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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 54

Propagation of Alangium platanifolium and Alangium platanifolium var. macrophyllum

H. William Barnes

pp: 510


The genus Alangium comprises 17 species of shrub or shrub like trees with the majority being tropical and ranging from Africa to China and to Eastern Australia. Most of the species of Alangium are considered to be tropical with Zone 9 or 10 for a hardiness classification. However, A. platanifolium and A. platanifolium var. macrophyllum are hardy to Zone 6 and might have a value in the landscape for Zones 6 and higher.

The trees are relatively fast growing and have no serious pests at least in the Northeastern portion of the U.S.A. The species name platanifolium refers to the leaves having a superficial resemblance to Platanus, although the degree of similarity is perhaps a challenge for the imagination, the name does indicate a Platanus or Acer look. They are generally 3 to 5 lobed and have a long petiole. Flowering occurs in cymes and the individual flowers resemble a very, very small honeysuckle flower, which are white. The fruit is a drupe but of those plants I have

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