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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 58                 (published in 2008)

Production Scheduling
Karen Eichholz
pp: 43 — See abstract

Seeds — Orthodox or Recalcitrant
Rachel Saunders
pp: 46 — See abstract

Introducing and Popularizing New Species in Commercial Horticulture
Andrea Durrheim
pp: 48 — See abstract

Thomas Jefferson and the Gardens of Monticello
Peter Hatch
pp: 53 — See abstract

Changes in Diversity — Then, Now, and in the Future
Clive Blazey
pp: 59 — See abstract

2007 Young Propagator Study Tour of the U.S.A.
Miriam Wright
pp: 64 — See abstract

Moss Control in a Proteaceae Crop
David Parlby
pp: 68 — See abstract

Breeding and Breeding Potential in the Geranium Family in Australia
Margaret Clema
pp: 75 — See abstract

Lavender Breeding for Commercial Yield
Nigel A.R. Urwin
pp: 78 — See abstract

The Importance of Diversity in Natural Breeding
Neville Walsh
pp: 85 — See abstract

Breeding and Selection of Blueberries
Mal Deveson
pp: 89 — See abstract

Truffles and Oak Selection
Noel Fitzpatrick
pp: 91 — See abstract

Plant Tissue Culture: Future Opportunities
Andre Cleghorn
pp: 94 — See abstract

Research and Development of Potting Media in Australia
David Nichols
pp: 96 — See abstract

Increasing Summer Stress on Deciduous Trees Using a Highly Efficient Irrigation System
David Daly
pp: 101 — See abstract

Brachychiton Breeding and Selection
Des Boorman
pp: 103 — See abstract

Poor Knights Islands Story
Guy Bowden
pp: 109 — See abstract

Fresh Challenges at Kingfisher Nursery
Pete Bingham
pp: 116 — See abstract

Northern European Naturalistic Planting Design as a Prototype for New Zealand
Philip Smith
pp: 119 — See abstract

Disa Orchids and Their Ex Vitro Seed Culture
Ken Davey
pp: 124 — See abstract

Measuring Air-Filled Porosity for Container Substrates
Ted Bilderback
pp: 129 — See abstract

Breeding Bromeliads for New Zealand Gardens
Andrew Maloy
pp: 132 — See abstract

Plant Struck — Life After 20 Years in the Mail Order Business
Ian Duncalf
pp: 135 — See abstract

New Zealand Exotic Plant Species: The Way Forward
Gerard Martin
pp: 139 — See abstract

A Picture Is Worth…
James Johnson
pp: 143 — See abstract

Lavender — A New Industry for an Ancient Plant
Clive Larkman
pp: 153 — See abstract

Opportunities to Introduce New Traits With Wide Crosses
Garry Burge and Ed Morgan
pp: 158 — See abstract

Hybrid Pines: Opportunities for Life on the Edge
Cathy Hargreaves, Margaret Sigley, Mike Menzies and Heidi Dungey
pp: 162 — See abstract

Plant Collecting in Mexico: Blood, Sweat, and Tillandsias
David W. Hannings
pp: 168 — See abstract

Evaluating Mediterranean Firs for Use in Pennsylvania
Ricky M. Bates and David L. Sanford
pp: 170 — See abstract

President’s Greeting: Denver IPPS 2008
Michael Anderson
pp: 177 — See abstract

Presidential Address: Denver Colorado
Brian Maynard
pp: 179 — See abstract

The Nursery Business in the Rocky Mountain Region Yesterday and Today
Kelly Grummons
pp: 180 — See abstract

Propagating a Botanic Garden: The Mount Goliath Project
Mike Bone
pp: 183 — See abstract

Colorado Natives and Their Applications
Dan Johnson
pp: 185 — See abstract

Monday Session I: Questions and Answers
Question and Answers
pp: 191 — See abstract

Breeding Penstemon and Clematis
Dale T. Lindgren
pp: 192 — See abstract

Novel Applications of Plant Tissue Culture
Darren Touchell, Jeremy Smith and Thomas G. Ranney
pp: 196 — See abstract

Monday Session II: Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
pp: 200 — See abstract

Special Techniques at Gulley Greenhouse for Anemone and Tissue Culture
Heather B. Winokur
pp: 201 — See abstract

The Mysteries of Grafting and Some Forgotten Basics
Brian Upchurch
pp: 203 — See abstract

Using Preemergence Herbicides in Containerized Rootstock During Grafting
Anthony V. LeBude, Brian L. Upchurch and Joseph C. Neal
pp: 208 — See abstract

