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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 56                 (published in 2006)

Interpreting Water Analysis
Chris de Jager
pp: 43 — See abstract

Water Analysis Equipment
Jackeline Dinwoodie
pp: 44-46 — See abstract

Efficient Plant Production and Cultivation
Ben Geijtenbeek
pp: 47-49 — See abstract

Optimizing Fertilization for Plant Cultivation
Ben Geijtenbeek
pp: 50-51 — See abstract

Jumping the Garden Fence
Hildegard Klein
pp: 52-55 — See abstract

Implications of the Biodiversity Act on the Nursery Industry
Kay Montgomery
pp: 56-58 — See abstract

Cultivation of Southern African Succulents
Ian Oliver
pp: 59-61 — See abstract

Mutation Breeding in the Hyacinthaceae
Sanette Thiart
pp: 62-64 — See abstract

Wheelie Green: The Development of a Mobile Unit to Produce Rooted Cuttings of Eucalyptus Tree Species
Helena M. Venter
pp: 65-72 — See abstract

The Use of Copper Compounds as Root Pruning Agents
Ann Radke
pp: 73-77 — See abstract

Root Systems in Cutting-Raised Eucalyptus Species Are Influenced by Cutting Size and Stock Plant Treatment
David O. Cliffe
pp: 78-79 — See abstract

Air Pruning Techniques
Ian Gordon
pp: 80-83 — See abstract

Irrigation Management
John Bunker
pp: 84-87 — See abstract

Propagation of Chamelaucium uncinatum Cultivars by Grafting
Bradley J. Pearce
pp: 88-90 — See abstract

Environmental Factors Affecting Plant Tissue Cultures
Richard R. Williams
pp: 91-95 — See abstract

In-Slab Bench Heating Improves Propagation Hygiene and Cuts Maintenance Costs
Paul Carmen
pp: 96-99 — See abstract

Tapping Our Biodiversity: The Future of Native Plants in Horticulture in Queensland
Peter Radke
pp: 100-103 — See abstract

The Effects of Mulch on Soil Temperatures for Field Growing Conditions
Ian S. Tolley
pp: 104-108 — See abstract

The Shady Side of Fern Propagation
Paul Michael
pp: 109-110 — See abstract

The New Zealand Native Plant Collection at Dunedin Botanic Garden: "Our Treasure"
Shirley Stuart
pp: 111-113 — See abstract

A Few Observations on Misconceptions: Rot 'n Rush
Terry Hatch
pp: 114-116 — See abstract

Whistle Stop Chelsea 2005 Experience
Carole Scholes
pp: 117-118 — See abstract

Overview of Annual Meeting of IPPS Japan Region 2006
Kaneto Aoyama
pp: 123-126 — See abstract

Field Trip in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Nobumasa Nito
pp: 127-131 — See abstract

Plant Type Variation Induced by Grafting and the Related Genes Analysis in Pepper
Takumi Katano, Hiroaki Miyazawa, Katsuaki Suzuki and Yutaka Hirata
pp: 132-139 — See abstract

A Novel Technique for Mass Propagation and Production of Miniature Pot Plants of Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia)
Tomio Nishimura, Hiroshi Tagata and Tadao Fujimori
pp: 140 — See abstract

Tetraploid Induction by Colchicine in Rosa bracteata
Hirokazu Fukui and Akiko Takahashi
pp: 141 — See abstract

Studies on Dwarfing Rootstocks of Japanese Persimmon
Takuya Tetsumura
pp: 142-145 — See abstract

Potential of Neem Extracts for Insecticide
Masanori Tomita and Hiroshi Endo
pp: 146-150 — See abstract

Summary of Development, Introduction, and Marketing Strategy to Share Lotus in the Southeast United States
Daike Tian, Ken M. Tilt, Floyd M. Woods, Jeff L. Sibley and Fenny Dane
pp: 151-154 — See abstract

I.P.P.S. New Zealand and Qualification of I.P.P.S. Japan
Yutaka Hirata and Katsuaki Suzuki
pp: 155 — See abstract

Hormonal Morphogenesis of Mulberry Tree Mutant
Tatang Sopian and Yutaka Hirata
pp: 156-164 — See abstract

Development of a Pest Warning System to Reduce Chemical Use in Hardy Nursery Stock Production and by Professional Gardeners
Jan Gouwy
pp: 165-167 — See abstract

Breeding Strategies for Woody Ornamentals: Selection Towards Disease Resistance with Particular Reference to Powdery Mildew
Johan Van Huylenbroeck, Katrijn Van Laere and Leen Leus
pp: 168-173 — See abstract

Propagating Dahlias for Royal Horticultural Society Trials
David Hide
pp: 174-176 — See abstract

