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1954, Part 1
Comments on Twenty Years of Research in Mushroom CultureE.B. Lambert7
A Comparison of Mushroom Cultivation in Switzerland, Belgium, England, Holland and ScandinaviaP.J. Bels9
Comparaisons entre le cultures anglaises en maisons et françaises en carrières du Champignon de CoucheA. Sarazin20
Factors Affecting Comparisons between YieldsR.L. Edwards 20
The Difficulties of Mushroom Growing in Denmark and their influence on the General Success of CultivationH. Paludan 23
The Economic Duration of CroppingF.C. Atkins24
Low Voltage Cable Heating in Mushroom BedsU. Hauser, J.W. Sinden and E. Hauser34
Advisory Services for Mushroom Growers in Great BritainG. Angus Watson 35
Experimental Mushroom CultivationP.J. Bels41
Technical Control of CompostingW.M. Christenssen42
Method of Sampling and Analysis of Mushroom Compost and the Determination of Absolute Changes in themS. Burrows44
Some Chemical Changes in Mushroom CompostsS. Burrows45
Horse Manure CompostsN.H. Pizer46
The Short Method of CompostingJ.W. Sinden and E. Hauser52
Conditions for Composting Horse ManureW.M. Christensen59
Yield Response from Supplementing Mushroom ManureE.B. Lambert and T.T. Ayers61
Synthetic CompostR.L. Edwards62
Use of Penicillin Waste Products for Mushroom CompostsW.M. Christensen 64
Resumé de Quelques Essais sur l'emploi de Fumier Artificiel dans la Culture des ChampignonsG. Chapuis and P. Courtieu 66
Some Experiments with Mushroom Casing SoilsN.H. Pizer 74
Experiments with Casing Soils, Water Supply and ClimateH. C. Bels-Koning78
Le Gobetage dans les Cultures de Champignons de CoucheG. Chapuis and P. Courtieu 85
The Effect of New Insecticides & Fungicides on Mushroom Pests & DiseasesG.L. HEY87
Nematodes Causing Mushroom Crop LossesJ. Cairns and C.A. Thomas 89
Experiments on the Influence of some Modern Insecticides on Mushroom CropsH. C. Bels-Koning 91
La Mole, Maladie du Champignon de CoucheA. Sarazin 93
Report on Two New Mushroom DiseasesJ.W. Sinden and E. Hauser 96
Experience with Zinc Ethylene Bis-dithiocarhamate as a Fungicide in Mushroom CultivationJ.B. Yoder, J.W. Sinden and E. Hauser 100
Concluding Remarks by the ChairmanF.C. Atkins108

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