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1972, Part 1
Life Cycle and Prospects for Interstrain Breeding in Agaricus bisporusJ.R. Raper and C.A. Raper1
Sex and the Single SporeT.J. Elliott11
Strain Selection and Development by Means of Mycelial AnastomosisL.R Kneebone, P.G Shultz, and T.G Patton19
Ergebnisse zur Lagerfähigkeit von ChampignonbrutG. Lemke27
Stability of Spawn Stocks of the Cultivated Mushroom after 26 Months Liquid Nitrogen Refrigeration (-160° to -196°C)Shuh-Wei Hwang and J.P. San Antonio35
The Influence of Water in Mushroom CompostJ.P.G. Gerrits43
Utilisation de Composts Urbains en Addition au Compost de Fumier de Cheval dans la Culture du Champignon de CoucheG. d'Hardemare, J. M. Auriol, et R. Durand59
Stimulative Effect of Certain Micro-Organisms (Bacteria, Yeasts, Microalgae) upon Fruit-Body Formation Of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.S. Curto and F. Favelli67
Response of the Cultivated Mushroom to Temperature with Particular Reference to the Control of CroppingP.B. Flegg75
Kulturmassnahmen nach dem AbdeckenP.J.C. Vedder85
Recent Trends in Crop Production Methods as Affected by Environmental ConditionsI.F. Storey96
Variations in the Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus bisporusJin-Torng Peng and Lung-Chi Wu103
Mechanical Harvesting of Mushrooms and its ImplicationsS.P.E. Persson115
Disease Problems in Technologically Advanced Mushroom NurseriesJ.W. Swinden125
Spread, Prevention, and Control of Mushroom Virus DiseaseA. Dieleman-van Zaayen131
Observations on Virus Disease of the Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, in AustraliaN.G. Nair155
Observations on the Development of Verticillium malthousei in Mushroom Crops and the Role of Cultural Practices in Its ControlD.G. Gandy171
Pest in PerspectiveN.W. Hussey183
Nematodes as Biological Control Agents, Their Possible Application in Controlling Insect Pests of Mushroom CropsK.E. Hudson193
Laboratory Studies of Mushroom-Infesting ArthropodsR. Snetsinger199
Quality Evaluation of Frozen MushroomsT.R. Gormley210
The Influence of Irradiation and Packaging upon the Keeping Quality of Fresh MushroomsD. Is. Langerak221
Impact of Selected Economic Variables on the Profitability of Commercial Mushroom Processing OperationsC. W. Coale Jr, and W. T. Butz231
Heat-treatment of Cultures from Apparently Healthy and Virus-Infected Mushrooms and the Subsequent Effect on Cropping YieldsC.R. Rasmussen, R.E. Mitchell and C.I. slack239
Some Aspects of the Production of Pleurotus ostreatus Fr.I. Kostadinov, A. Torev and Tz. Rantcheva253
Straw Mushroom Cultiviation in Plastic HousesMing-shu Ho257
Weitere Arbeiten an Stamm 59C zum Erreichen der HandelsreifeG. Fritsche265
Study on Granular SpawnK.J. Hu and N. Lin275
New Investigations on the Fine Structure of MushroomsC. Thielke285
Observations on the Spored-Basidium in the Cultivated Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)S. F. Song, K. J. Hu, and Y. L. Hsieh295
Dealing with Microbiological Trouble-Makers in Commercial Spawn Production of Agaricus bisporus, L.B. Ivanovich-Biserka305
Experiments on Aflatoxin Translocation to the Commercial MushroomR.H.T. Mattoni, D. Acker, P.F.B. Marx, B.B. Blank and J. Nishida315
Sugar Cane Bagasse as a Bulk Ingredient in Mushroom CompostL.R. Kneebone and E.C. Mason321
Culture du Champignon de Couche, Agaricus bisporus Lange (Sing), sur des Substrats Prepares a Partir de Composts de Résidus Urbains et de Composts d'écorces de PinsJ. Delmas et J. Laborde331
Quality Control of Rice-Straw Composting for Mushroom CultivationC.M. Chiou, S. Cheng, and H.H. Wang343
Application of Mobile Cooling Units to Mushroom Houses in the British IslesR.C. Smith347
Use of Autoclaved Substrates in Nutrional Investigations on the Cultivated MushroomJ.F. Smith and W.A. Hayes355
Microbiologie des Substrats Destinés a la Culture du Champignon de Couche: Dénombrements - Groupements FonctionnelsM. Imbernon et M. Leplae363
Rhopalomyces elegans Corda, a Host of Mycogone perniciosa Magn.G.L. Baroon and J.T. Fletcher383
Ueber die Rolle der Mannitbildung in Agaricus bisporusG. Dütsch und D. Rast387
Respiratory Changes in the Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus bisporusHsing-Hsiung Hou and Lung-Chi Wu399
Importance de l'Acide Glutamique dans la Nutrition et le Métabolisme D'Agaricus bisporus LangeM. Piquemal, J.C. Latché et P. Baldy413
Electron Microscopy of Mycelium, Fruit-Bodies and Basidiospores of Virus-Diseased Mushroom, Agaricus bisporusA. Dieleman-van Zaayen425
