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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 56

Grafting: A Review of Basics as Well as Special Problems Associated With Conifer Grafting

Richard A. Larson

pp: 318-322


The role of grafting in contemporary plant propagation has declined with advancements in conventional cutting propagation and subsequent micropropagation. However, grafting is sometimes still the method of choice when dealing with certain rare and unusual woody plants and is therefore currently employed by a handful of specialty nurseries and a few larger firms that still market specialty crops.

The purposes of this brief paper are twofold: (1) To enumerate the advantages and liabilities of grafting with the implicit question: Is grafting a viable method for a given nursery to adopt and use in its production? (2) To describe the basic steps in grafting while examining a few unique requirements of grafting evergreen conifers relative to deciduous plants.

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