Alpine Habitats and Cultivation in North-West Yunnan
Jane Armstrong
pp: 177-179 — See abstract

Suitability of Processed Whole Pine Tree as a Substrate Component for Production of Greenhouse Crops
Glenn B. Fain, Charles H. Gilliam, Jeff L. Sibley and Cheryl R. Boyer
pp: 180-187 — See abstract

Application of Lean Manufacturing to Nursery Stock Production at Johnsons of Whixley
Jonathan H.T. Whittemore
pp: 188-191 — See abstract

Ditch Systems for Biological Filtration of Recycled Irrigation Water
Rene Jochems
pp: 192-193 — See abstract

The Application of Advanced Irrigation Technology in Hardy Ornamental Nursery Bed Systems
Russel Sharp
pp: 194-197 — See abstract

Experience Using Controlling Seed Moisture Content During Stratification to Improve Germination on the Nursery
Niels Dictus
pp: 198-199 — See abstract

Liquid Sorting and Film Coating: Techniques for Improving Tree Seed Performance
M.P.M. Derkx
pp: 200-204 — See abstract

Biofumigants and Green Manures for Field-Grown Nursery Stock
Abi Rayment
pp: 205-207 — See abstract

Bionomics for Woody and Herbaceous Perennial Plant Production
Karel Eigenram
pp: 208-212 — See abstract

Compost and Compost Tea in Organic Greenhouse Horticulture Using the Soil Foodweb Approach
Didier Bouden
pp: 213-217 — See abstract

Practical Experience with Active Compost and Compost Tea in Container Production
Carlos Verhelst
pp: 218-220 — See abstract

Suggestions for Using Compost Tea in Cuttings Propagation
John Summers
pp: 221 — See abstract

Comparison of Ground-Cover Materials for Container Growing Systems: Horizontal Versus Vertical Drain
Els Pauwels
pp: 222-228 — See abstract

The Influence of a Dynamic Climate on Pests
Lene Jakobsen, Jesper M. Aaslyng and Annie Enkegaard
pp: 229-232 — See abstract

Viruses in Plants — Fascinating but Treacherous
I. Elisabeth Johansen
pp: 233-237 — See abstract

Hygiene Problems in Plant Tissue Culture Propagation
Sridevy Sriskandarajah
pp: 238-241 — See abstract

Regeneration of Farfugium japonicum Through Adventitious Shoot Formation from Leaf and Petiole Explants
Tomohide Yamamoto
pp: 242-248 — See abstract

Steve Castorani
pp: 249-250 — See abstract

Some Thoughts from Inside and Outside the Propagation House
Todd Davis
pp: 251-253 — See abstract

Basic Facts about United States Plant Patents, Trademarks, and Brands
Tom Foley
pp: 254-256 — See abstract

Why We Brand
Mark Sellew
pp: 257-258 — See abstract

Some Computers and Half-a-Dozen Graphic Artists, Not! Marketing Opportunities with Patents, Trademarks, and Brands
Jonathon Pedersen
pp: 259-263 — See abstract

On the Way to the Market: A Retailer's Perspective on Plant Branding
Karen M. Olson
pp: 264-268 — See abstract

Alternative Strategies for Clonal Plant Reproduction
Robert L. Geneve
pp: 269-273 — See abstract

Propagation Equipment 101©;
Alan Jones
pp: 274-279 — See abstract

It Ain't Just Dirt
R. Christian Cash
pp: 280-283 — See abstract

Wow! The Hormones Have Kicked In
Bradley Rowe
pp: 284-286 — See abstract

Will Some Plants Get "Green Cards"?
Wayne Mezitt
pp: 287-288 — See abstract

Will Some Plants Get "Green Cards"?: Current Thoughts on Invasive Species
Robert E. Schutzki
pp: 289-292 — See abstract

Plants for a Livable Delaware
Faith B. Kuehn
pp: 293-296 — See abstract

Hey Joe, Can You Believe They Outsourced My Job Too?
Peggy Walsh Craig
pp: 297 — See abstract

The Use of Offshore-Produced Unrooted Cuttings at North Creek Nurseries
Steve Castorani
pp: 298-299 — See abstract

Outside The Box: Breeding of Not-So-Common Woody Landscape Plants at the United States National Arboretum
Margaret Pooler and Richard Olsen
pp: 300-302 — See abstract

Heuchera and Its Allies
Dan Heims
pp: 303-306 — See abstract

Using Traditional and Biotechnological Breeding for New Plant Development
Mark Bridgen
pp: 307-310 — See abstract

The New Faces of Hellebores
David L. Culp
pp: 311-312 — See abstract

Large-Scale Propagation and Production of Native Woodland Perennials
William Cullina
pp: 313-317 — See abstract

