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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 53                 (published in 2003)

Techniques for Manipulating Seeds and Seedlings for High Quality Flower Seedlings
Brian E. Corr
pp: 41-49 — See abstract

Temperate Treatment of Flower Bulbs: Manipulating Flowering Times
Paul Vonk
pp: 50-52 — See abstract

The Relationship Between Structure and Function in Seed Dispersal and Seed Germination
P.J. Robbertse
pp: 53 — See abstract

Greenhouse Technology
Brian van Niekerk
pp: 53-54 — See abstract

Environmentally Responsible Plant Production
Johan Gerber
pp: 55-60 — See abstract

Manipulation of Growth by Using Tissue Culture Techniques
Sanette Thiart
pp: 61-66 — See abstract

Getting the Most From Your Lettuce Seedlings: International Nutrition Research
Puffy Soundy
pp: 67-69 — See abstract

The Fascination Of Bonsai
Charles Ceronio
pp: 70-78 — See abstract

Lotus Root: Production in Asia and Potential for New Zealand
J.M. Follett, J.A. Douglas and Y. Wang
pp: 79-82 — See abstract

Acceleration of Blueberry Selections from Tissue Culture
Emma K. Rawnsley and Shirley A. Miller
pp: 83-84 — See abstract

Acclimatizing Tissue Culture Plants: Reducing the Shock
John F. Seelye, Garry K. Burge and Ed R. Morgan
pp: 85-90 — See abstract

Leaf Variegation and Plant Chimeras
Garry K. Burge, Ed R. Morgan and John F. Seelye
pp: 91-93 — See abstract

The Cultivar Naming Code
Chris Barnaby
pp: 94-98 — See abstract

The Name Game for New Players
Wilmien Brascamp
pp: 99-103 — See abstract

Scheduling Flowering in Metrosideros excelsa (pohutukawa)
J. Clemens, R.E. Henriod, J. Song and P.E. Jameson
pp: 104-106 — See abstract

Keys to Know How
Richard Ware
pp: 107-108 — See abstract

Human Issues in Horticulture
Diane Relf
pp: 109-114 — See abstract

One World of Propagation
Thomas S. Pinney Jr
pp: 115 — See abstract

Eucalypt Seedling Hardiness to Low Temperature: A Synthesis
Dugald C. Close, Phil H. Brown, Mark J. Hovenden and Chris L. Beadle
pp: 116-119 — See abstract

Biology and Management of Nursery Weeds
Joseph C. Neal
pp: 120-123 — See abstract

Improving Plantation Eucalypts: The Role of Vegetative Propagation
Helen Smith
pp: 124-127 — See abstract

The Successful Propagation of Eucomis comosa ‘Purple’
Janis C. House
pp: 128-131 — See abstract

A Perspective on the Need for Intensive Breeding Programs for Ornamental Plants and the Role of Biotechnology
Brent McCown and Bill Hoch
pp: 132-134 — See abstract

pH and Alkalinity are Different
Kevin A Handreck
pp: 135-136 — See abstract

Integrating a Tissue Culture Laboratory into a Nursery
Ian Gordon
pp: 137-141 — See abstract

Managing Pathogenic Fungi with Other Fungi — Trichoderma
G.R. Leeson
pp: 142-145 — See abstract

A Fast and Reliable Method of Plant Propagation
Robyn Madeley
pp: 146-147 — See abstract

Propagation of Camellia sinensis var. sayamakaori
Ralph Scott
pp: 148 — See abstract

Propagation and Cultivation of Selected Central Australian Wildflowers
Tim L. Collins
pp: 149-153 — See abstract

Propagation of Grevillea
Santi Krisantini, Margaret Johnston, Richard R. Williams and Christine Beveridge
pp: 154-158 — See abstract

Breeding and Selection of Brachychiton
Des Boorman
pp: 159-160 — See abstract

Unconventional Pesticides
Deborah D. McCown
pp: 161-163 — See abstract

Temperature and Quality in South African Bulb Production
Elsa S. du Toit
pp: 164-168 — See abstract

Rapid Multiplication of Grapevines
Wayne B. Farquhar
pp: 169-171 — See abstract

The Concept of Urban Horticulture, and Its Implications in the World of Plant Propagation
John A. Wott
pp: 172-176 — See abstract

The Peatering Out Project
Arnie Rainbow
pp: 177-182 — See abstract

Progress in Irrigation Management and Scheduling for Container Nursery Stock
Chris Burgess, Beulah Long, Shirley Foster and Ken Blyth
pp: 183-188 — See abstract

Facing the Challenge of Wild Flower Production
Linda Laxton
pp: 189-190 — See abstract

Propagation and Promotion at Bransford Garden Plants
Andrew Dyson
pp: 191-192 — See abstract

