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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 57                 (published in 2007)

Historic and Modern Update on Plant Variety Protection
Jörgen H. Selchau
pp: 45 — See abstract

Spent Mushroom Substrate as a Component of Soilless Potting Mixes: Nutrient Changes During Composting
Charles Heuser, E. Jay Holcomb and Paul Heinemann
pp: 53 — See abstract

Propagation Indigenous Herbs
Kobus Eloff
pp: 62 — See abstract

Genetic Modification: A Technology That Is Here to Stay
Wynand J. van der Walt
pp: 67 — See abstract

Potential Trees for Bio-Diesel Production
Elsa S. du Toit
pp: 69 — See abstract

The Growing of Lisianthus Under South African Conditions
Jac Duif
pp: 75 — See abstract

An Australian Experience!
Gerhard Hoogendoorn and Coleen C. Cronje
pp: 79 — See abstract

Regulating Agricultural Water Use With a Pollution Potential: An Introduction
Magda Ligthelm
pp: 83 — See abstract

Zantedeschia: From Test Tube to Pot
Andy Hackland
pp: 92 — See abstract

Revegetating the Rarities
Terry Hatch
pp: 97 — See abstract

Seed Production and Processing of the Indigenous Coastal Sand-Binding Plant Spinifex sericeus
Robert Southward
pp: 99 — See abstract

Producing Native Plants for Revegetation — Meeting the Challenges©
Esme Dean
pp: 111 — See abstract

Revegetation of the Stockton Coal Mine, Buller
Michael Kingsbury
pp: 114 — See abstract

Taranaki Regional Council’s Riparian Management Programme
Don Shearman
pp: 120 — See abstract

Using a Greenhouse for Controlling Plant Growth
Elly M. Nederhoff
pp: 126 — See abstract

Use of Geothermal Steam for Nursery Heat Supply
Philip Smith
pp: 134 — See abstract

Propagation Problems or Have You Tried This?
Ken Davey
pp: 137 — See abstract

Integrated Pest Management in Plant Display Houses: With Particular Reference to the Fernery and Display Houses, New Plymouth
Jennifer Gleeson
pp: 144 — See abstract

Successful Exflasking
Antony Toledo
pp: 151 — See abstract

Making Pineapple Lilies for the World
T. E. Welsh
pp: 155 — See abstract

Propagating Material: Getting It Right From the Start
Richard Ware
pp: 163 — See abstract

Recent Experiences Developing and Selecting New Cultivars by Hybridizing
Vance Hooper
pp: 166 — See abstract

Growing and Propagating Conifers
David Sampson and Greg Sampson
pp: 175 — See abstract

Innovation and Innovators: Making a Difference Through Sharing
Ken Tilt
pp: 181 — See abstract

Innovations at Narromine Transplants
David O. Cliffe
pp: 186 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation in the Vegetable Seed Industry
Daniel Trimboli
pp: 189 — See abstract

Innovative Products, Services, and Nurseries
Robert Chin
pp: 190 — See abstract

Developing a Low-Risk, Recyclable Cutting Medium
Paul Carmen
pp: 202 — See abstract

Improving Take Rates in Grafting Macadamias
Dyllon McPhee
pp: 206 — See abstract

A New High-Tech Research Greenhouse
Ian Gordon
pp: 209 — See abstract

Coloured Shade Cloth and Plant Growth
Wayne Stephens
pp: 212 — See abstract

Water Use and Best Management Practice Within the
Michael Danelon
pp: 218 — See abstract

Overuse of Synthetic Pesticides: How Can Integrated Pest Management Help?
Leigh J. Pilkington
pp: 221 — See abstract

A Journey in Hibiscus Growing
David Ponman
pp: 226 — See abstract

Top Wedge Grafting Eremophilas
Paul Carmen and Barbara Corsini
pp: 230 — See abstract

From Amateur to Professional Propagator
Bruce Higgs
pp: 234 — See abstract

Invasive Plants and the Nursery Industry
Robert Chin
pp: 238 — See abstract

Surviving and Thriving in the New Global Economy
Brian Minter
pp: 249 — See abstract

