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1967, Part 1
Beitrag Zur Mutationsforschung Bei Agaricus bisporusG. Pritsche27
Techniques for Mushroom GeneticsJ. Pelham49
Investigations into Some Conditions for Sporegermination, and Data on the Establishment of Growing Conditions for Agaricus macrosporusA.L. Uzonyi65
Zytologische Studien Über Die Gattung AgaricusHlavâcek Jifi77
Biological Peculiarities of the Mycelium of Higher Mushrooms Grown in Submerged CultureA. Torev83
Cytological Behaviour in Mushroom Mycelium Grown in Submerged Liquid CultureB.B. Ivanovich91
Growth Regulation in Fruit Bodies of Agaricus bisporusH.E. Gruen103
Growth Promoting Effect of Certain Amino Acids on the Agaricus Fruit BodyM. Konishi121
Was Weiss Man Über Induktion Und Bildung Von Fruchtkorperanlangen Bei Hutpilzen?G. Eger135
Initiation of Pinheads in Psilocybe panaeoliformis Caused by Certain BacteriaT. Urayama141
Metabolic Gases of the Cultivated MushroomJ.D. Lockard157
Carbohydrate Metabolism and Morphogenesis in Schizophyllum CommuneJ.G.H. Wessels167
Métabolisme Carboné et Azoté du Champignon CultivéP. le Roux179
Les Substances Azotées et Plus Particulièrement les Acides Aminés Dans les Champignons et les CompostsJ. Delmas and N. Poitou193
Investigations into the Adaptive Utilization of 1-Sorbose by Agaricus macrosporusG. Bohus203
Some Thoughts about CompostingF.M. Muller213
Changes in Compost Constituents during Composting, Pasteurization and CroppingJ.P.G. Gerrits, H.C Bels-Koning and F.M. Muller225
Relationship between Some Compost Factors and Their Effects on the Yield of AgaricusD.C. O'Donoghue245
Some Aspects of Virus Diseases in MushroomsM. Hollings255
Spawn Research at the Pennsylvania State UniversityL.R. Kneebone265
Study on the Preservation of Basidiospores and Tissues of Agaricus campestrisK.Z. Hu and S.F. Song283
MycofutterI. Heltay and S. Petöfi287
Essais Experimentaux des Composts Artificiels en FranceJ. Solari297
Study on the Preparation of Synthetic Compost for Mushroom Growing in TaiwanK.W. Wu303
Combination of Sulphate of Ammonia, Calcium Carbonate, Superphosphate and Gypsum and Their Influence on Outside Composting and Cropping YieldC. Riber Rasmussen307
Studies on Supplementation at Shake-Up SpawningC. Riber Rasmussen329
When is Compost Ready?S.S. Block343
Mushrooms in Nineteen DaysS.S. Block351
The Effect of Shaking Up the Casing Layer on the Growth of Mycelial Strands and on YieldP.B. Flegg359
Ventilation Requirements during CroppingE.B. Lambert371
Air Conditions in Commercial Mushroom GrowingR.L. Edwards379
The Till Procedure for the Cultivation of Mushrooms (Text in German)R. von Sengbusch389
Kontrollmassnahmen Beim Champignonkulturverfahren Nach TillG. Lemke393
Cultural Techniques for Tray Grown Mushrooms in GlasshousesP.G. Allen403
Preliminary Study on Mushroom Yield as Affected By the Type of Mushroom House and the Amount of CompostK.W. Wu413
Mushroom House Design in the NetherlandsP.J. Bels, G.J.A. van Soest and P.J.C. Vedder417
A Spawning and Mixing Machine for Mushroom BedsP.J. Bels431
General Notes on Mushroom Growing in BulgariaT. Rantcheva437
Mushroom Growing and Mushroom Research in TaiwanChi-lin Luh441
The Dutch Auction System for Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables and MushroomsW.H. Kemmers449
Radiation Preservation of Fresh MushroomsO.L. Staden457
Ways of Prolonging the Shelf-Life of Fresh MushroomsE. Sveine, A. Klougart and C. Riber Rasmussen463
Les Conditions De Culture Et De Milieu Et Le Développement Des Principaux Nematodes Nuisibles Aux Champignons De CoucheJ.C. Cayrol475
Eelworm Control a Practical Method for the Sterilization of Casing SoilsT. Bukowski485
Bekämpfung Von Verticillium Und Mycogone (Vorläufige Mitteilung)K. Fekete and J. Kuhn495
Contribution A L'étude Des Residus De Pesticides Dans Le Champignon De CoucheA. Willam and P. Martens507
Experiments with Soil Disinfectants for Casing Material and Their Effect on YieldK. Bech and C. Riber Rasmussen515
Contribution À L'étude De Diehliomyces Microsporus Retrouvée Récemment En ItalieJ. Ceruti Scurti and G. Borzini523
Differentiation and Distribution of Lentinus Edodes in JapanKisaku Mori and Kosuke Yamashita529
Erste Ergebnisse Der Zucht Von Boletus Edulis Auf Künstlichem NährbodenJ. Jerzy Karpifiski533
Notes on a Film on Mushroom Growing in AustraliaM. Lawson543

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