Commercialising Plants from an Australian Perspective
Clive Larkman
pp: 193-197 — See abstract

Herbaceous Perennial Production in Poland
Jacek Marcinkowski
pp: 198-202 — See abstract

Refining Root Propagation Techniques
Paul Howling
pp: 203-207 — See abstract

Recruiting and Training Tomorrow's Propagators
Ken Turner
pp: 208-209 — See abstract

A Career at Last
Margaret A. Sheward
pp: 210-212 — See abstract

Propagation and Marketing of Regional Fruit Varieties
Kevin D. Croucher
pp: 213-217 — See abstract

Work Experience and Nursery Tour in New Zealand
David Hide
pp: 218-222 — See abstract

Results From Some Research on Spectral Filters in the United Kingdom
Les Lane
pp: 223-231 — See abstract

Common Faults in Mist Propagation System Design and Operation
Iain G. Thorne
pp: 232-235 — See abstract

Tissue Culture in the Nursery Industry
Alan Hunter
pp: 236-241 — See abstract

Plant Collecting in Chile
Stuart Priest
pp: 242-248 — See abstract

Conference 2003 Scandinavian Region
Arne Skytt Andersen
pp: 249-254 — See abstract

Randy Jacobs
pp: 255 — See abstract

Up With Pots — Solutions for Heat, Cold, and Blow-over Problems
Carl E. Whitcomb and Andy C. Whitcomb
pp: 255-263 — See abstract

New Landscape Plants for the South
Dave Creech and Dawn Parish
pp: 264-269 — See abstract

Taiwan Flowering Cherry (Prunus campanulata) Propagation: Seeding or Cuttings?
Christine J. McCoy
pp: 270-271 — See abstract

Attacking Hard-to-Root Plants at Mobjack Nurseries
George Machen and Chris White
pp: 272-274 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation with Auxin Applied Via a Stabilized Organic Rooting Substrate
Eugene K. Blythe, Jeff L. Sibley, Ken M. Tilt and John M. Ruter
pp: 275-282 — See abstract

Postemergence Oxalis Control in Container-grown Nursery Crops
C.V. Simpson, C.H. Gilliam, G.R. Wehtje, J.L. Sibley and J.E. Altland
pp: 283-287 — See abstract

A Glimpse of Horticulture in Australia
Ken Tilt
pp: 288-291 — See abstract

Characterizing Invasiveness of Ornamental Species of Florida
Sandra B. Wilson
pp: 292-296 — See abstract

The St. Louis Declaration on Invasive Plants, Codes of Conduct, and What They Mean to Propagators
Hugh M. Gramling
pp: 297-299 — See abstract

Propagation Problems and Solutions for Texas SuperStar® Plants
Jerry M. Parsons
pp: 300-302 — See abstract

Propagation Research from Mississippi State University
Patricia R. Knight
pp: 303-307 — See abstract

New Plant Evaluation and Propagation Processes
Thomas D. Meadows Jr
pp: 308-310 — See abstract

Growing Plants for NASA — Challenges in Lunar and Martian Agriculture
Fred T. Davies Jr., Chunajiu He, Ronald E. Lacey and Que Ngo
pp: 311-316 — See abstract

Ten Easy Time and Money Savers Used For Propagation in the U.S. Southwest
George Hull
pp: 317-320 — See abstract

Improving Productivity and Morale Through Mechanization
Mark Rainey
pp: 321-324 — See abstract

The Benefits of Buying Unrooted Cuttings to the Propagator
Robert Grove
pp: 325-328 — See abstract

Dynamics of Oak Production from Seed
Cecil Pounders and Donna C. Fare
pp: 329-333 — See abstract

Drought Conditioning Influences Adventitious Rooting of Select Shrub Stem Cuttings
Lindsey Fox and Thayne Montague
pp: 334-338 — See abstract

Slimy Friends and Foes: Understanding Slugs and Snails
Jody M. Thompson and Jeff L. Sibley
pp: 339-341 — See abstract

Benzyladenine-Induced Shoot Formation in Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica)
Jayme Oates and Gary Keever
pp: 342-350 — See abstract

Northwest Alpines 101
Wilbur L. Bluhm
pp: 351-355 — See abstract

Nursery Construction — Details are Everything
F. Allan Elliott
pp: 356-359 — See abstract

Propagation of Willamette Valley, Oregon Endemics for Seed and Plugs
Lynda L. Boyer
pp: 360-363 — See abstract

Winter Propagation of Conifer Cuttings for Multiple Genera
Larry Stanley and Cynthia Spires
pp: 364-367 — See abstract

