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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 59                 (published in 2009)

Thinking Outside the Box — Taking a Look at Hedges in New Zealand
Terry Hatch
pp: 43 — See abstract

Propagation of Lomatia tasmanica
Natalie Tapson
pp: 45 — See abstract

Propagation of Mangroves
Luke Dent
pp: 50 — See abstract

Commercial Forestry Cuttings in South Africa: A Tale of Two Systems
Iain M. Thompson
pp: 53 — See abstract

Dirty Water
Jeff Elliott
pp: 56 — See abstract

The Challenge of Building a New Glasshouse and Embracing New Technology
Nick Cracknell
pp: 60 — See abstract

Germination Testing at the Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre
James Wood
pp: 66 — See abstract

The Biological Control of Weeds
Hugh Gourlay
pp: 72 — See abstract

Sweet Roots: A Trial Using Honey as a Rooting Hormone
Liza Whalley
pp: 74 — See abstract

Propagating Medicinal Plants to Conserve Natural Populations and Sustainable Supply for the Traditional Healing Community in South Africa
Erika Oberholzer
pp: 78 — See abstract

Selecting the Right Potting Mix
Graham Saltiel
pp: 81 — See abstract

Is Nutrition in Propagation Media a Con?
Nicola Rochester
pp: 84 — See abstract

Dragon Trees of the Pacific Mist
Terry Hatch
pp: 90 — See abstract

The Global Costs of Exotic Plants
Hugh Gourlay
pp: 92 — See abstract

Breeding and Selecting Correas
Peter Ollerenshaw
pp: 96 — See abstract

How to Better Model Your Irrigation System
Michael Danelon
pp: 98 — See abstract

Protected Berry Production: Strawberries and Raspberries
Mark Salter
pp: 101 — See abstract

Acadian Ascophyllum nodosum Extract Improves Early Root Growth and Plant Establishment in Vegetable and Bedding Plant Seedlings and Field-Grown Lettuce and Strawberries
James Gardner, Will Neily, Laurel Shishkov, Tony Tse and J. Norrie
pp: 108 — See abstract

Possible Improvement in Production Process of Hedera Potted Plants Using a Grooved Production Stake
Takashi Shimomura, Syohei Kinouchi, Norito Okada and Hitoe Hirao
pp: 113 — See abstract

Cone-Shaped Pots for Straight-Root-Type Tree Seedlings
Kanjiro Takemoto
pp: 118 — See abstract

Production of Own-Rooted Nursery Plants of Mango by Air Layering
Masahiko Fumuro
pp: 120 — See abstract

Totipotency of Juice Vesicle in Citrus Fruit
Nobumasa Nito
pp: 122 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Diplazium nipponicum
Wakanori Amaki and Shiori Kadokura
pp: 123 — See abstract

Tissue Culture of Salix pet-susu: A Fast-Growing Biomass Resources Tree
Katsuaki Ishii, Tomonori Matsuzaki, Rie Tomita, Takashi Yamasaki and Kazumasa Shimizu
pp: 130 — See abstract

Obtaining Plantlets by Flower Bud Culture and Scape Culture in Primula kisoana
Hiroaki Ohashi, Kaoru Akaboshi and Yoshinori Ochi
pp: 133 — See abstract

Development of My Favorite Functional Plant Pot Saucer
Emiko Inaba
pp: 137 — See abstract

‘Hanasaki-RAKUDA’: Planter for Irrigating Potted Plant
Shingo Sato and Jyunpei Hayashi
pp: 139 — See abstract

Field Excursion at IPPS Japan 16th Conference in Siga Prefecture
Masanori Tomita
pp: 142 — See abstract

Understanding the Links in the Green Supply Chain
Shelly Fuller
pp: 149 — See abstract

Beautiful Banksia for Horticulture
Rose van der Stay
pp: 157 — See abstract

Propagation of Red Data Proteaceae Species of the Agulhas Plain
Charles P. Laubscher and Patrick A. Ndakidemi
pp: 162 — See abstract

Pesticide Residue Management
Andrea Durrheim
pp: 172 — See abstract

Trichoderma in the Fight Against Root Rot in Zantedeschia Tuber Production
Marieke Mendes
pp: 175 — See abstract

Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Jan van Schoor
pp: 181 — See abstract

Growing the Plant Is the Easy Part, Selling It at a Profit Is the Challenge
Tony van der Stay
pp: 183 — See abstract

Report Back From 2008 Southern African-Australian Region Exchange Student
Quintin Muhl
pp: 186 — See abstract