Look to the Future: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Mark Krautmann
pp: 252 — See abstract

The Potential for New Auxins: Evaluation of Indole-3-Succinic Acid
William R. Graves and Jyotsna Sharma
pp: 257 — See abstract

The New Generations of Capillary Mats: Aquamat and Aquathermat
Sylvain Hélie
pp: 260 — See abstract

Softwood Propagation "How We Do I" at Sheridan Nurseries
Jody Edwards
pp: 266 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Cuttings of Douglas-Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
R. Christian Cash
pp: 270 — See abstract

Auxin Application via Foliar Sprays
Samuel R. Drahn
pp: 274 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation of Coniferous Forest Trees in Quebec
Michel Rioux, Denise Tousignant, Mohammed S. Lamhamedi and Fabienne Colas
pp: 278 — See abstract

Effect of Light and Cutting Age on Rooting in Quercus bicolor, Quercus robur, and Quercus macrocarpa Cuttings
J. Naalamle Amissah and Nina Bassuk
pp: 286 — See abstract

Propagation Pathology: The Basics
Margery Daughtrey
pp: 293 — See abstract

Propagating Daphne
Carol Yee
pp: 296 — See abstract

New Misters for Propagation: Automation and Water Quality Issues
Stephanie Burnett
pp: 299 — See abstract

Hardwood Cuttings Revisited
Chuck Davis
pp: 302 — See abstract

Propagation of Some Underused North American Woody Taxa
Jyotsna Sharma and William R. Graves
pp: 304 — See abstract

New and Exciting Hardy Grasses
Martin Quinn
pp: 308 — See abstract

Hardy Orchids and Peonies From In Vitro Culture
Caroline Constabel
pp: 313 — See abstract

Tissue Culture of Perennials
Paul Nihot
pp: 317 — See abstract

Tender Perennials: More Than Just Expensive Annuals
John Valleau
pp: 321 — See abstract

Germination of Difficult Perennial Seed
Allen R. Pyle
pp: 323 — See abstract

Zero Energy Greenhouses
Pete Hendriksen
pp: 332 — See abstract

The Real Costs and Savings of Alternative Energy and Conservation
Jeffrey Chambers
pp: 337 — See abstract

Dogwoods, the Next Generation
Paul Cappiello
pp: 349 — See abstract

New Plants From the Landscape Plant Development Center
Peter Podaras
pp: 353 — See abstract

Seed Collection and Cleaning
Charles C. Flinn
pp: 359 — See abstract

Effects of Colored Light on Seed Germination
H. William Barnes
pp: 364 — See abstract

Tissue Culture Propagation: Where We Are, Where We’re Going
Paul E. Read
pp: 371 — See abstract

The Future of Grafting
Marc Légaré
pp: 380 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
John H. Alexander III, H. William Barnes, Tim Brotzman, Jeremy Deppe, Yvette Forget and Charles E. Tubesing
pp: 385 — See abstract

Effects of Insulating and Shading Liquid Foam Injected Between Double Polyethylene Films on Greenhouse Microclimate and Productivity of Tomato Crop
K. Aberkani, A. Gosselin, D. de Halleux, M. Dorais, X. Hao and J. Villeneuve and L. April
pp: 390 — See abstract

Corylus fargesii: A New and Promising Introduction From China
Anthony S. Aiello and Shelley Dillard
pp: 391 — See abstract

The Seed Herbarium Image Projectc
Julie McIntosh Shapiro, J.H. Alexander III and T.C. Ward
pp: 396 — See abstract

The International Plant Propagators’ Society and My Nursery Career: Blast from the Past
David H. Bakker Sr.
pp: 399 — See abstract

Hardy Cactus for the Northeastern U.S.A. and Canada
H. William Barnes
pp: 402 — See abstract

Breeding Cold Hardy Hibiscus: Techniques and Suggestions
H. William Barnes
pp: 407 — See abstract

Some Fundamentals for Breeding Rudbeckia Species
H. William Barnes
pp: 409 — See abstract

