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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 54

Postemergence Oxalis Control with Diuron: Minimizing Crop Injury with Timely Irrigation

B.M. Richardson, C.H. Gilliam, G.R. Wehtje and G.B. Fain

pp: 647-650


Preemergence herbicides and hand weeding are the two primary methods of weed control in container nursery crops. However, supplemental hand weeding is usually required to maintain sufficient control. With increasing labor costs growers are seeking alternatives. Postemergence herbicides could provide a viable option for reducing labor costs. In the past, growers would not consider postemergence herbicides as an "over-the-top" application because of concerns of crop injury. Now many growers are willing to accept some injury if the injury occurs early in the crop cycle, the crop recovers quickly, and the herbicide application controls at least one major weed species. Recent studies have shown isoxaben (Gallery) 1.12 kg ai/ha (1 lb ai/A) to provide effective postemergence control of bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) (Altland et al., 2000); however control was more difficult with increased maturity of bittercress (Altland et al., 2000).

Oxalis (Oxalis stricta L.

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