Nursery Management of Downy Mildew, Particularly in the Cut Flower Industry
Jac Duif
pp: 187 — See abstract

A Technique for Field Collection of Woody Plants for Micropropagation
Annemarie vd Westhuizen and Lorna Fischer
pp: 190 — See abstract

The Suitability of Coir Peat as a Substrate for Bedding Plant and Perennial Production
Hans-Jürgen Sittig
pp: 192 — See abstract

Ornamental Horticulture in Ireland
Jim Kelly
pp: 199 — See abstract

IPPS — Planning With Purpose
Patricia E. Heuser
pp: 202 — See abstract

Danish Nursery Stock: White Swan or Ugly Duckling?
Marianne Bachmann Andersen
pp: 208 — See abstract

Mechanisation of Nursery Production and Handling Systems
Gary Leeder
pp: 210 — See abstract

Trends in Production and Logistics for Commercial Horticulture
Tim Wilson
pp: 213 — See abstract

Experience With Mechanised Container Plant Handling and Dispatch
Christopher R. Bowman
pp: 221 — See abstract

Innovation for Commercial Nurseries
Charlie Parkerson
pp: 225 — See abstract

The Use of Irish Indigenous Composted Materials in Growing Media
William R. Carlile, Dearbhail Ni Chualain, Colman Hynes and Sarah Lombard
pp: 226 — See abstract

Special Features of Plastic Film Greenhouse Covers to Improve Growing Conditions
Dimitrios Doukas
pp: 229 — See abstract

Root Manipulation in Containers
John Cooley
pp: 233 — See abstract

New Plant Introductions for Mid and Northern Europe
Wim van der Poel
pp: 237 — See abstract

Knowing the End Consumer: A Grower’s Collaboration in Launching a New Plant Brand
Elmer Dool
pp: 242 — See abstract

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Young Plant Production at Magnolia Gardens Nursery
April Herring
pp: 245 — See abstract

Using Plant Propagation Technology for Improved Plant Marketing
Pat FitzGerald
pp: 248 — See abstract

Young Plant Production: Keep It Simple
Wayne Eady
pp: 252 — See abstract

The Role of the Evaposensor in the Propagation of Hardy Nursery Stock
Christopher M. Burgess and Richard S. Harrison-Murray
pp: 257 — See abstract

President's Message
M. Nevin Smith
pp: 267 — See abstract

Western Region 50th Anniversary Recollections of IPPS Before, During, and After 1960
Donald F. Dillon and Philip A. Barker
pp: 269 — See abstract

Water Recycling with Flood Benches: Benefits and Disadvantages
Richard Wilson
pp: 272 — See abstract

IPPS 2009 International Tour: Ireland
Douglas Justice
pp: 247 — See abstract

Propagation Methods for Agave
Randy Baldwin
pp: 276 — See abstract

Questions and Answers: Session I, Friday, 2 October
Questions and Answers
pp: 280 — See abstract

Propagating the Oaks of the Interior West
Scott Skogerboe
pp: 281 — See abstract

In the Company of Plantsmen
Allen Bush
pp: 285 — See abstract

Seed Technology: Ways to Improve Seed Results
Teresa Johnson
pp: 287 — See abstract

Rooting Substrates
Brian Cantin
pp: 290 — See abstract

Biological Disease Control — Grow Your Own
John Francis
pp: 292 — See abstract

How Mycorrhizae Can Improve Plant Quality
Michael P. Amaranthus, Larry Simpson and Thomas D. Landis
pp: 296 — See abstract

Using Slow Sand Filters to Remove Plant Pathogens From Irrigation Runoff
Michael A. Harris and Lorence R. Oki
pp: 302 — See abstract

Wild Things: Propagating Lesser-Known California Natives
M. Nevin Smith
pp: 306 — See abstract

Questions and Answers: Session II, Friday, 2 October
Questions and Answers
pp: 312 — See abstract

Plant Propagation in an Animal World
Christy Powell
pp: 314 — See abstract

Commercial Plant Tissue Culture — Past and Future Perspectives
Susana Vanzie-Canton
pp: 317 — See abstract

Cutting-Propagation Media: Cutting to the Chase
Shiv Reddy
pp: 321 — See abstract

Questions and Answers: Session III, Friday, 2 October
Questions and Answers
pp: 327 — See abstract

Propagation of Cactus and Agave Made Easy
Jack Kelly
pp: 328 — See abstract

Propagation to Popularization: Moving New Plants into the Mainstream
Janet Rademacher
pp: 331 — See abstract

