplasm for Germplasm Work ShopD.H. Scott83
Present Status and Future Outlook for Germplasm Reserves in CitrusJ.W. Cameron86
Future Germplasm Reserves in GrapesJ.A. Mortensen90
Germplasm Reserves of North American Nut TreesR.A. Jaynes95
'General LeClerc' - A New French Pear VarietyB. Thibault100