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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 54

Some Aspects of Stock Plant Management

Jim Rumbal

pp: 137-142


For a nursery to have a good stock of mother plants is like having money in the bank. An asset of guaranteed vegetative stock material gives assurance, for on-going production and continuity of supply to customers. A wide range of stock plants gives production a choice of diversity, flexibility, and peace of mind for planning ahead, and also allows the luxury of variety and change.

To yield high quality propagation material however, the mother plants have to be managed correctly to give best results, if mismanaged or neglected the mother plants can quickly become a valueless liability. At Duncan and Davies, depending on genera and species, our mother plants generally can be divided into four basic groups:

  1. In-ground, longer-term, permanent stock, planted out in stock bed rows.
  2. In-ground, short-term, nursery row, temporary stock.
  3. Containerised temporary stock:
    • From saleable potted crops where conformation trimming can yield useful cutting material or

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