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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 23

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January 1969, Number 1
Bluetta, a New, Eary Ripening Blueberry VarietyA.D. Draper, L.F. Hough, D.H. Scott and A.W. Stretch2
Sources of Scionwood of Peach, Nectarine and Apricot Cultivars and Rootstocks in Agricultural Experiment Stations of the United States and CanadaC.M. Ritter3
Redchief, a New Strawberry Variety Resistant to Many Races of Red Stele Root RotD.H. Scott, I.C. Haut and A.D. Draper10
Vesta, a Productive, High Quality Almond VarietyR.W. Jones13
Fruit Bud Hardiness of North Caucasus Seedlings and other Foreign Peach IntroductionsW.L. Ackerman14
McLemore Apple from OklahomaAPS16
Rotyp, a Patented Apple Stock from HollandJ.N. Cummins17
Differences in Fruit Shape, Quality and Yield Between Standard Golden Delicious and a Spurred Mutation of Golden DeliciousM.N. Westwood and P.B. Lombard18
Jonagold and Spijon ApplesAPS19
April 1969, Number 2
Fruit Breeding in ArkansasJ.N. Moore23
Strawberry Varieties in the United States - 1968C.R. Smith and D.H. Scott26
Johnny Apleseed - Some Historic NotesM.N. Westwood32
The Alwood GrapeG.D. Oberle and R.C. Moore34
Six High Quality, Bacterial Spot Resistant Peach Varieties from North CarolinaF.E. Correll and C.N. Clayton35
McIntosh Revival?APS39
July 1969, Number 3
A Plan to Preserve Virus-Free, Patented Clones of Deciduous FruitsE.C. Blodgett42
Sources of Scionwood of Pomological Species, Cultivars and Selections of Plums in Agricultural Experiment Stations of the United States and CanadaC.M. Ritter43
'Southland' Red Raspberry - A New Fruit Crop for the SouthJ.W. Hull48
Hardiness of Fruit Buds of Sweet Cherries, 1968-69K.O. Lapins and H. Schmid49
The Spokane Beauty AppleM.D. Aichele50
Two New Clingstone Peaches for Commercial CanningG.D. Oberle, C.B. Wood and L.F. Hough51
Tolerance of Several Grape Cultivars to Injury from Atmospheric Contaminations of 2,4-DE. Abmeyer53
Small Fruits for the Home GardenerG.L. Slate54
The Kaller AtemoyaJ. Popenoe55
Some Thoughts on the Origin of Certain Spur-Type Mutations of Apple in the State of WashingtonR.B. Tukey56
Three New Stone Fruit Cultivars Introduced by the U.S. Department of AgricultureJ.H. Weinberger57
Shenandoah and Roanoke, New Apple Varieties for VirginiaG.D. Oberle58
Grapes for OhioAPS59
October 1969, Number 4
South African Canned Fruit IncreasingAPS62
Honeygold and Red Baron, Two New Apples from MinnesotaC. Stushnoff, S.T. Munson, L.B. Hertz and H.M. Pellett63
When to Pick Home Orchard Apple VarietiesH.W. Schroeder65
Old Apple VarietiesAPS70
Rogue Red - a New Winter Pear VarietyP.B. Lombard, M. Thompson and Q. Zielinski71
History of Cherries in CaliforniaAPS72
Australian Grape VarietiesH.C. Barrett and H. Hawson73
Sungold Nectarine for Northern FloridaAPS75
Heritage, A New Fall Bearing Red RaspberryD.K. Ourecky78
Tropical Fruit Improvement in FloridaAPS80