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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 55                 (published in 2005)

Environmentally Sustainable Production Systems for Producing Ornamental Plants
John Bunker
pp: 41-47 — See abstract

Protection of Plant Novelties — An Update
Jörgen H. Selchau
pp: 48-52 — See abstract

Water Recycling: How We Do It
Eebbie Deckys
pp: 53-55 — See abstract

Grafting of Waxflowers for Root Rot Management
Ian Gordon
pp: 56-58 — See abstract

Phormiums: Production in 2005
Robert Bett
pp: 59-63 — See abstract

Growing Australian and South African Native Plants in Soilless Media
Kevin Handreck
pp: 64-67 — See abstract

Breeding and Selection of Brachychiton
Des Boorman
pp: 68-70 — See abstract

New Plants From New Zealand
Malcolm Woolmore
pp: 71-72 — See abstract

An Insight into an Accredited Potting Mix Supplier in Australia
Shaun Windrim
pp: 73-74 — See abstract

Sharing Simple, Inexpensive Ideas From Nursery Producers
Ken Tilt and Jeff Sibley
pp: 75-78 — See abstract

Specialisation — Advantages and Disadvantages Compared
Peter Bingham
pp: 79-84 — See abstract

Adaptation — The Secret of Survival of the Biota Through Geological Time
Mary E. White
pp: 85-87 — See abstract

Making Us "Future-Proof" — The Evolving Role of Horticulture
Elizabeth G. Heij
pp: 88-92 — See abstract

Horticultural Education as a Life-Changing Experience
Bronwen M. Rowse
pp: 93-95 — See abstract

The Role of Clonal Propagation in Forestry and Agriculture in Australia
Peter Radke
pp: 96-99 — See abstract

Propagation of a South African Arid Zone Plant — Lithops
Jac Duif
pp: 100-101 — See abstract

Propagation Strategies to Support a Wide Hybridization Breeding Program Within the Chamelaucium Alliance
Chris Newell, Digby Growns and Chris McMullan
pp: 102-104 — See abstract

Shoot Dieback of Geraldton Wax
Naomi Diplock and Victor Galea
pp: 105-109 — See abstract

Propagation of Bougainvillea
Brian Smith
pp: 110-111 — See abstract

Grafting Australian Native Plants — 30 Years of Progress
David Beardsell
pp: 112-113 — See abstract

Grafting Tissue Cultures Directly onto Nursery Grown Stock
Jonathan Lidbetter and Pauline Cain
pp: 114-116 — See abstract

"Long John" Grafts
Allen Gilbert
pp: 117-119 — See abstract

Breeding with Indigenous Citrus Species
S.R. Sykes
pp: 120-123 — See abstract

Auscitrus — The Australian Citrus Budwood Scheme
Tim Herrmann
pp: 124-127 — See abstract

Some Problems in Water Recycling
Stan Leach
pp: 128-130 — See abstract

Water Saving, More Than Just Recycling
Garry Heyne
pp: 131-135 — See abstract

Evaluating an Irrigation System Upgrade
John Messina
pp: 136-137 — See abstract

Water Disinfecting Techniques for Plant Pathogen Control
William Yiasoumi
pp: 138-141 — See abstract

Growing Plants in Hot Climates
Robert Chin
pp: 142 — See abstract

A Weed or a Rose? The New Zealand Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act
Libby Harrison and Geoff Ridley
pp: 128-154 — See abstract

Regulatory Barriers to Introducing New Plants Need to Be Minimized to Grow the New Zealand Economy
Jim Douglas
pp: 155-159 — See abstract

Unforeseen Consequences
Keith Hammett
pp: 160-162 — See abstract

How to Create a Strong Brand
Charlotte Henley
pp: 163-164 — See abstract

The Effect of Gibberellic Acid, Potassium Nitrate, and Cold Stratification on the Germination of Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) Seed
J.M. Follett, J.A. Douglas and R.A. Littler
pp: 165-170 — See abstract

Using Tissue Culture to Help Develop New Crops
P.J. Fletcher, J.D. Fletcher and J.M. Follett
pp: 171-173 — See abstract