Plectranthus: A Genus Chosen for New Plant Development Through Tissue Culture and Somaclonal Variation
Ockert Greyvenstein and Mark Bridgen
pp: 412 — See abstract

Vascular Weed Control in Container Production Using Select Non-chemical Top-dress Treatments
R. Andrew Burtt, David A. Heleba and Dr. Mark C. Starrett
pp: 414 — See abstract

Comparison of Auxin-Talc Treatments in Apple Graft Union Formation
Cole Downing, Mark Starrett, Philip Lintilhac and John Bennink
pp: 417 — See abstract

Use of the High Performance Growth Mat Hydro-Switch in Ornamental and Forestry Nurseries in Quebec
Marylaine de Chantal, Marc Fecteau, Mario Comtois, Gilles Cadotte, Dario Grenier and Richard Faucher
pp: 423 — See abstract

William Flemer III (1922-2007) Princeton Nurseries
Alan Jones
pp: 426 — See abstract

Mound Layering of Rhododendron flammeum (Michx.) Sargent (Oconee Azalea)
Jeff R. Jones, Anthony V. Lebude, Thomas G. Ranney and Joe Conner
pp: 429 — See abstract

Evaluating Fungicides for Effective Control of Anthracnose on Euonymus fortunei
Jennifer Llewellyn and Michael Celetti
pp: 433 — See abstract

Effect of 6-Benzylaminopurine on the In Vitro Growth of Alstroemeria ‘Freedom’, ‘Liberty’, and ‘Sweet Laura’ During the Stage of Multiplication
Eduardo A. Olate, Paula A. Villalobos, Constanza A. Sepulveda and Luis H. Escobar
pp: 437 — See abstract

An Exciting Life in Horticulture
Peter Orum
pp: 438 — See abstract

Uses and Possibilities of 40X Digital Microscope Cameras and Associated Software
Phil Oyerly
pp: 441 — See abstract

Insect Pollination at North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station: Past and Present
S.J. Hanlin, S.G. McClurg and C.A.C. Gardner
pp: 443 — See abstract

Accelerated Tree Liner Production in Retractable Roof Greenhouses
Hannah M. Mathers and L.T. Case
pp: 449 — See abstract

Air Root Pruning to Accelerate the Growth of Elaeagnus x ebbingei from Vegetative Cuttings
Teresa Maguire and Raja Harun
pp: 456 — See abstract

Experience of Managing Seed Propagation for Optimum Profit at Nightpark Nursery
Thérèse Duffey
pp: 462 — See abstract

Woody Plants as Cut Flowers
David Kerr and Raja Harun
pp: 466 — See abstract

Controlling Costs at Kingfisher Nursery
Pete Bingham
pp: 471 — See abstract

Business Management to Increase Nursery Income
David Aylieff-Sansom
pp: 474 — See abstract

Experiences in Researching and Developing New Nursery Stock Crops for both Small and Large Nurseries
Paul Green
pp: 476 — See abstract

Experiences in Launching a New Plant Product Range
Pat Mc Donnell
pp: 478 — See abstract

Propagation of the Unique and Diverse Western Australian Flora
Amanda Shade
pp: 481 — See abstract

Propagation in the Chiquibul Rainforest, Belize
Edward Miles
pp: 485 — See abstract

Natural Habitats of Cacti and Other Succulents in Mexico
Silvia Villegas-Navarro
pp: 490 — See abstract

The Role of Botanic Gardens in Propagation for Conservation or Profit
Leigh Morris
pp: 492 — See abstract

Pre-Conference Paper: How Do We Get New Bamboos?
Ned Jaquith
pp: 503 — See abstract

Used to the Propagator Ferris Wheel? Get Ready for a Rocket Ride
Mark Krautmann
pp: 505 — See abstract

Conifer Seedling Propagation and Production
James W. Fischer
pp: 512 — See abstract

Integrating Western Native Plants to East Coast North American Environments
H. Willliam Barnes
pp: 515 — See abstract

Propagating With Controlled-Release Fertilizers
Samuel R. Drahn
pp: 521 — See abstract

