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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 14

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December 1959, Number 2
The Collins PeachL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey22
New Early Maturing Tangerine HybridsAPS22
Recent Developments in Nectarines in CaliforniaJ.W. Taylor23
Summer Apple Varieties in WashingtonW.A. Luce25
Peach Hardiness Trials in VermontC.H. Blasberg25
Washington, A Peach With Outstanding Frost-Escaping AbilityG.D. Oberle, R.C. Moore and J.B. Hardigree26
Suncrest PeachAPS28
The Temperate Fruits of ChinaS.A. Pieniazek29
Introducing Topred DeliciousJ. Snyder34
New Canadian Sweet CherriesAPS34
Van CherryAPS34
Fletcher, Frontenac and Fulton StrawberriesG.L. Slate and J. Watson35
American Strawberry Varieties Succeed in OkinawaR.F. Carlson36
Breeding Blueberries for SouthAPS36
Color Sports of Apples Induced by RadiationC.J. Bishop37
Italian Apple VarietiesAPS39
A New Clone of LoganberryAPS39
March 1960, Number 3
New Small Fruit Research StationR.C. Blake42
The Ashworth Blueberry as a Parent in Breeding For Hardiness and EarlinessG.M. Darrow, L. Whitton and D.H. Scott43
Tydeman's Early Worcester — An Early McIntosh-type AppleD.V. Fisher46
Cyclone — A New StrawberryE.L. Denisen48
Plum Variety Trails in AlabamaJ. Popenoe49
Turkish ApricotsAPS50
The Royalvee PeachO.A. Bradt50
Black Raspberry in KentuckyAPS50
Dwarf Apple RootstocksD.T. Sullivan51
Apple Breeding and Testing in EnglandAPS52
Climatic Conditions and Attractiveness of Apple Varieties (Part I)J.B. Mowry53
Variety Testing of Grapes for WineR.F. Crowther58
Collins, A New BIueberry VarietyD.H. Scott, J.N. Moore, G.M. Darrow and R.J. Knight59
Apricot Bud-Hardiness in British ColumbiaAPS59
June 1960, Number 4
Bladisloe N. Z. AppleAPS64
Fruit Growing in The South PacificP. Stark, Jr.65
Tydeman's Red AppleW.A. Luce68
Current Status of Virus-free Strawberry Stocks In Eastern United StatesJ.R. McGrew69
The Monroe AppleL.G. Klein70
Prolonged Dormancy of Apple Varieties in MississippiJ.P. Overcash71
Tremmel and Carol Peaches Continue to Show HardinessJ. P. Tremmel72
Peaches in OntarioO.A. Bradt72
Apple Varieties in FranceAPS72
Kendall AppleC.L. Burkholder72
Hartman Award to Frank ReimerAPS72
Boyne RaspberryC.R. Ure73
Early June. A New Blackberry for the SouthB.O. Fry74
Fall RussetR.A. Nitschke75
Recent Developments in Strawberry Red Stele Race Distribution StudiesR.H. Converse76
Hardiness of Dwarfing Apple RootstocksAPS77
Promising Apples for WisconsinG.C. Klingbeil77
Pears in MassachusettsAPS77