Showcasing New Zealand Native Plants at Chelsea Flower Show
Trish Waugh
pp: 174-180 — See abstract

Making the Most Out of What You Grow — A Client's Perspective
Roger Milne
pp: 181 — See abstract

Replanting for the Future: Environmental Restoration and a Look at What Is Happening in Tauranga City
Mark Dean
pp: 182-189 — See abstract

Superior Callas: More Than Just Great Flowers
John F. Seelye, Garry K. Burge, Andrew C. Mullan and Margaret E. Young
pp: 190-193 — See abstract

You Have a New Variety?
Chris Barnaby
pp: 194-197 — See abstract

Pests Can Be Unintentionally Spread in New Zealand Through Commercial Transport of Nursery Plants
Mark McNeill, John Proffitt, Craig Phillips and Nigel Bell
pp: 198-202 — See abstract

Time to Rethink Some Aspects of Agriculture
Duncan Burns
pp: 203-205 — See abstract

Sprinkler Uniformity in Greenhouses and Nurseries
Peter Savory
pp: 206-210 — See abstract

The New Start of IPPS-Japan Region
Kaneto Aoyama
pp: 211 — See abstract

Production of Disease-Resistant Tissue Culture Seedlings Using Endophytic Actinomycetes
Hitoshi Kunoh, Tomio Nishimura, Sachiko Hasegawa, Akane Meguro and Tadao Fujimori
pp: 212 — See abstract

Disease Resistance and Drought Tolerance of Kalmia latifolia Induced by Endophytic Actinomycetes
Tomio Nishimura, Sachiko Hasegawa, Akane Meguro, Hitoshi Kunoh and Tadao Fujimori
pp: 213 — See abstract

Current State of the Fruit-Tree Liner Nursery Industry in Japan. Report No. 1
Naoki Omori
pp: 214 — See abstract

Genetic Resources of Indigenous Citrus Species at Kinki University
Nobumasa Nito
pp: 215 — See abstract

MIYOBI: A New Fertilizer Containing Abscisic Acid
Yasuo Kamuro
pp: 216-218 — See abstract

Rapid In Vitro Production of Plants From Immature Seeds in Lilium japonicum
Hidehiro Inagaki, Hisao Otsuka and Yoshinori Terada
pp: 219-221 — See abstract

The Effect of Slits of Circle Slit Cancel Pot (CS POT)
Mikio Minamide
pp: 222-228 — See abstract

Hokkaido Travels for Post Tour in 2004 IPPS's International Meeting
Masaru Shibata
pp: 229-230 — See abstract

A Plant-Growing Apparatus for Producing CO2-Dissolved Water
Akihisa Minato and Takayuki Asada
pp: 231-232 — See abstract

On the Utilization and Propagation of the Variations Induced by Grafting and Synthetic Artificial Chimera
Yutaka Hirata, Yuzo Ohta, Gen Hattori, Koji Okayasu and Yoshi Ohashi
pp: 233-236 — See abstract

The Role of Training and Education within the U.K. Nursery Stock Industry
Leigh Morris
pp: 237-242 — See abstract

Preparing for a New Propagation Unit
Peter van Delft
pp: 243-246 — See abstract

Advantages of In-House Propagation at Bransford Webbs Plant Company
Karl O'Neill
pp: 247-249 — See abstract

Developments in the Supply Chain of Hardy Ornamental Nursery Stock for the Retail Market: A Finished Plant Grower's Perspective
Alastair Hazell
pp: 250-252 — See abstract

The Role of Propagation in a Small Specialist Nursery
Irene Bowron
pp: 253-255 — See abstract

The Development of Sustainable Growing Media Components from Composted Specific Bio-Waste Streams
N. Bragg, T.F. Brocklehurst, A.C. Smith, M. Bhat and K.W. Waldron
pp: 256-258 — See abstract

