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Volume 1 Part 1 Article 28
Year 1951
Title: Experiments on the Influence of some
Author: H.C. Bels-Koning


Pest control is most important during the warm summer months. Preventive dusting with insecticides is an ordinary routine, e.g., in Denmark, where mushrooms are grown in the summer in houses of simple design. Irrespective of the source of infestation of the beds, our investigations were aimed at making compost uninhabitable for insects and mites. If they cannot live in the compost, it does not matter how flies, mites and springtails are introduced.

Compost can be made uninhabitable for pests by mixing it with chemicals which should be stable for a long time in the compost when exposed to high temperature and alkalinity. They must also be harmless for the growth of the mushroom mycelium and must not inhibit the formation of fruiting bodies.

In this paper we report an investigation of the possible injurious effect of some new insecticides, expected to be stable under mushroom growing conditions. Enough manure for a whole experiment was composted together and peak heated. After this it was divided into several portions, which were mixed with various amounts of an insecticide. Immediately after this the compost was spawned.

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