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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 54

New Plants from Around the World

Dick Alderden

pp: 124-130


My name is Dick Alderden; I come from Holland and have businesses in both Holland and Thailand. I am glad to tell you something about my job, because I absolutely love it.

I am scouting the world trying to find new or unknown plant species, which can be developed for the market. I want to provide innovation in the market by making new and previously unknown species available to consumers. My job is completely different from plant breeders who are busy trying to breed new colours from known species, like roses, chrysanthemum, and others. For example; with chrysanthemum, about 270 "new" yellow colours have been bred in Holland since after World War II. The fact is no consumer has any real interest in there being so many yellow colours in the market. However, new cultivars can make the production time shorter, optimize quality, and better the vase-life. There are a lot of worthwhile reasons to increase quality through breeding and selection.

But to the consumers yellow is

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