Layering: Almost a Lost Art
Michael Anderson
pp: 523 — See abstract

Respecting Intellectual Property, Some Advice for Professional Propagators
Michael Remmick
pp: 525 — See abstract

Thursday Sessions I And II: Questions and Answers

pp: 534 — See abstract

Edward H. Scanlon — Progenitor of I.P.P.S. and Other Ambitious Endeavors
Philip A. Barker
pp: 535 — See abstract

Propagation Efficiencies at Booman Floral
James L. Booman
pp: 541 — See abstract

Ekstrom Nursery and Its Tools (Toys)
Jim Ekstrom
pp: 545 — See abstract

Status of Control-Release Fertilizer and Propagation in the Pacific Northwest
George Bear
pp: 548 — See abstract

Soil Fumigation With Metam Sodium at Lawyer Nursery
Robert J. Buzzo
pp: 553 — See abstract

Friday Session I: Questions and Answers

pp: 557 — See abstract

Environmental Effects on Stem-Cutting Propagation: A Brief Review
James S. Owen and Brian K. Maynard
pp: 558 — See abstract

From Lemons to Lemonade: Carlton's Composting Program
F. Allan Elliott
pp: 565 — See abstract

It’s a Jungle in There: Who's Living in Your Soil?
Walter Suttle
pp: 568 — See abstract

Plant Breeding Primer
Steve McCulloch
pp: 571 — See abstract

Sure They Will Grow Here: Evaluating Hebe, Cistus, and Ceanothus in Western Oregon
Neil Bell
pp: 575 — See abstract

Pieris Breeding: Continuing the Legacy of Dr. Robert Ticknor
Sven E. Svenson
pp: 580 — See abstract

History and Update on the World of Hellebores
John E. Elsley
pp: 585 — See abstract

Plant Select® at Denver Botanic Gardens
Michael Bone
pp: 588 — See abstract

Recent Introductions of New Plants from the Sino-Himalaya
Steve Hootman
pp: 590 — See abstract

Saturday Session I: Questions and Answers

pp: 591 — See abstract

Nuggets of Knowledge
Neal Funston
pp: 592 — See abstract

Germination Chamber Notes
Jason Julian
pp: 592 — See abstract

Seed Leaching Notes
Jason Julian
pp: 593 — See abstract

Dividing Tool
Jennifer Blanchard
pp: 593 — See abstract

Apex Versus Osmocote: Fertilizer Trial 2007
Valerie Sikkema
pp: 594 — See abstract

Because You’re a Propagator
Randy Murphy
pp: 595 — See abstract

Observations from Rooting Chocolate Cosmos from Tissue Culture
Jill Cross
pp: 596 — See abstract

Protecting Fingers During Grafting: A Demonstration
Verl L. Holden
pp: 596 — See abstract

Fagus sylvatica for Open-Ground Production
Don Ekstrom
pp: 597 — See abstract


pp: 601 — See abstract

Increasing the Bottom Line
Tom Saunders
pp: 602 — See abstract

Getting Grafts to Take…or Why Grafts Don't Take…or 1000 Excuses for a Poor Result!
Greg McPhee
pp: 608 — See abstract

Sprayer Set-up and Calibration to Band Spray for Field Nursery Weed Control
Mark Halcomb
pp: 611 — See abstract

Propagation of Selected Clones of Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) by Stem Cuttings
John M. Wooldridge, Frank A. Blazich and Stuart L. Warren
pp: 616 — See abstract

Timing of Herbicide Application Affects Weed Control
Diana R. Cochran, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn R. Wehtje and James Altland
pp: 622 — See abstract

IPPS International Tour 2007: A Glimpse of North America
Terry Hatch
pp: 627 — See abstract

Pine Tree Substrate: A Promising Alternative to Peat Moss and Pine Bark
Robert D. Wright and Brian E. Jackson
pp: 632 — See abstract

