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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 13

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September 1958, Number 1
Mix-Up of Loring and Redskin Peach VarietiesA. Leon Havis2
Earlihale PeachAPS2
Mutations of late Maturity in Peaches and NectarinesJ.W. Taylor3
Goldgem and Summerqueen, two new peaches from New JerseyL.F. Hough and C. Bailey5
Sources of Propagating Wood for Peach and Nectarine Varieties in the United States and CanadaK.W. Hanson, L. Whitton, H.W. Fogle, R.M. Peterson and H.W. Young6
Mutsu AppleAPS16
Sonjana, a New StrawberryR.M. Brooks16
Tejon PeachR.M. Brooks16
December 1958, Number 2
Niels Ebbesen Hansen—Pioneer Fruit BreederA.F. Yeager18
Variety Notes from the South Shore of Lake ErieH.K. Fleming20
Double Delight, Earligold and June Gold PeachesR.M. Brooks22
Gamet PeachR.M. Brooks22
Ralph Albert Van MeterAPS22
Rootstocks for Propagating Prunus SelectionsJ.B. Mowry23
Frost Resistance in StrawberriesAPS25
New English VarietiesAPS25
Lychee VarietiesR.M. Brooks27
Utah AlmondsR.M. Brooks27
Rootstocks for AppleP. Stark, Jr.27
Blackberry Varieties in OregonG.F. Waldo28
March 1959, Number 3
Evaluation of Sweet Cherry Varieties and Selections in OregonQ. Zielinski and W.M.A. Sistrunk35
T rue-to-Name Nursery Stock Inspection ProgramA.P. French36
Georgia Commercial Peach Survey, 1957K.E. Ford37
Dwarf Fruit Tree AssociationAPS40
The Fruit Variety Trrails at Knuthenborg, DenmarkR.A. Nitschke41
Two New Peach RootstocksH. Martin45
Leaf Glands of Sunhaven and Richhaven Peach VarietiesS. Johnston46
Bear River CherryC.J. Bishop46
June 1959, Number 4
Redbud and Lexington. Two New Varieties of NectarineG.D. Oberle and R.C. Moore50
Performance of New Apple Varieties in VermontW.M.H. Darrow, Sr.51
Winter Injury to Sweet Cherry BlossomsF.A. Gilbert52
The Ozark Premier PlumP.H. Shepard53
The Goldenred PeachH.A. Hinrichs54
Garnet Beauty — An Early Mutation of Redhaven PeachT.B. Harrison55
Exotic, a New Vinifera Grape VarietyF.N. Harmon and J.H. Weinberger56
Apple Varieties for WisconsinM.N. Dana and G.C. Klingbeil57
Hardiness in Apple RootstocksAPS58
The Dix Grape, a New Juice VarietyD.H. Scott and E.G. Christ59
Carol, a Hardy PeachAPS60
Comanche PeachAPS60
Relative Hardiness of Fruit Varieties in MichiganH.B. Tukey60
Three New Sweet Cherry Varieties from CanadaG.H. Dickson61