Base Compositions of Deoxyribonucleic Acid Isolated from MushroomsMacus Tien Kuo and Lung-Chi Wu441
Existence of Auxotrophic Nuclei in Non-Irradiated Mycelial Fragments of the Commercial Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus BisporusHsi-Hua Wang453
Die Rolle der Belichtung bei dem Anbau des Austernseitlings (Pleurotus ostreatus)P. Gyurkó461
Composition Chimique et Valeur Alimentaire du Champignon Cultivé (Agaricus bisporus) en Fonction des Conditions de StockageP. Le Roux et Y. Danglot471
Consolidation Shipping: an Alternative Distribution Programme for the Mushroom Processing Industry in the U.S.W.R. Kriebel475
Temperature Variations in Air Shipment of Fresh Mushrooms in U.S.A.W.T. Butz and D.R. Poorbaugh483
Mushrooms in the Wholesale Markets in U.K.H. Lewis489
Retail Sale of MushroomsP. Carey493
Mushroom Packaging in SwitzerlandJ. Kuhn497
Package Design and ProductionH.C. Johnson499
Die Weiterentwicklung des Champignonanbauverfahrens auf Nicht Kompostiertem NährsubstratW. Huhnke503
Un Excellent Agaricus Tetra-Sporique Cultivable Commercialement avec SuccèsJ.A. Poppe517
The Production of Fruit-Body Primordia in Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing. on Agar MediaD.P. Hume and W.A. Hayes527
Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Spezifität von Kompostiertem und Nicht Kompostiertem ChampignonkultursubstratK. Grabbe533
Ueber Umweltfaktoren In Der ChampignonkulturH.J. Tschierpe553
Compost for Mushroom Cultivation without Using Horse Manure or Any Protein-Containing AdditivesT. Rantcheva593
The Pathogens of Mushroom Spawn (Agaricus bisporus)C.W. Bitner601
Traitement, Conservation et Commercialisation des Champignons LyophilisésJ. Larousse607
Carbon Dioxide Stimulation of Hyphal Growth of the Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus Bisporus (Lange) Sing.J.P. San Antonio and R.L. Thomas623
Possibilités d'utilisation de Souches Résistantes D'agaricus bisporus dans la Lutte contre le Nematode Mycophage Ditylenchus myceliophagus Goodey 1958J.C. Cayrol631
Fixation et Métabolisme du Gaz Carbonique dans le Mycélium et le Cordon Mycélien D'Agaricus BisporusP. le Roux et J. Couvy641
Influence of Extracts from Fruit-Bodies of Agaricus bisporus and Some other Hymenomycetes upon Pinhead Initiation in Marasmius SpeciesT. Urayama647
Bekämpfung der Pilzmücken (Lycoriiade) mit Organischen PhosphorverbindungenI. Szih und G. Tóth657
Nutritional Factors in Relation to Mushroom ProductionW.A. Hayes663
La Preparation Express des Substrats (P.E.S.) pour la Culture du Champignon de CoucheJ. Laborde, J. Delmas, J. L. Lamau et J. Berthaud675
Yield Response of Selected Mushroom Strains to Vegetable Oil SupplementationL.C. Schisler and T.G. Patton, Jr.707
Bipolar Sexuality in the MushroomR.E. Miller and D.L. Kananen713
Experiments and Comments on the Action of Bacteria on Sporophore Initiation in Agaricus bisporusG. Eger719
Casing Types and TechniquesC. MacCanna and J.B. Flanagan727
Recent Research on Mushroom VirusesM. Hollings733
Critical Observations of Mushroom Virus Problems in the United KingdomG.W. Ganney739
The Use of Methyl Bromide in Disease ControlJ. Tunney755
Prepackaging and Marketing of Fresh MushroomsW.C. Lane763
Economics of Scale in Production and MarketingJ.H. Kirk777
Isolation and Chemical Structure of the Plasma-Cholesterol Reducing Substance from Shiitake MushroomF. Tokita, N. Shibukawa, T. Yasumoto and T. Kaneda783
Progress in Experimentation on the Efficiency of Composting and CompostP.E. Rändle and W.A. Hayes789
Microorganisms Inhabiting Mushroom Compost during FermentationM. Stanek797
Application de l'analyse par Chromatographie en Phase Gazeuse à l'étude de la Fermentation des Substrats Destinés à la Culture du Champignon de CoucheJ. Laborde, J.J. Pastol et M. Dandaleix813
Effets d'une Supplementation de Protéine et de Lipide sur les RendementsJ. Koenig, D. Blondel, G. d'Hardemare et R. Durand831
The Penn State Systems Approach to Mushroom Growing -the Mushroom Test Demonstration FacilityM.E. Schroeder, W.L. Barr, L.C. Schisler and R. Snetsinger843
The Environmental Control System of the Pennsylvania State Mushroom Test Demonstration FacilityL.C. Schisler, M.E. Schroeder, W.L. Barr and R. Snetsinger847
Farm Design in Realtion to Mushroom PickingJ.C. Hopper857
Enzymatic Browning Reaction of the Shiitake Mushroom and its PreventionK. Fujimoto, M. Miyashiro and T. Kaneda861
Nematodes et Nématicides en MycicultureJ.C. Cayrol et M. Ritter867
Some New Developments in the Construction of Mushroom FarmsT. Gilchrist881

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