Influence of Rooting Media in Cuttings Propagation of Caryopteris ×cladonensis ‘Pershore Jubilee’, Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Tuscan Blue’, Fuchsia magellanica var. molinae ‘Sharpitor’, and Abeliophyllum distichum©
Suzanne O'Neill
pp: 259-261 — See abstract

Integrated Pest Management for Ornamental Protected Plants
Neil Helyer
pp: 262-267 — See abstract

Experiences in Propagation of Cornus mas and Cornus florida Cultivars
Norman Standbrook
pp: 268-269 — See abstract

Experiences in Propagation and Production of Grasses and Grass-Like Plants
Claire Wilson
pp: 270-272 — See abstract

Propagation of Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’
Nicholas J. Murphy
pp: 273-276 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Mother Stock Plants at Walberton Nursery
Claire K. Hobbs
pp: 277 — See abstract

Experience of Applying Lean Manufacturing on a Container Nursery
Gill Dowling
pp: 288-290 — See abstract

Propagation and Cultivation of Arctostaphylos in Relation to the Environment in its Natural Habitat in California, U.S.A.
Lucy Hart
pp: 291-294 — See abstract

One Nurseryman's Perspective on the Changing U.K. Nursery Trade
Peter Catt
pp: 295-298 — See abstract

Modern Ways of In Vitro Propagation
Anne Kathrine Hvoslef-Eide
pp: 299-307 — See abstract

Somatic Embryogenesis in Schlumbergera truncata
Ezz Al-Dein Al-Ramamneh, Sridevy Sriskandarajah and Margrethe Serek
pp: 308-309 — See abstract

Campanula (Campanulaceae) in Nature and in Pots
Gert Jensen, Rune Harboe Nielsen and Arne Skytt Andersen
pp: 310-320 — See abstract

President's Welcoming Remarks
Tom Intven
pp: 321 — See abstract

Exciting Developments in the World of Cornus
Elwin R. Orton and Thomas J. Molnar
pp: 322-324 — See abstract

Developments in Production and Use of Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials
Gert Fortgens
pp: 325-326 — See abstract

Some Common Misconceptions About Seed Dormancy
Robert L. Geneve
pp: 327-330 — See abstract

Chanticleer — A Plant-Geek Pleasure Garden
R. William Thomas
pp: 331-332 — See abstract

Rooting Cuttings Hydroponically in Compost Tea and Wastewater
C. Chong, J. Yang, B. Holbein, H.-W. Liu, R.P. Voroney and H. Zhou
pp: 333-337 — See abstract

Plant Propagation — Industry and Development
Romel Flores
pp: 338-339 — See abstract

From Propagation to Finish: Container Production at Princeton Nurseries
Baldomero Aparicio
pp: 340-342 — See abstract

Propagating Asclepias tuberosa from Seed: The Process
Francisco Castillo
pp: 343-347 — See abstract

Nutrition and Management of Perennial Stock Plants
Sinclair A. Adam Jr
pp: 348-354 — See abstract

Germination of Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’
Allen R. Pyle
pp: 355 — See abstract

Propagation of Sarracenia Species
Randolph A. Heffner
pp: 356-360 — See abstract

Asters in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Performance Evaluation and Recommendations for Landscape Use
Jeanne Frett and Victor Piatt
pp: 361-367 — See abstract

Utilization of Global Assets for the Production of Nursery Products
David B Kirwan
pp: 368-370 — See abstract

Epimedium: Back to Basics
Anthony Eversmier
pp: 371-373 — See abstract

Update on Micropropagation of Trillium Taxa
S.L. Kitto, David Opalka and Jesse Sinanan
pp: 374 — See abstract

Judge Them by Their Appearance: Trialing Landscape Shrubs at Longwood Gardens
Debbie Metrustry
pp: 375-377 — See abstract

Conifer Propagation
George Smith
pp: 378-379 — See abstract

Understock—Keys to Success
Brad Thompson
pp: 380-381 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation of Large Leaf Rhododendrons and Deciduous Azaleas
Henry "Hank" Schannen
pp: 382-383 — See abstract

