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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 17

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October 1962, Number 1
Freeing Raspberries from VirusesAPS2
How Horticultural Plants Are namedE. McClintock3
Vinifera-type Grapes for the EastR.T. Dunstan6
Performance of New Strawberry Varieties in New ZealandP. Stark Jr.8
Ten Nectarines for Eastern North AmericaL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey9
A Fasciated Flower Cluster of Rome Beauty AppleL.D. Tukey12
Seedless Sugar Apple in FloridaJ. Popenoe12
Peach Variety Performance in Southwest IowaC.C. Doll13
How New Fruit Varieties OriginateS. Johnston17
January 1963, Number 2
Wayne, Niagara, and Spigold ApplesL.G. Klein, R.D. Way and J. Einset23
Leif VernerG.W. Woodbury25
Apple Varieties Rated by ConsumersAPS26
Red Raspberry Varieties for Coastal British ColumbiaH.A. Daubeny27
Promising New Strawberries in MassachusettsAPS28
Some New Plum Varieties in CaliforniaC.O. Hesse29
Summer Apples for KentuckyAPS32
Heat and Chilling Requirements for Plum Blossoming in MississippiJ.P. Overcash33
Rating Systems for StrawberryG.M. Darrow36
Very Early California Peach Varieties DecreasingAPS39
Galbraith Baldwin Susceptible to CrackingAPS39
A Peach Tree TroubleAPS39
April 1963, Number 3
Influence of Rootstock on Susceptibility of Peach to Peach CankerG.M. Weaver43
Sources of Propagating Wood for Plum Cultivars, Species and Species Hybrids in the United States and CanadaH.W. Fogle, R.M. Peterson, L. Whitton and H.W. Young45
The El Dorado Pear in OregonQ.B. Zielinski55
Delicious Apple ChimeraC.D. Clayburg58
A Dwarf NectarineR.M. Brooks58
Pear Varieties in Nova ScotiaR.P. Longley58
Robison, a New Peach for the SouthR. Ferree59
Vesper Strawberry from New JerseyAPS59
Promising Newer PeachesAPS59
July 1963, Number 4
Esopus SpitzenbergR.A. Nitschke62
Pears in KentuckyAPS62
Genetic Concepts and Fruit BreedingH. Dermen63
Vesper, a New Fresh Market Strawberry for the NortheastJ.N. Moore and L.F. Hough64
Apple Variety Trends in North CarolinaAPS65
Quick Viability Tests for Rootstock SeedsR.J. Hilton and J.E. Teskey66
Yield of Concord Grapes Influenced by Parent VineAPS66
Breeding Grapes for the Northern Great PlainsR.M. Peterson67
Albert F. Etter - Strawberry BreederG.M. Darrow69
Crane and Orrin, Two New Chinese Chestnut Varieties Released by the United States Department of AgricultureJ.W. McKay73
Blackwalnuts in PennsylvaniaAPS74
Strawberry Variety Testing in New JerseyC.R. SMith and L.F. Hough75