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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 54

The South African Rural Bio-Energy Community Programme©

Gideo van der Merwe

pp: 63-68


Agro Forest Bio Energy Association (AFBEA) together with various stakeholders and rural communities has embarked on a programme to create "renewable energy" in rural areas using a combination of:

  • Emerging farmers
  • Skills transfer
  • Degraded and marginal land
  • Agro-forestry
  • Modern technology

The programme will focus on the production of oils extracted from oil-rich tree seeds. This will create a new source of renewable energy in Southern Africa.

The role of AFBEA will be to facilitate and implement the project. Once land has been identified, AFBEA will assist each "Community Trust" to implement the programme.

A 3,000 ha portion of land dedicated to "energy plantations" could, on an annual basis yield the following:

  • Six million litres of vegetable oil, which can be used for electrical power
  • Total grown biomass of approximately 15,000,000 kg.
  • Biogas sufficient to generate 5.8 MW of electricity.
  • 5.8 million litres of bio-diesel, if the oil is refined.
  • 9 million kg of

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