Chip Budding Hard-to-Root Magnolias
Richard Hesselein
pp: 384-385 — See abstract

Correlation of Growing Degree Days and the Timing of Cuttings
H. William Barnes
pp: 386-392 — See abstract

Propagating Wild-Collected Seed of Woody Species
Shelley Dillard
pp: 393-394 — See abstract

Plant Exploration: Gamble for the Big Payoffs
James Harbage
pp: 395-397 — See abstract

Cutting Edge Perennials: No Bandages Provided!!!
Stephanie Cohen
pp: 398-399 — See abstract

Plants and Substrates Are the Heart of the Green Roof
David J. Beattie, Robert D. Berghage and Edmund Snodgrass
pp: 400-404 — See abstract

New Introductions from Europe
Gert Fortgens
pp: 405-406 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Jack Alexander, Andrea Bonville, Allen Bush, Jeremy Deppe, Chuck Flinn, Harlan Hamernik, Alan Jones, Susanne Lucas, Chad Osborn, Peter Podaras and Adam Wheeler
pp: 407-414 — See abstract

Softwood Cutting Propagation of Native Lauraceae (Lindera benzoin and Sassafras albidum) as Alternatives to Invasive Horticulture Plants
Jenna Sicuranza, Nick Castrataro, Bill Johnson and Brian Maynard
pp: 415-416 — See abstract

Propagation of Woody Plants Through "Long" Cuttings
Jelle Hiemstra and Bart van der Sluis
pp: 417-420 — See abstract

The Development of Verticillium-Resistant Acer Rootstocks
Jelle Heimstra and Bart van der Sluis
pp: 421-422 — See abstract

Cultivar Trials at Applied Plant Research
Margareth Hop
pp: 423-427 — See abstract

Use of Paper-Mill Sludges and Municipal Compost in Nursery Substrates
Calvin Chong and Peter Purvis
pp: 428-432 — See abstract

Interspecific Hybridization of a White-Flowered, Cold-Hardy Alstroemeria
Elizabeth Kollman and Dr. Mark Bridgen
pp: 433 — See abstract

The Effects of Nitrogen Level and Mist Frequency on Rooting of Three Phlox Species
Sinclair A. Adam Jr.
pp: 434-435 — See abstract

Severe Cutback of Stock Plant Influences Rooting in Shoots of Quercus bicolor and Quercus macrocarpa
Naalamle Amissah and Nina Bassuk
pp: 436-438 — See abstract

A Comprehensive Echinacea Germplasm Collection Located at the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station, Ames, Iowa
Joe-Ann H. McCoy, Mark P. Widrlechner and Jeffrey D. Carstens
pp: 439-440 — See abstract

The Grafting of Cedrus libani ‘Pendula’ onto Picea abies
H. William Barnes
pp: 441-442 — See abstract

A Taxonomic Revision of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis f. pendula and Implications for Rootstock Selection for Grafting
H. William Barnes
pp: 443-445 — See abstract

Grafting of Prunus davidiana: Possibilites for Production
H. William Barnes
pp: 446-447 — See abstract

Propagation of Osmanthus armatus From Hardwood Cuttings
H. William Barnes
pp: 448 — See abstract

Mespilus canescens a Newly Discovered Species: Propagation by Grafting onto Crataegus
H. William Barnes
pp: 449-450 — See abstract

Somatic Embryo Development in Willow Oak
S. Wells, S.T. Kester and R.L. Geneve
pp: 451-453 — See abstract

Breeding Rebloom Diploid Daylilies in Colors Other Than Yellow and Gold
Darrel Apps
pp: 454-458 — See abstract

What You Need to Know About Viruses
Michael A. Yoshimura
pp: 459-461 — See abstract

New Propagation Facilities at Monrovia Nursery, Visalia, California
Jeremy Bahne
pp: 462-463 — See abstract

General Session I: Question and Answer Session
Kristin Yanker-Hansen
pp: 464-465 — See abstract

The Best Treatment Combination for Air Layering Litchis
Michelle Kong
pp: 466-468 — See abstract

Propagation of Arbutus "Marina" by Air-Layering
Celeste Whitlow and David Hannings
pp: 469-471 — See abstract