Ornamental Plants and the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System: Conserving, Evaluating, Seeking, and Sharing
Mark P. Widrlechner
pp: 213 — See abstract

Achieving New Heights: A New Plant Introductions Program
Tom Foley
pp: 218 — See abstract

Propagation of Colorado Natives at Little Valley
Brian Core
pp: 224 — See abstract

Integrating Plains Natives into Captivity
Rod R. Ackerman
pp: 228 — See abstract

Cercidiphyllumi: A New Look at the Species
Brian Gibbons
pp: 233 — See abstract

Soils and Fertilizer: Part of a Much Bigger Puzzle
Jim Zablocki
pp: 239 — See abstract

Infectivity and Effectiveness of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Horticultural Practices
Lea Corkidi, Mike Evans and Jeff Bohn
pp: 241 — See abstract

New Chemical Tools for Control of Plant Diseases
A. R. Chase
pp: 245 — See abstract

Control of Pathogens in Irrigation Water Using Chlorine Without Injury to Plants
Youbin Zheng, Diane F. Cayanan and Mike Dixon
pp: 248 — See abstract

Retractable Roof Greenhouse (RRG) Versus Bareroot Tree Liner Post Harvest Survival and Growth in Nursery Production
Hannah M. Mathers, L.T. Case and Dania Rivera
pp: 260 — See abstract

Seed Imaging: Ongoing Work at the Arnold Arboretum and Beyond
Julie Shapiro
pp: 268 — See abstract

Propagating Northwest Natives
Robert J. Buzzo
pp: 270 — See abstract

Propagation Protocol for Several High Elevation California Natives
Neal Funston
pp: 276 — See abstract

Tuesday Session I: Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
pp: 279 — See abstract

Creative Germination Techniques for Difficult Seeds
Mark Krautmann
pp: 280 — See abstract

Tissue Culture for Challenging Woody Plants
Lynne Caton
pp: 284 — See abstract

Tuesday Session II: Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
pp: 286 — See abstract

Propagating Grasses, Rushes, and Sedges
John Low
pp: 287 — See abstract

Propagating Arctostaphylos and Ceanothus
M. Nevin Smith
pp: 291 — See abstract

Plant Exploration in the Rockies
Jerry Morris
pp: 295 — See abstract

Bringing Alpines Downs to Earth
Kirk Fieseler
pp: 297 — See abstract

Bringing New Plants from Asia
Douglas Justice
pp: 299 — See abstract

Promising New Plants from Japan
Rick Crowder
pp: 302 — See abstract

Integrating Asian Species Into the Nursery
Harlan Hamernik
pp: 304 — See abstract

Redefining Catalpa: Exploring Diversity and Breeding Novel Urban Trees
Richard T. Olsen
pp: 306 — See abstract

Summer Veneer Bench Grafting of Acer palmatum Cultivars
Guy E Meacham
pp: 310 — See abstract

Liar’s Forum
Paul Cappiello
pp: 312 — See abstract

Philip A. Barker, Kathleen Navarez, Kristin Yanker-Hansen, Bill Werner and Frank Byles
pp: 315 — See abstract

Michael Anderson, Allen Bush, Steve Castorani, Kathy Echols, Steven A. Hottovy, Richard A. Jaynes, Kunso Kim, Steven McCulloch, Richard T. Olsen and Jeff Stoven
pp: 324 — See abstract

Grafting of Cedrus atlantica onto Pinus strobus
H. William Barnes
pp: 334 — See abstract

Variations in Opuntia humifusa Occurring in New Jersey Strains Compared to Florida Strains: Leading to Possible Species Distinction
H. William Barnes
pp: 336 — See abstract

Rose Rosette Disease: Occurrence and Properties
H. William Barnes
pp: 338 — See abstract

Sodium Cellulose Glycolate as a Thickening Agent for Applying Auxin Solutions to Stem Cuttings
Eugene K. Blythe and Jeff L. Sibley
pp: 341 — See abstract

Experiments in Liverwort Management for Nursery Crops
Kelly Brennan
pp: 347 — See abstract

The Easy Track to Fern Spore Propagation
Margery Edgren
pp: 348 — See abstract

Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Growth of Tissue Culture and Cutting-Produced Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Alice’
Amy Fulcher
pp: 349 — See abstract

Notes of the Cultivation of South African Restios
Martin Grantham and Virginia Hunt
pp: 356 — See abstract

