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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 12

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November 1957, Number 2
Newer Dessert ApplesL.G. Klein and J. Einset18
Peach Breeding in Southern CaliforniaJ.W. Lesley19
Three New Varieties of StrawberriesD.H. Scott and G.M. Darrow21
Fire Blight Resistant Pears in the SouthB.D. Drain23
Two Hardy PeachesJ.P. Tremmel24
Chinese BramblesAPS25
Hardiness of MaIling Apple RootstocksL.L. van Roechoudt25
Earliril and Blenril ApricotsAPS26
Highbush Blueberries in Western Nova ScotiaE.L. Eaton27
Striped Sports of Mcintosh in British ColumbiaA.J. Mann and F.W. Keane29
Small Fruits in ManitobaW. Oakes30
March 1958, Number 3
Sterile Hybrid Grape Made Fertile with ColchicineH. Dermen34
Apple Varieties in IndianaR.B. Tukey36
Peach Variety Testing in Southwestern OntarioT.B. Harrison37
The Best Parents in Breeding French Hybrid GrapesH.C. Barrett39
Some Observations of Howard 17 (Premier) and Vermilion StrawberriesR.K. Simons43
June 1958, Number 4
Peach Varieties that Set Crops under Adverse ConditionsO.A. Bradt51
Raspberries in Alberta, CanadaB.H. Wilson52
New Strawberry from LouisianaAPS52
Defects of Stanley Prune in IdahoL. Verner53
Peach Trends in MichiganS. Johnston54
The Best Parents in Breeding French Hybrid Grapes (Part II)H.C. Barrett55
New Minnesota IntroductionsAPS59
Solana StrawberryAPS59
Professor H. L. Lantz DiesG.M. Kessler60
Elbertita-A Dwarf Peach for Home GardensL.F. Hough and C.A. Bailey60
Connell Red AppleAPS60
Recent Developments in Florida Grape CultureL.H. Stover61
Apples in New EnglandAPS61