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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 22

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January 1968, Number 1
Planting Problems with PecansD.F. Millikan, A.D. Hibbard and H.W. Guengerich2
The New Blushing Golden AppleAPS2
Blackberry Breeding Involving Native Pacific Coast ParentageG.F. Waldo3
Some Interesting 'Golden Delicious' Seedling SelectionsK.O. Lapins7
Deciduous Fruit Varieties for Tropical AmericaW. Popenoe8
New Muscadine Grape VarietiesN.H. Loomis12
Performance of Newer Apples in OntarioAPS16
Lateblue, A New Late-Ripening Blueberry VarietyD.H. Scott, L.F. Hough, C. Stushnoff and A.D. Draper17
Baldwin AppleAPS18
Blossoms and Fruit on One Branch of PearR. Ruben18
April 1968, Number 2
The Spokane Beauty AppleM.D. Aichele22
Sources of Scionwood of Apple Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Species in Agricultural Experiment Stations of the United States and CanadaC.M. Ritter23
July 1968, Number 3
Star, Lee and Mac - Three Blight Resistant, Fresh Market Pears from New JerseyL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey43
Prime Gold, a PRomising New AppleAPS45
Washington PlumAPS45
The Lafayette NectarineG.D. Oberle46
Some Fruit Books for the AmateurR.A. Nitschke47
A Report from the Balsgard Fruit Breeding InstituteN. Nybom52
English Exhibit of Old VarietiesAPS52
Promising Grape Hybrids for TexasH.M. Meyer53
Blackberry Breeding in FloridaAPS55
Fillette and Sunqueen, Two Peach Varieties from New JerseyC.H. Bailey and L.F. Hough56
Processing Evaluation of Golden Delicious Seedling SelectionsA.W. Moyls and K.O. Lapins57
The Recorded ORigin of the Tolman Sweet Apple QuestionedF.L. Ashworth58
October 1968, Number 4
The Orenco AppleL.L. McGraw62
Raritan and Mollie's Delicious, Two More Red, Summer Dessert Apples from New JerseyL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey63
Van Mons Leon Le Clerc - A sugar and Cream PearI.R. Hunter and R.A. Nitschke65
Grape Varieties in the Pacific NorthwestW.J. Clore68
Effect of Alar on Bloom Date of Richared ApplesD.T. Sullivan and F.B. Widmoyer70
Raritan, a Midseason Strawberry Variety for the NortheastL.F. Hough and C.R. Smith71
New Fruit Cultivars from Ontario, CanadaO.A. Bradt, C.L. Ricketson, C. Tehrani and E.A. Kerr73
A June Ripening PearL.L. McGraw76
The Redchief StrawberryG.D. Oberle77