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1960, Part 1
Shake-Up SpawningC.R. Rasmussen21
The Two-Spored BasidiumM. Lange30
Improving Spawn Cultures of Cultivated MushroomsE.B. Lambert 33
Investigations to Elucidate the "Degeneration" Problem of the Cultivated Mushroom (Psalliota bispora (Lge.) Möll.-Schäff.) VarietiesI. Heltay and U. A. Latkoczky 52
Investigations Concerning the Life Processes of the Cultivated MushroomG. Bohus 86
Growing of Monosporous Strains of Psalliota Campestris (Cultivated Form).G. Borzini and J. Ceruti Scurti 132
Quelques aspects de la Génétique des Basidiomycètes SupérieursG. Prevost 136
Pot Culture of Mushrooms in the Small Laboratory (The Role of Ammonia in Composting and other Illustrations of the Method)G.W. Chapman 144
Etude de Certains Actinomycetes se Développant au Cours de «La Pasteurisation» du Fumier. Leur Action sur le Développement Ultérieur du Champignon de CoucheH. Renoux-Blondeau153
Changes in the Amino Acid Composition of Agarius campestris with Respect to Successive CropsD.H. Hughes and Y.E. Rhodes, Jr.176
Chemical and Vitamin Composition of the Mycelium of Wood-Rotting BasidiomycètesM.W. Jennison 183
The Fungus Flora of the ArcticM. Lange 186
Die CO2- Verhältnisse beim Anbau des KulturchampignonsH.J. Tschierpe 188
Casing Soil Moisture StudiesE. Reeve, R.W. Backes and J. M. Schramer 198
The Functions of the Compost and Casing Layer in Relation to Fruiting and Growth of the Cultivated Mushroom (Psalliota (Agaricus) hortensis)P.B. Flegg205
Der Einfluss von Kohlendioxyd auf das Mycelwachstum des Kulturchampignons)H.J. Tschierpe211
Controlled Air Movement and its Effect on Cropping YieldsC. Riber Rasmussen 222
Der Einfluss von Kohlendioxyd auf die Fruchtkörperbildung und die Fruchtkörperform des KulturchampignonsH.J. Tschierpe 235
Mushroom Casing Soil - Cropping Experiments E. Reeve, R.W. Backes, W.S. Murphy, J.M. Schramer and H.A. Vollbrecht251
Biology of Mushroom PhoridsN.W. Hussey 260
Some Aspects of Cecid Biology of Importance in Mushroom CultureI.J. Wyatt271
Cecid Control by Incorporation of Insecticides in CompostsN.W. Hussey and I.J. Wyatt280
Developments in the Production of Mushroom Mycelium in Submerged Liquid CultureS.S. Block287
Germinations monospermes de la truffe, Tuber melanosporum Vitt.P. Guiochon294
Présence dans les extraits du champignon de Paris (Psalliota campestris) d'un facteur abiotique végétal et d'une enzyme productrice d'acides aminésR. Piedelièvre, L. Mallet and M. Héros-Dekeirel298
Effect abiotiques observés sur le développement des graines sous l'influence des produits extraits de Psalliota campestris et par son milieu de cultureR. Piedelièvre, L. Mallet and H. Renoux-Blondeau304
Experiments in the Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatusS.S. Block, G. Tsao and L. Han309
Studies on Horse Manure Compost and Mushroom YieldsE.L. Pennell and J.C. Bovenkerk326
Further Experiments with Pig ManureC . Riberrasmussen332
Industrial Research and Investigations into Some Factors Affecting YieldE. Häuser and J.W. Sinden342
Peak-Heating and its Effect on Cropping YieldsC . Riberrasmussen349
Influence of Storage at the Temperature of 2°C below Zero on Productivity of the Spawn (Manure Spawn)I. Heltay with the cooperation of J. Barber362
Data on the Determination of the Cropping Value of Wild Mushroom Strains Taken into CultivationA.L. Uzonyi379
Rice-straw Compost I. Heltay and I. Zâvodi393
Animal Pests of Cultivated Mushrooms in the United StatesC.A. Thomas400
"Watery Stipe" - a Preliminary InvestigationD.G. Gandy411
"Open Veiled" or "Hard Gilled" MushroomsC.R. Rasmussen, M.G. Amsen and G. Holmgaard416
Watery Stipe Disorder of MushroomsI.F. Storey and E. Lester430
Investigations of the Mummy DiseaseL.R. Kneebone442
Mushroom Discoloration Research at the University of DelawareD.H. Hughes447
Versuche mit DeckerdeH. Riethus450
Mushroom Growing in Hungary in the Years 1956-58I. Heltay457
Les propriétés biotiques et alimentaires du champignon de ParisM. Lucien Mallet465
Analyses Tending to Elucidate some Chemical Characteristics of the Horse Manure Used by the Hungarian Mushroom Growing Undertaking in 1958M. Lerner470
Kulturversuche mit Wildformen des Champignons und anderen AgaricaceenF. Passecker 477
Some Observations about Diseases on Mushroom Farms in HollandM. Van Der Vliet484
Unkrautpilze auf ChampignonbeetenF. Passecker488
Wirtschaftliche und technische Probleme in der Bundesrepublik DeutschlandE. Hullen500
Mushroom Growing in PolandT. Bukowski504
Probleme der Champignonzucht in Oesterreich seit dem Internationalen Kongress in Paris 1956L. Stockert507
Die Entwicklung der Champignonzucht in der Schweiz seit 1956J. Kuhn510
Heating and Ventilating Theory and PracticeR. Watson514
Some Ideas about Mushroom HousesJ.H.J. Herfkens524
Pasteurization Room Design and ConstructionT. O'Connor 539
The New Dutch Mushroom Experiment StationP.J. Bels547
Mushroom Research in the United KingdomF.W. Toovey550
The New Mushroom Research Center of the Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.L.R. Kneebone555

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