Implications of the Spring Freeze of 2007
Alan Windham
pp: 636 — See abstract

Who Am I?: Plant Identification
Clive Larkman
pp: 638 — See abstract

Breeding Non-Invasive Nursery Crops
Thomas G. Ranney, Darren H. Touchell, Thomas A. Eaker, Nathan P. Lynch, Joel A. Mowrey and Jeremy C. Smith
pp: 643 — See abstract

Rooting Stewartia and Native Azaleas Using Softwood Cuttings
Margie Y. Jenkins
pp: 646 — See abstract

Liner Production of Ternstroemia gymnanthera
Jeff Howell
pp: 648 — See abstract

What Molecular Genetics Can Do for the Nursery Industry
Sandra M. Reed
pp: 650 — See abstract

The Secret Is in the Sauce: Monitoring EC, pH, and Nutrients in Container Leachates
Ted Bilderback
pp: 654 — See abstract

Dispelling Myths in Plant Propagation Information
Eugene K. Blythe
pp: 657 — See abstract

Plant Hunting in Mexico
Dave Creech
pp: 660 — See abstract

How Can Your Nursery Benefit From Mechanization?
Scott A. Langlois, Patricia R. Knight, Christine H. Coker, Benedict C. Posadas and Randall Y. Coker
pp: 666 — See abstract

The Basics of H2A Temporary Agricultural Workers
Hiram Baldwin
pp: 670 — See abstract

Reducing Fertilization in Gerbera Production Enhances Host Plant Resistance to Western Flower Thrips
James D. Spiers, Fred T. Davies, Chuanjiu He and Terri W. Starman Kevin M. Heinz
pp: 674 — See abstract

Pine Tree Substrate: Fertility Requirements for Nursery and Greenhouse Crops
Brian E. Jackson and Robert D. Wright
pp: 680 — See abstract

Performance of Container-Grown Loropetalum Grown in Clean Chip Residual Substrate
Cheryl R. Boyer, Glenn B. Fain, Charles H. Gilliam, Jeff L. Sibley and Thomas V. Gallagher H. Allen Torbert
pp: 685 — See abstract

Optimum Fertilization for Production of Containerized Seabeach Amaranth (Amananthus pumilus)
Daniel S. Norden, Stuart L. Warren, Frank A. Blazich and David L. Nash
pp: 692 — See abstract

Inducing Polyploidy in Rhododendron Seedlings
Jeff R. Jones, Thomas G. Ranney and Thomas A. Eaker
pp: 697 — See abstract

Characterizing Air and Water Content of Soilless Substrates to Optimize Root Growth
Félix R. Arguedas, John D. Lea-Cox and Andrew G. Ristvey
pp: 701 — See abstract

Cercis Breeding at the U.S. National Arboretum: Improving Redbud Rootability and Combining Other Traits of Interest
David Kidwell-Slak and Margaret Pooler
pp: 709 — See abstract

Horticulture in My Life: It Started From the Production of Miniature Roses
Takashi Ohnishi
pp: 713 — See abstract

Field Trip in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Takuya Tetsumura
pp: 714 — See abstract

Grafting Red-Flowering Gum: Trying a New Method
Michael Gleeson
pp: 718 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Garlic (Allium sativum) by Bulblet Chipping In Vitro
Takayuki Kato, Wakanori Amaki, Kusukazu Yamamoto and Yuuzou Toukura
pp: 721 — See abstract

Tissue Culture of Male Sterile Sugi Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) for the Solution of the Pollen Allergy Problem
Katsuaki Ishii, Toru Taniguchi, Miyoko Tsubomura, and Teiji Kondo, Maki Saito, Tomohisa Suda, Tokihiro Fujisawa and Koji Tanaka
pp: 725 — See abstract

Let's Enjoy Japanese Old Citrus Cultivars
Nobumasa Nito
pp: 727 — See abstract

Using Capsaicin as a Less Toxic Insecticide
Masanori Tomita and Hiroshi Endo
pp: 728 — See abstract

Regeneration of Platycodon grandiflorum Through Adventitious Shoots Formation From Cotyledon and Hypocotyl Explants
Tomohide Yamamoto and Takeshi Hirao
pp: 735 — See abstract

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