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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 54

On-Demand Color Label Printing System

Gary Knosher

pp: 476-477

In retail garden centers, it seems the need for an informational picture label accompanying the plant is as important as the quality or size of the plant itself. I have been told by some of our garden center customers that plants with quality picture labels will outsell plants without picture labels. Retail consumers can be easily swayed to choose the plant with the pretty picture label over plants with no labels or labels that contain only text. In recent years it has become the responsibility of the grower to develop these labels and have them manufactured and printed by companies that specialize in this process, and then purchase and warehouse the labels that will be needed for the upcoming sales season. When all goes according to plan, then the system works satisfactorily, as long as someone with great attention to detail manages the process. However, minimum order quantities of labels, changes in production, liner substitutions, and changes in consumer trends, often create a

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