Improving Handling and Rooting of Thunbergia alata
Joseph Coelho, David Hannings, J. Wyatt Brown and Matt Ritter
pp: 472-476 — See abstract

Disease and Pest Avoidance and Control in Cutting Production
Gail Shafer
pp: 479-480 — See abstract

Trials with Natural Growth Promoting Products
John Keller
pp: 481-488 — See abstract

Selection of Mycorrhizal Fungi for California Native Plants
Lea Corkidi, Mike Evans and Jeff Bohn
pp: 489 — See abstract

Best Management Practices at Monrovia Growers to Prevent the Introduction and Spread of Phytophthora ramorum
John Keller
pp: 491-492 — See abstract

Bryophytes and Soil Acidification Effects on Trees: The Case of Sudden Oak Death
Lee F. Klinger
pp: 493-503 — See abstract

Selecting the Right Herbicide for Nursery and Landscape Use
Robert P. Rice Jr.
pp: 504-505 — See abstract

Notes on Propagation of Various Tropical Woody Ornamentals
Richard A. Criley
pp: 507-511 — See abstract

The Microprogation and Reintroduction into an Open Environment of Sterile Plumeria rubra Adult and Seedling Tissue
William S. Miller and Richard A. Criley
pp: 512-516 — See abstract

The Propagation of Uluhe Fern (Dicranopteris linearis): Vegetative Versus Spores
Ethan A. Romanchak, Richard A. Criley and Nellie Sugii
pp: 517-519 — See abstract

Propagating Native Plants for the Hopi Nation
Thomas D. Landis, David R. Dreesen, Jeremy R. Pinto and R. Kasten Dumroese
pp: 520-522 — See abstract

Evaluation of Seedling Quality and Planting Tools for Successful Establishment of Tropical Hardwoods
J.G. Mexal, P. Negreros-Castillo, R.A. Cuevas Rangel and R. Moreno
pp: 524-530 — See abstract

New Plants for the South
Ted Stephens
pp: 536-541 — See abstract

Growing Quality Trees for Southeastern Landscapes
Michael Marshall
pp: 542-545 — See abstract

Grafting Deciduous Plants: Before and Aftercare
Brian L. Upchurch
pp: 546-549 — See abstract

Impact of Nitrogen Concentration on Stock Plant Yield and Cutting Performance of ‘Purple Small Leaf’ and ‘Raspberry Ice’ Bougainvilleas
Christopher B. Cerveny, James L. Gibson and James E. Barrett
pp: 550-555 — See abstract

Evaluation of Quinoclamine and Diuron for Postemergence Control of Liverwort
Adam F. Newby, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn R. Wehtje and James E. Altland
pp: 556-560 — See abstract

Pinebark Mini-Nuggets Provide Effective Weed Control in Nursery Crops Grown in Large Containers
Ben M. Richardson1, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn R. Wehtje and Glenn B. Fain
pp: 561-565 — See abstract

A Propagator's Notebook
Charlotte LeBlanc
pp: 566-570 — See abstract

Tropical Heat: New Coleus Introductions From the University of Florida
Penny Nguyen and David Clark
pp: 571-574 — See abstract

The China Connection — People, Plants, and Plans of a Horticultural Giant
David L. Creech
pp: 575-580 — See abstract

Methods and Techniques to Improve Root Initiation of Cuttings
Mark Crawford
pp: 581-584 — See abstract

Optimizing the Water Relations of Cuttings During Propagation
Fred T. Davies Jr.
pp: 585-592 — See abstract

Educating the Next Generation of Propagators
Ozzie Coor
pp: 593-594 — See abstract

Propagation Decisions in a Fluid Market
Jim Berry
pp: 595-597 — See abstract

Propagation of New Introductions
Mark Griffith
pp: 598-600 — See abstract

A Water Quality Issue: Opportunity or Opponent?
Tom Yeager and Ken Kuhl
pp: 601-603 — See abstract

Bouncing Back: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes
Tacy Callies
pp: 604 — See abstract

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