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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 54

Practical Aspects of Wavelength Selective Spectral Films on Nursery Stock Production in Ireland

Christopher Heavey, Michael Maher and Alan Hunter

pp: 188-190

We evaluated the suitability of a number of wavelength selective spectral films for the production of nursery stock in Ireland. We clad 12 tunnels with two replicates of six films (Superstrength 600, Supergreen 720, Clarix Blue, Sterilite HDF, Superstrength 400, and Celloclim) and grew a range of bedding plants, shrubs, and soft fruit in them. We assessed the crops for a number of production and quality parameters including colour intensity, growth, earliness of flowering, and pest and disease levels. In general, we found few signifi cant differences between the films and attributed this mainly to insufficient replication. Of the significant differences we did find, Superstrength 600 and Superstrength 400 produced plants with greater colour intensity, Supergreen 720 produced plants with a higher weight of prunings and Sterilite HDF caused the earliest flowering. Superstrength 400 had a significantly higher level of pests associated with it.

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