Pest Management in Ornamental Production
James A. Bethke
pp: 333 — See abstract

Questions and Answers: Session IV, Saturday, 3 October
Questions and Answers
pp: 341 — See abstract

Clonal Propagation: The Clean Plant Choice for Orchard Crops
Michael Vietti
pp: 342 — See abstract

Zee-Stem a Bridge to Successful Cherries
Tom Spellman
pp: 345 — See abstract

Automation for Propagation: Uniformity Is the Key
Bill Bozicevich
pp: 347 — See abstract

Questions and Answers: Session V, Saturday, 3 October
Questions and Answers
pp: 350 — See abstract

Nuggets of Knowledge — New Plant Forum
Allen Bush
pp: 351 — See abstract

The Effect of Etiolation on Rooting of Acer grandidentatum Cuttings
Melody Reed and Larry A. Rupp
pp: 353 — See abstract

Welcome to Cleveland, Ohio, 2009
Bill Barnes
pp: 359 — See abstract

Trends in Horticulture
Anna Ball
pp: 362 — See abstract

How We Propagate Some Difficult-to-Root Plants
John Larsen
pp: 366 — See abstract

Pine Tree Substrates for Container Crops: Current Status and Overview
Robert D. Wright and Brian E. Jackson
pp: 371 — See abstract

Growing Container Plants in a Pine-Tree Substrate: Results at the Nursery Level
Charlie Parkerson
pp: 375 — See abstract

Growing Media Options: Take the Test Before the Lesson
Ted Bilderback
pp: 376 — See abstract

Carbon Fever, Prescriptions, and Home Remedies for Our Carbon Addictions
H. William Barnes
pp: 381 — See abstract

Increasing Productivity in Propagation
Sebby Ruffino
pp: 389 — See abstract

We’ll Do It for You: Evolving Trends Toward Custom Propagation
Brian M. Decker
pp: 392 — See abstract

Protecting Your Horticultural Water Supply in the Face of Development
Lisa J. Ungers
pp: 395 — See abstract

Using Composts for Healthy Plants and High Productivity
Bill Hendricks
pp: 398 — See abstract

Diversity of Plants and What This Means to Losely Nursery
Bryan Champion
pp: 400 — See abstract

The Evolution of Willowbend Nursery
Kurt Unger
pp: 403 — See abstract

Recovering Phosphorous From Waste Water
Jim Zablocki
pp: 405 — See abstract

How Wet Is Wet?: The Art and Science of Watering
Will Healy
pp: 408 — See abstract

Propagation of Difficult-to-Root Semi-Hardwood and Hardwood Evergreen Cuttings
Gail Berner, Carolyn Mihalega and Vijay Rapaka
pp: 414 — See abstract

Environmental Stewardship in the Nursery
Jen Llewellyn
pp: 417 — See abstract

Bringing Nature Home
Douglas W. Tallamy
pp: 421 — See abstract

Plugging Into the Green Economy
Steve Castorani
pp: 425 — See abstract

Successful Propagation of Native Plants
Glenn W. Rogers
pp: 430 — See abstract

Does It Have to Be Native to Be Sustainable?
Stephen Foltz
pp: 433 — See abstract

Propagation of Plants From Cuttings Using Rooting Solutions by Foliar Methods
Joel Kroin
pp: 437 — See abstract

Non-Invasive, Cold-Hardy Clumping Bamboos: The Genus Fargesia
Susanne Lucas
pp: 454 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Jack Alexander, Ted Bilderback, Tim Brotzman, Steve Castorani, Jeremy Deppe, Susanne Lucas and Ken Twombly
pp: 461 — See abstract

Production of the Vine Dioscorea bulbifera
H. William Barnes
pp: 466 — See abstract

Results of Supplemental Lighting to Improve Winter Rooting of Evergreen Cuttings
Gail F. Berner
pp: 468 — See abstract

Controlling Leaf Hoppers With Granular Insecticides
Samuel R. Drahn and Jean-Marc Versolato
pp: 473 — See abstract

Propagation of Northern Bog Blueberry (Vaccinium uliginosum) by Seeds and Stem Cuttings
Patricia S. Holloway, Katie M. Kokx, James Auer and Shannon Pearce
pp: 475 — See abstract

Utilizing Host Plants in an Integrated Pest Management Control Program
Michael Kolaczewski
pp: 479 — See abstract

Brewing Compost Tea at North Creek Nurseries
Tim McGinty
pp: 481 — See abstract

Overview of the Ed Mezitt Hybrids: IPPS Eastern Region, Lasting Legacy Poster
R. Wayne Mezitt
pp: 483 — See abstract