Propagate Plants from Cuttings Using Dry-Dip Rooting Powders and Water-Based Rooting Solutions
Joel Kroin
pp: 360 — See abstract

Softwood Cutting Propagation of Wisterias
M. Nevin Smith and Leonel Morales
pp: 373 — See abstract

Propagation of Trichostema lanatum
Kathleen Navarez
pp: 374 — See abstract

Starting Out and Still Going
Thomas S. Pinney
pp: 376 — See abstract

Collecting Acer grandidentatum Clones in Northern Utah: An Overview
Larry Rupp, Melody Reed, William Varga, Philip Rasmussen and Christopher Neale
pp: 379 — See abstract

Multi-Campus Plant Propagation Course
Kathryn Sanford, David Sanford and Robert Berghage
pp: 381 — See abstract

Testing Green Roof Media for Nutrient Content
Robert Berghage, Ann Wolf, Charlie Miller, Kathryn Sanford and David Sanford
pp: 385 — See abstract

Examining the Seed Yield and Germination Potential of Acer platanoides Cultivars
Jim Sellmer, Janine Conklin, Kathryn Sanford and Dave Sanford
pp: 394 — See abstract

Effect of Physical Manipulation and Plant Growth Regulator Application on Branching of Oak, Linden, and Kentucky Coffeetree
E. Michelle Senn, Amy Fulcher and Robert Geneve
pp: 399 — See abstract

Seed Propagation Techniques for Selected California Natives at Suncrest Nurseries
M. Nevin Smith
pp: 403 — See abstract

Hydroponic Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato) Grafting
Chris Teuteberg
pp: 408 — See abstract

My Career in Horticulture
Richard H. Zimmerman
pp: 410 — See abstract

Propagation of Thirteen Alaska Native Plants by Summer Stem Cuttings
Patricia S. Holloway
pp: 417 — See abstract

Landscape Evaluation of Temperate Arisaema
Michael Kolaczewski
pp: 418 — See abstract

Tender and Exotic Plants That Could Be More Widely Cultivated in Mild Regions
W.B. Champion
pp: 423 — See abstract

The Development of Hamamelis × intermedia
Chris Lane
pp: 425 — See abstract

New Product Introductions the Fairweather’s Way
Patrick Fairweather
pp: 428 — See abstract

Branded Plants: Experiences of Working With Proven Winners
Bruce Harnett
pp: 430 — See abstract

Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis) and Its Introduction to Cultivation in Great Britain and Ireland
Mark Taylor
pp: 432 — See abstract

Developments in Growing Media Policy and Useage in the U.K.
Catherine Dawson
pp: 435 — See abstract

An Advisor’s Experience of the Use of Compost Teas in Nursery Stock Production
David Hutchinson
pp: 440 — See abstract

Specialized Bulb Propagation of Gethyllis multifolia and Gethyllis villosa
Chris W. Daniels and Charl P. Laubscher
pp: 443 — See abstract

It’s Not About Price, It’s About Value
Steve McCurdy
pp: 449 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Upland Native Species for Landscape Restoration
Neal Wright
pp: 452 — See abstract

Use of Micropropagation for the Conservation of Rare Cornish Garden Plants at Risk from Phytophthora ramorum
Ros Smith and Barry Mulholland
pp: 456 — See abstract

Seed Banking for Plant Conservation in Northern Chile
J. Atkin
pp: 461 — See abstract

Searching for the Attractive Qualities of Blueberries: Enjoying the Beauty of the Flowers and Leaves, Growing Plants, Taste of the Fruits, and Good Health
Takato Tamada
pp: 465 — See abstract

The Effects of Xylooligosaccharides on Tissue Culture of Trees
Katsuaki Ishii, Toru Ishiyama, Ayumi Enomoto, Rie Tomita, Yukari Suwama, Kazumasa Shimizu and Hiroshi Anzai
pp: 466 — See abstract

Micropropagation of the Male Sterile ‘Soushun’ Japanese Cedar
Miyoko Tsubomura and Toru Taniguchi
pp: 470 — See abstract

Development of in Vitro Root System from Microcuttings of Fruit Trees
Takuya Tetsumura, Kazumi Irishima and Chitose Honsho
pp: 474 — See abstract

A Study of the Factors Affecting Cutting Propagation of Feijoa (Acca sellowiana) Trees
Misako Wanifuchi, Tetsuya Yamada, Sumiko Sugaya, Yoshihiko Sekozawa and Hiroshi Gemma
pp: 478 — See abstract

