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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 21

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January 1967, Number 1
Superior Quince Rootstocks for Pear from East EuropeD.F. Millikan and S.A. Pieniazek2
Peach and Nectarine Variety Performance in KentuckyF.T. Street3
Notes on Origin of the Delicious AppleAPS4
Carob Varieties for the Semi-Arid SouthwestJ.E. Coit5
Lloyd LonborgC.D. Schwarte9
Dessert Grapes - Selection of Varieties with Exceptional Quality (Part II)H.C. Barrett11
The Chehalis AppleC.D. Schwartze15
Oregon's OP-9 Bartlett PearM.N. Westwood, J.A. Milbrath and P.B. Lombard18
Scottish Strawberry Breeders Campaign against DiseasesAPS19
April 1967, Number 2
Comments on Apricot and Nectarine Culture in MichiganS. Johnston22
Reid M. Brooks' Evaluation of Sweet Chrries for Home Garden and Dessert UseR.A. Nitschke23
Who wants the White Carolina Strawberry?G.M. Darrow25
Apple Rootstock Studies in Eastern europeS.A. Pieniazek27
Relation of Bloom Date and Blossom Temperature to Frost Injury and Fruit Set in ApricotsR.E.C. Layne28
Five New Fruits from New YorkG.M. Kessler33
Self Fertile Sweet CherriesP. Matthews and K. Lapins36
Pear and Apple Variety Testing in Kenya, East AfricaJ.P. Overcash38
New Yorker NectarineR.C. Lamb39
July 1967, Number 3
Pumpkin Sweet and Pound Sweet - They Are DifferentH.T. Converse42
Prospects for Brambles in the Nursery IndustryR.H. Converse43
Apple variety trends in the Mid-Atlantic StatesAPS45
The Multiple-Variety TreeM. Gibson46
The Vale StrawberryG.F. Waldo and E.N. Hoffman48
Norris Grape for FloridaAPS49
Apricot Breeding in PolandD.F. Millikan and S.A. Pieniazek50
Peach Varieites for TennesseeAPS50
Response of Tydeman's Red Apple to Cross-PollinationJ.M. Lange52
A Method of Finding the Most Likely Parents of Chance Seedlings of FruitsF.L. Ashworth53
October 1967, Number 4
The MulberryM. Meynadir66
Behavior of Apple Varieties in GeorgiaW.J. Wilson67
Comments on Some Nectarines for the Home GardenH.J. Drake70
Morrow, a New Can Canker-Resistant Highbusg Blueberry VarietyG.J. Galletta, D.H. Scott and J.M. O'Neal71
Differences in Growth, Chemical Content, and Fruit Set among Four Sports of Delicious AppleM.N. Westwood, N. Kadivar and H.O. Bjornstad72
On the Domestication of the Lowbush BlueberryW.J. Kender74
Sweet Cherry Breeding in EnglandAPS76
The Paw PawC. Davis77
Winter Hardiness of Apple VarietiesK. Lapins78
Rabbit Damage to Clonal Apple RootstockR.C. Rom80
Pear Breeding in OhioAPS81
Notes from a Research Report of Summerland Research Station, 1961-64APS81
Performance of Newer Pear Varieties in MassachusettsAPS82
Peach Varieties Vary in Ease with which They Can be Chemically ThinnedAPS82
Photoperiodism in ApplesAPS82