Development of a Double Crop Production System Using Retractable Roof Houses
Dania Rivera and Hannah Mathers
pp: 489 — See abstract

Some Factors Affecting Seed Germination and Seedling Growth
Hamish Safdari
pp: 491 — See abstract

A New Tetragonal Sweetleaf Plant and Its Cutting Propagation
Fang Geng, Zhihui Li, Donglin Zhang and Fangping Tong
pp: 493 — See abstract

Initiating Flower Buds of Hydrangea macrophylla Liners
David Joeright
pp: 499 — See abstract

Technologies for Creating Efficient Workflow Between 2-D AutoCAD Drawings and 3-D SketchUp Models in the Preparation of Planting Plans
Michael R. Mohney, Dan T. Stearns and Martin McGann
pp: 501 — See abstract

Improving the Postharvest Quality and Rooting of Cuttings
Vijay Rapaka and Jim Faust
pp: 502 — See abstract

Technical Sessions
Hugh Gramling, Patricia Knight, Eelco Ti and Rick Crowder Nga
pp: 509 — See abstract

University of Arkansas Plant Evaluation Program
James Robbins and Jon Lindstrom
pp: 510 — See abstract

When It All Comes Together! Propagation at Bracy’s Nursery
Larry Herring
pp: 512 — See abstract

Are You Under-Irrigating Your Trees?
Richard C. Beeson
pp: 516 — See abstract

Rooting of Three Ornamental Plants in Eight Propagation Substrates
Celina Gómez Vargas and James Robbins
pp: 524 — See abstract

Adventitious Root Formation in Poplar (Populus) Internodal Stem Cuttings Grown In Vitro
M.E. Stevens, S.T. Kester and R.L. Geneve
pp: 529 — See abstract

Stephen F. Austin State University Gardens: Plants and Plans
David Creech
pp: 533 — See abstract

Propagating Trees for City Spaces
Carl Whitcomb
pp: 539 — See abstract

A Behind the Scenes Tour of Young Plant Production in Magnolia, Texas at Magnolia Gardens Nursery
April Herring
pp: 549 — See abstract

Coontie Propagation and Production
Laura M. Miller, Roger Newton and Shawn Steed
pp: 553 — See abstract

Enhancing Germination With Liquid Smoke
Gary R. Bachman
pp: 57 — See abstract

Chemical and Hot Water Treatments to Eliminate Rhizoctonia from Azalea Stem Cuttings: Failures and Successes
Warren E. Copes and Eugene K. Blythe
pp: 562 — See abstract

Growing Hollies From Seed: Patience Is a Virtue
Robert (Buddy) Lee
pp: 566 — See abstract

Exploring for New Deep South Ornamentals
Ted Stephens
pp: 569 — See abstract

Lean Flow Management for Production Efficiency
Scott Epps
pp: 573 — See abstract

The Basics of Grafting
Brian Upchurch
pp: 577 — See abstract

Buddleja and Cercis Breeding at North Carolina State University
Dennis J. Werner
pp: 583 — See abstract

Greenhouse Production of Annuals in Aged and Fresh WholeTree Substrate
Whitney N. Gaches, Glenn B. Fain, Donald J. Eakes, Charles H. Gilliam and Jeff L. Sibley
pp: 587 — See abstract

Stem Cutting Propagation in Whole Pine Tree Substrates
Anthony L. Witcher, Eugene K. Blythe, Glenn B. Fain, Kenneth J. Curry and James M. Spiers
pp: 594 — See abstract

Woody Shrub Production With Alternative Substrates: Aged vs. Fresh
Anna-Marie Murphy, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn B. Fain, Jeff L. Sibley, H. Allen Torbert and T.V. Gallagher
pp: 599 — See abstract

Early Postemergence Control of Spurge
Stephen C. Marble, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn R. Wehtje and Albert Van Hoogmoed
pp: 605 — See abstract

Gizmos and Gadgets: Nursery Equipment for Greater Work Efficiency
Dennis P. Niemeyer
pp: 611 — See abstract

The Effects of Repeated Applications of Roundup Over the Top of Three Container-Grown Crops
Albert J. Van Hoogmoed, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn R. Wehtje, Wheeler Foshee, John W. Olive and Patricia R. Knight
pp: 614 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Two Florida Native Wildflower Species: Polygonella polygama and Polygonella robusta
Alison Heather, Sandra Wilson, Hector Perez and Mack Thetford
pp: 620 — See abstract

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