TC or not TC
Patrick Peterson
pp: 368-369 — See abstract

Asexual Propagation of Arctostaphylos × coloradensis
Scott Skogerboe
pp: 370-371 — See abstract

Germination of Woody Legumes from Green Seed
Michael Bone
pp: 372 — See abstract

Replacing Manual Dips with Water Soluble IBA
Samuel R. Drahn
pp: 373-376 — See abstract

The Essential Bugcrafter: A Practical Primer for Biological Control
Robin Rosetta
pp: 377-379 — See abstract

Inovative Media Amendments: Zeolite and Actinovate
David W. Hicks
pp: 380-382 — See abstract

Liverwort Control in Propagation: Challenges and Opportunities
James Altland, Richard Regan and Adam Newby
pp: 383-386 — See abstract

Asexual Reproduction of Trees by Air-Layering
Sheila Bhattacharya
pp: 387 — See abstract

Timing for Top Grafting Cercis and Cercidiphyllum Cultivars
Guy Meacham
pp: 388 — See abstract

Just Another Bottom Heat System
Christine Ames
pp: 389 — See abstract

A Simple, Versatile Mist Clock Setup
Michael Anderson
pp: 389 — See abstract

Hot Callus Grafting
Cynthia Hobby
pp: 390 — See abstract

Hand Planting Versus Mechanical Planting
Tom Burchell
pp: 390-392 — See abstract

Domesticating the Wild Palm: A Survey of Palms and Their Culture Suitable for California and the Pacific Coast
David Lannom
pp: 393-399 — See abstract

From the Wild to the Garden Center: Pulmonaria and Heuchera
Dan Heims
pp: 400-403 — See abstract

Cuttings from the Edge
Tony Avent
pp: 404-405 — See abstract

Novel Methods of Applying Rooting Hormones in Cutting Propagation
Gene Blythe and Jeff L. Sibley
pp: 406-409 — See abstract

Controlling the Propagation Environment with a Computer
Barry W. Baertlein
pp: 410-411 — See abstract

Using Compost Successfully in Propagation Systems
Michelle L. Miller
pp: 412-415 — See abstract

Plants for the Northwest Garden and Nursery
Roger Gossler
pp: 416-417 — See abstract

Breeding Plants for a Better Tomorrow
Sarah Doane and Harold Pellett
pp: 418-420 — See abstract

The Recovery of Hawaiian Plant Species Using Embryo and Ovulo Culture
Nellie C. Sugii, Todd M. Fujii and Lora Oshima
pp: 421-423 — See abstract

Propagating Monkey flowers (Mimulus spp.) of the Western United States
Mark Akimoff
pp: 424-428 — See abstract

We Should Consider the Future of Japan Region Now!
Naoki Omori
pp: 429 — See abstract

The Effect of Time, Cultivar, and Grafting Method on Graft Compatibility in Persimmon (Diospyros)
Eak P. Simkhada and Hiroshi Gemma
pp: 430-434 — See abstract

The Effect of Abscisic Acid on Growth Promotion
Nozawa Gloria Toshie, Yutaka Hirata, Yasuo Kamuro and Masaru Shibata
pp: 435-439 — See abstract

Propagation of Ornamental Cultivars of Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) in vitro
Masnaori Tomita
pp: 440-444 — See abstract

The Type Specimen of Kurokami-ran (Ponerorchis graminifolia var. kurokamiana) Found
Masnaori Tomita
pp: 445-450 — See abstract

Recommendation for the Romanization of Japanese by International Standard (ISO 3602)
Yoshitaka Ueda and Masnaori Tomita
pp: 451-464 — See abstract

President's Welcoming Remarks
Jim Johnson
pp: 465 — See abstract

If You Don't Have It, You Can't Use It: Water Issues at Prides Corner Farm
Michael R. Emmons
pp: 466-468 — See abstract

Invasive Plants: This is OUR Problem, Too
R. Wayne Mezitt
pp: 469-471 — See abstract

Seed Production Levels and Seedling Traits of Berberis thunbergii Cultivars
Jonathan M. Lehrer and Mark H. Brand
pp: 472-476 — See abstract

Just Because They Are Native Doesn't Mean They Are Easy
H. William Barnes
pp: 477-480 — See abstract

Seedling Growing Innovations in Oregon
Michael Anderson
pp: 481-482 — See abstract

Fogging Systems: Selection, Installation and Operation
John W. Bartok Jr
pp: 483-485 — See abstract

Ever Tried Oasis Blocks in Propagation? Believe it or Not They Work!
W. David Thompson
pp: 486 — See abstract

Ellepots: Another Tool in Our Propagation Chest
Cheryl Andrzejewski
pp: 487 — See abstract

Propagation of Enkianthus perulatus ‘J. L. Pennock’
Shelley Dillard
pp: 488 — See abstract