Effects of Day Length and Medium Concentration on the in Vitro Flower Formation of Celosia
Kazunori Suzuki, Masakazu Kasumi and Makiko Iida
pp: 479 — See abstract

Cultivar Differences in Vegetative Bud Break, Flowering Time, and New Root Growth Period Among Japanese Peach Cultivars
Masami Yamaguchi, Yuko Suesada and Eisuke Adachi
pp: 480 — See abstract

Seed Number per Berry, Endogenous Gibberellins and Abscisic Acid Content in Relation to Berry Ripening in Highbush Blueberry
Naoto Iwasaki, Ayase Nishimura, Tomoko Ishiguro and Takuo Ono
pp: 481 — See abstract

A New Approach to Conserve the Horticultural Cultivars of Primula sieboldii in University of Tsukuba
Katsuhiro Yoshida and Naoya Fukuda
pp: 487 — See abstract

Information on the Green-Derived Maudiae Type Hybrids in Paphiopedilum (Orchidaceae)
Nobukazu Mochizuki
pp: 489 — See abstract

Nurseryman’s Breeding and Tissue Culture of Ornamental Trees
Masatomo Nishikoori and Hiroyuki Ichikawa
pp: 491 — See abstract

Field Excursion at IPPS Japan 15th Conference in Ibaraki
Hiroshi Gemma
pp: 492 — See abstract

Monday Morning, 20 October, 2008
Patricia Knight and Hugh Gramling
pp: 497 — See abstract

Water: What Is on the Horizon and Knowing What to Grow
Bruce Adams
pp: 498 — See abstract

The Historic U.S. Southeast Drought and Implications on Water Resources
J. John Feldt
pp: 501 — See abstract

Reclaimed Water Start to Finish
Tom Yeager and Claudia Larsen
pp: 503 — See abstract

Recycled Irrigation Water Chlorination and Pathogen Prevention
Robert Black
pp: 508 — See abstract

Using Wireless Sensor Technology to Schedule Irrigations and Minimize Water Use in Nursery and Greenhouse Production Systems
John D. Lea-Cox, Andrew G. Ristvey and George F. Kantor
pp: 512 — See abstract

Temperature Effects on Seed Germination of Lenten Rose (Helleborus × hybridus)
Michelle McElhannon, Luther Waters, J. Raymond Kessler and Carolyn Robinson
pp: 519 — See abstract

Composted Poultry Litter as an Amendment for Substrates With High Wood Content
H. Allen Torbert and John W. Olive
pp: 524 — See abstract

Invasive Issues: How to Determine Which Plants Are Invasive and Where Do Cultivars Fit?
Gary W. Knox
pp: 533 — See abstract

Invasives: The Challenge in Plant Introduction
Stewart Chandler
pp: 537 — See abstract

Opportunities from Down Under: How Mycorrhizal Fungi Can Benefit Nursery Propagation and Production Systems
Fred T. Davies
pp: 539 — See abstract

Vertebrate Control in Container Production
Christine E.H. Coker
pp: 549 — See abstract

New Tree Techniques at Lancaster Farms
Shawn T. Jones
pp: 552 — See abstract

Propagation of Wildflowers from Wild-Collected Seeds or Cuttings
Mack Thetford, Alison E. Heather, Hector E. Pérez and Sandra B. Wilson
pp: 555 — See abstract

A Closer Look at Seed Germination and Dormancy
Robert L. Geneve and Manjul Dutt
pp: 561 — See abstract

Propagation and Growing: The Total Financial Package
Ronnie Stisher
pp: 566 — See abstract

Can Roundup® Be Safely Used Over the Top of Nursery Crops?
Albert J. Van Hoogmoed, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn R. Wehtje and John W. Olive
pp: 568 — See abstract

Lightweight Aggregate HydRocks®: A Novel Approach to Rooting and Bare Root Cuttings
Jeremy M. Pickens, Jeff L. Sibley, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn B. Fain, Daniel E. Wells, John W. Olive and Eugene K. Blythe
pp: 753 — See abstract

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima( in Vitro Propagation
Dinum Perera and Brian W. Trader
pp: 578 — See abstract

Influence of Day/Night Temperatures on Containerized Production of Selected Helleborus Species
Adam W. Lowder, Helen T. Kraus, Frank A. Blazich and Stuart L. Warren
pp: 583 — See abstract

Changes in Physical Properties of a Pine Tree Substrate in Containers Over Time
Brian E. Jackson and Robert D. Wright
pp: 587 — See abstract

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