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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 57

Conifer Seedling Propagation and Production

James W. Fischer

pp: 512

The basics are the same when producing conifer seedlings. We start with high-quality, clean seed. We prepare the seed for sowing and sow at the appropriate time and under the proper conditions. We irrigate as necessary, fertilize when needed, and protect our young plants from pests that could inhibit their growth. We do these things in our conifer nursery, as I am sure you all do in your various production settings.

When I was a youngster in Pittsburgh, both of my grandfathers were avid gardeners. They lived near one another and would have a friendly competition each year to see who could produce the earliest ripe tomato and the year’s biggest watermelon.

My paternal grandfather liked to grow his annual flowers from seed sown directly into his annual flowerbeds. Each year in late spring he would thin his beds to give the remaining plants room to grow and develop the optimum flower display. The surplus plants that were removed from the beds were carefully wrapped in wet newspaper and given to me to plant at home in my youth garden.

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