Grafting: A Review of Basics as Well as Special Problems Associated With Conifer Grafting
Richard A. Larson
pp: 318-322 — See abstract

Efficiency Tools for Field Growers
Astrid Newenhouse, Marcia Miquelon and Larry Chapman
pp: 323-326 — See abstract

DNA Nultiscan®: A New Tool for Rapid Detection of Pathogens in Water, Soil, and Plant Tissue
Marc Sabourin
pp: 327-329 — See abstract

Growing Insect-Free Plants with New Technology
Stanton Gill, Chuck Schuster, Ginny Rosenkranz, Paula Shrewsbury and Suzanne Klick
pp: 330-339 — See abstract

Just When I Thought I Had the Right Recipe
Keith Osborne
pp: 340-341 — See abstract

Selectrocide™ Chlorine Dioxide as a New Product for the Control of Algae and Other Microbial Pests in Greenhouse Irrigation Systems
Peter Konjoian
pp: 342-353 — See abstract

Recent Advances in Cutting Propagation
Brian Maynard
pp: 354-360 — See abstract

Flowering Shrubs: Shaking Up the Market
Tim Wood
pp: 361-364 — See abstract

The Early History of the International Plant Propagators' Society
Philip A. Barker
pp: 365-372 — See abstract

Breeding, Propagation, and Production of Clematis
Chris Ozanne
pp: 373-376 — See abstract

While They Were Asleep: Do Seeds After-Ripen in Cold Storage? Experiences With Calendula
Mark P. Widrlechner
pp: 377-382 — See abstract

Polyploidy: From Evolution to New Plant Development
Thomas G. Ranney
pp: 383-389 — See abstract

New and Underused Woody Plants: A Personal Perspective
John E. Elsley
pp: 390-397 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Jack Alexander, H. William Barnes, Mark Bridgen, Steve Castorani, Tim Wood and Michael Yanny
pp: 398-401 — See abstract

The University of Rhode Island Ornamenta Breeding Program
Jeffrey A. Adkins, Nicholas Castrataro and Erik Fargo
pp: 402-403 — See abstract

Understanding Remontant Flowering in Hydrangea macrophylla
Jeffrey A. Adkins
pp: 404-405 — See abstract

Rooting Possibilities of Fraxinus chinensis
H. William Barnes
pp: 406 — See abstract

Grafting White Barked Birches onto Betula nigra: Practice and Possibilities
H. William Barnes
pp: 407-410 — See abstract

Propagation of Jamesia americana
H. William Barnes
pp: 411-412 — See abstract

Propagation and Use of Adina rubella
H. William Barnes
pp: 413 — See abstract

Production of Fortunearia sinensis from Seed
H.William Barnes
pp: 414-415 — See abstract

Production of Sinojackia rehderiana and Sinojackia xylocarpa from Seed
H. William Barnes
pp: 416-417 — See abstract

Scion and Rootstock Effects on Growth and Early Acorn Production of Grafted Swamp White Oaks
Mark V. Coggeshall, J.W. Van Sambeek and H.E. (Gene) Garrett
pp: 418-422 — See abstract

Shrub Liner Growth and Development Control with Plant Growth Regulators and Water Stress
Benoit Guerry and David Joeright
pp: 423-424 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Physocarpus amurensis
Hailong Shen, Dongsheng Yin, Peng Zhang, Ling Yang, Jiang Huang and Yu Zhang
pp: 425-429 — See abstract

Growing Shrub Liners on Flood Floors
David Joeright
pp: 430-431 — See abstract

Finishing a Liner Faster Using Multiple Stem Cuttings
Angela Korty and Briggs Lipsitz
pp: 432 — See abstract

August Field Planting of June Stuck Softwood Cuttings
Jon Pickerill and Kyle Banas
pp: 433 — See abstract

Efficacy of Wastewater Irrigation for Rooting of Ornamental Cuttings
Eric Roesler and Calvin Chong
pp: 434-438 — See abstract

Hydrangea macrophylla and Hydrangea serrata Trials at the University of Kentucky
Robert E. McNiel, Sharon Bale, Terry Jones and Bonka Vaneva
pp: 439-441 — See abstract

Seed Propagation of Rare and Unusual Acer Species: A Review of Propagation at the Morris Arboretum
Susan Stansbery, Anthony S. Aiello and Shelley Dillard
pp: 442-449 — See abstract

Somatic Embryogenesis in White Oak (Quercus alba)
S. Tittle, S.T. Kester and R.L. Geneve
pp: 450-452 — See abstract

Adventitious Root Formation in Tomato Hormone Mutants
S.K. Kittrell, S.T. Kester and R.L. Geneve
pp: 453-457 — See abstract

Propagation of Spicebush (Lindera benzoin)
A.L. Poston and R.L. Geneve
pp: 458-460 — See abstract

