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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 8


Harvey Gray

pp: 59-61

The original title suggested for this talk was "Rooting Cuttings with North Light." I asked permission to change the title so that details allied to "north light" might be considered and developed. This is a generalization of a few concepts held in the area of rooting cuttings. Such a generalization, for me, is possible through a series of demonstrational tests set up and developed over several years by students as part of their application and appreciation of the subject of plant propagation. The following remarks are offered for consideration and discussion, a learning process, if you please, rather than material of unquestionable fact.

We are led to believe that when all other factors are favorable total food manufacture is in direct proportion to light intensity and duration With this thought in mind it might be wise to attempt rooting all of our cuttings in long and strong sunlight What happens to temperature in this strong and long light? It is here where we must

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