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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 24

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January 1970, Number 1
The Sierra PearK.O. Lapins2
History of Red King Spur DeliciousAPS2
Breeding Plums in FloridaW.B. Sherman and R.H. Sharpe3
Oriental Persimmons Show PromiseR.L. Smith5
Fruit Breeding at John Innes InstituteAPS8
Splendour Apple from New ZealandAPS10
Stearns Lothrop DavenportAPS10
The Vanderpool AppleL.L. McGraw11
Sources of Scionwood of Pomological Species, Cultivars and Selections of Cherries in Agricultural Experiment Stations of the United States and CanadaC.M. Ritter12
The Effect of Alar on Fruit Cracking of Staymen Winesap AppleD.T. Sullivan and F.B. Widmoyer17
History of Peaches in CaliforniaAPS18
The Stella CherryK.O. Lapins19
Prima - an Early Ripening Red Apple with Resistance to Apple ScabD.F. Dayton, J.B. Mowry, L.F. Hough, C.H. Bailey, E.B. Williams, J. Janick and F.H. Emerson20
Montmorency Cherry SelectionsR.F. Carlson22
April 1970, Number 2
The Sirrine PearR.C. Lamb26
Spur Strains of McIntosh Discovered in British ColumbiaD.V. Fisher27
Winter Injury to Fruit Buds of Stone Fruits in WashingtonT.K. Toyama and G.I. Rosenkranz33
Two New Nectarines and a Peach Introduced by the US Department of AgricultureJ.H. Weinberger38
A Sweet Cherry Scion/Interstock/Rootstock ExperimentF.E. Larson40
The Badgerelle StrawberryF.A. Gilbert44
July 1970, Number 3
Pedicel Girdling in Golden DeliciousJ.R. Tiscornia and C.W. Hitz50
'Thornfree' Blackberry in IllinoisC.C. Zyvh, J.W. Courter and A.G. Otterbacher51
New Strawberry Varieties for ItalyE. Baldini53
Trees of 200-Year-Old Newtown Apple Cultivar Found Free of Commonly Occurring VirusesF. Welsh and J. May56
Fruit Size of Strawberry CultivarsJ.N. Moore58
Guardian, a New Root Rot Resistant Strawberry VarietyD.H. Scott, I.C. Haut, A.D. Draper and E.H. Varney62
Burr-Knot Observations on Clonal Apple Rootstocks in ArkansasR.C. Rom66
Avocado Propagation in TrinidadR.J. Hilton and G.F. Mason69
Bluegem BlueberryR.H. Sharpe and W.B. Sherman70
Fruit Evaluation of Peach CultivarsC.R. Ure71
October 1970, Number 4
The Moored GrapeG.D. Oberle74
Sources of Scionwood of Pear Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Species in Agricultural Experiment Stations in the United States and CanadaC.M. Ritter75
Cheyenne, a New Precocious Pecan VarietyG.D. Madden84
Apollo and Atlas, Two New Strawberries for the SouthG.J. Galletta and D.H. Scott86
Crowley, a New Early Maturing Cranberry Variety for Washington and OregonC.C. Doughty and R. Garren Jr.88
Mutsi Crispin AppleAPS89
Variety Testing in RhodesiaAPS89
Fruit Varieties for the Roadside Market in OntarioO.A. Bradt90
Variations in Some Characteristics of the Midway StrawberryD.H. Scott and I.C. Haut93
Russetting in Golden Delicious Types and SportsG.M. Kessler93
Holly Apple from OhioAPS94
Spur-Type Golden DeliciousAPS94