The Western Red Lily Centennial Project
Lisa May
pp: 461-466 — See abstract

Horticulture U.K., Adapting to a Changing and Challenging Marketplace
David Aylieff-Sansom
pp: 467-473 — See abstract

Conifer Cone and Seed Processing
Dave Kolotelo
pp: 474-478 — See abstract

Small Lot Seed Handling of Species Native to British Columbia
Paulus Vrijmoed
pp: 479-486 — See abstract

Direct Sticking Through Plastic
Bruce D. R. Peel
pp: 488-493 — See abstract

Propagating Ornamental Grasses at Small Nurseries
Ewan MacKenzie
pp: 494-495 — See abstract

Mycorrhizal Fungi: Impact of Commercial Products in Nursery Propagation
Mario Lanthier
pp: 496-508 — See abstract

Propagation of Difficult-to-Root Shade Trees: Parrotia and Carpinus
Sandy Howkins
pp: 511-513 — See abstract

Greenhouse Automation and Plant Propagation's Global Connection©
Sheila Bhattacharya
pp: 514-515 — See abstract

Daphne Research at the University of British Columbia: The Search for Fungal Resistance
Andrew Riseman
pp: 517-519 — See abstract

Propagating Rhododendron Species by Cutting and Seed
Dennis Bottemiller
pp: 520-522 — See abstract

Simple Successful Propagation at Classical Farms
Ross Merker
pp: 523-525 — See abstract

Chemical and Physical Properties of Douglas Fir Bark Relevant to the Production of Container Plants
M.G. Buamscha, D.M. Sullivan, J.E. Altland and D.A. Horneck
pp: 527 — See abstract

Seed Germination and Viability of Bursera Species of Morelos, Mexico
Evelyn A. Healy, Richard Y. Evans and Consuelo Bonfil
pp: 528-532 — See abstract

Bob Smart, David Threatt and Kay Phelps
pp: 533 — See abstract

The Principles and Practices of Breeding Hydrangeas
Josh Kardos
pp: 534-537 — See abstract

The IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Program: What, How, and Why
Cristi L. Palmer
pp: 538-541 — See abstract

Propagation of Deciduous Azaleas
Donald W. Hyatt
pp: 542-547 — See abstract

Propagation at the U.S. National Arboretum, an Overview
Barbara L. Bullock
pp: 548-552 — See abstract

A New Substrate for Container-Grown Plants:Clean Chip Residual
Cheryl R. Boyer, Charles H. Gilliam, Jeff L. Sibley, Glenn B. Fain, Thomas V. Gallagher and H. Allen Torbert
pp: 553-559 — See abstract

Pre-Emergent Herbicide Use in Propagation of Loropetalum chinense ‘Ruby’
Diana R. Cochran, Charles H. Gilliam, D.J. Eakes, Glenn R. Wehtje and Patricia R. Knight
pp: 560-565 — See abstract

Native Plants and Communities of the Piedmont of North Carolina
Dennis P. Niemeyer
pp: 566-568 — See abstract

Aromi Retrospective
Maarten van der Giessen
pp: 569-579 — See abstract

Multiple Propagation Techniques of Simpson Nurseries
Don Covan
pp: 580-583 — See abstract

Lusting for the New — Is There a Market Beyond Branding?
Sue Watkins
pp: 584-587 — See abstract

Temperature Control and Water Conservation in Above-Ground Containers
Carl E. Whitcomb and Andy C. Whitcomb
pp: 588-594 — See abstract

Propagation at May Nursery
Brad May
pp: 595-596 — See abstract

Larger Plants from Liquid-Based Micropropagation: A Case Study With Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Sike's Dwarf’
Jeffrey Adelberg, Jacqueline Naylor-Adelberg and Mevlut Tascan
pp: 597-600 — See abstract

Redneck Lupines on a Roll: Breeding Advances in the Genus Baptisia
Tony Avent
pp: 601-606 — See abstract

Fern Propagation Strategies at Casa Flora
Naud Burnett II
pp: 607-611 — See abstract

Sunlight Management
Frank Giglia Jr.
pp: 612-613 — See abstract

The Propagation of Plant Diseases
Jean L. Williams-Woodward
pp: 614-617 — See abstract

Highlights of The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Douglas Ruhren
pp: 618-622 — See abstract

A Comparison of Nutrient Requirements Between Pine Chip and Pine Bark Substrates
Brian E. Jackson, Jake F. Browder and Robert D. Wright
pp: 623-626 — See abstract

Nitrogen Nutrition of Southern Seaoats (Uniola paniculata) Grown in the Float System
Daniel S. Norden, Stuart L. Warren, Frank A. Blazich, David L. Nash and John M. Wooldridge
pp: 627 — See abstract

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