Hydrogen Peroxide in Propagation
Tonya Albert
pp: 489 — See abstract

The Use of Stolon Pieces to Propagate Roses and Other Material
Robert Osborne
pp: 490-494 — See abstract

Chip Budding Aralia
Richard A. Jaynes
pp: 495 — See abstract

Influence of Bottom Heat and Mulch on Rooting of Evergreen Cuttings
Calvin Chong
pp: 496-500 — See abstract

New Rootstocks for the Nursery Industry
Michael Scott
pp: 501-504 — See abstract

Adapting Commercial Production Techniques to Botanical Garden Propagation
Bruce Blevins
pp: 505-507 — See abstract

If Walt Disney Was A Propagator, How Would He Have Reached His Customers?
John Stanley
pp: 508-510 — See abstract

Galax: A Crop for the Future?
Richard E. Bir and Joseph L. Conner
pp: 511-512 — See abstract

Scandinavia 2002, Observations from the Exchange Propagator
Rod R. Ackerman
pp: 513-514 — See abstract

Recent Plant Introductions from China
Anthony S. Aiello
pp: 515-517 — See abstract

Multiplying Syringa Propagules… Easy as One, Two, Ethylene
Samuel R. Drahn
pp: 518-521 — See abstract

Re-inventing Sweetshrubs
Thomas G. Ranney
pp: 522-523 — See abstract

A New World of Groundcovers
Fred Dabney
pp: 524-529 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Jack Alexander
pp: 530-534 — See abstract

Question Box
Deb McCown and Dick Bir.
pp: 535-536 — See abstract

Comparison of Germination Rates of Pinus strobus for Two Seed Sorting Techniques at Vans Pines Nursery
Gary Van Slooten and Zhuotian Lu
pp: 537-539 — See abstract

New Hostas From Seeds
Clarence H. Falstad III
pp: 540-543 — See abstract

Production of Halesia diptera var. magniflora
H. William Barnes
pp: 544-545 — See abstract

Possibilities in the Rooting of Quercus glauca
H. William Barnes
pp: 546 — See abstract

Magnolia tripetala from Seed
David Schmidt
pp: 547-548 — See abstract

Graft Compatibilities of Hornbeam (Carpinus) Species and Hybrids
Susan J. Wiegrefe
pp: 549-554 — See abstract

Scion and Rootstock Affect on the Performance of Grafted Black Walnut Cultivars
Mark V. Coggeshall, Andrew L. Thomas and J.W. Van Sambeek
pp: 555-556 — See abstract

Progress in Velcro Banding Asian Maples
Nicholas Castrataro, William Johnson and Brian Maynard
pp: 557-559 — See abstract

Spigelia marilandica Propagation: A Review
Winston C. Dunwell
pp: 560-561 — See abstract

High Demand Native Plants from Maine
Steve Effner, Donglin Zhang and Stacy Ruchala
pp: 562-565 — See abstract

The Green Roof Research Program at Michigan State University
Bradley Rowe
pp: 566-567 — See abstract

Cultivar Verification Using Molecular Techniques
Peter Del Tredici, Jianhua Li, John Alexander and Thomas Ward
pp: 568-569 — See abstract

Somatic Embryogenesis and Callus Induction in Willow Oak
R.L. Geneve, S.T. Kester, C. Edwards and S. Wells
pp: 570-572 — See abstract

Hydrangea macrophylla Propagation by Hardwood Cuttings
Robert E. McNiel
pp: 573-574 — See abstract

Rooting Potential of Fagus grandifolia Cuttings
H. William Barnes
pp: 575-576 — See abstract

Root Plug Method for the Propagation of Root Cuttings Using Commercially Available Trays
Joaquin A. Chong and James E. Faust Royal D. Heins
pp: 577-578 — See abstract

Increased Rooting Percentages and Decreased Transplant Shock Using Ellepots
Gail Billingsley
pp: 579-581 — See abstract

Mature Vinca minor Propagation
Tom Kimmel
pp: 582 — See abstract

Boxwood Propagation at Zelenka Nursery, Inc.
Michael P. Corbett
pp: 583-584 — See abstract

Potential New Garden Plants from Maine
Donglin Zhang and Steve Effner
pp: 585-587 — See abstract

University of Connecticut Plant Introductions
Sidney Waxman
pp: 588-589 — See abstract

Commercially Available Organic Mulches as a Weed Barrier for Container Production
Jen Llewellyn, Keith Osborne, Christine Steer-George and Jeanine West
pp: 590-592 — See abstract

Decreasing the Production Time of Seed-grown Lilium and Dodecatheon
Catherine Thomas
pp: 593-594 — See abstract

Container Crop Response to Liquid and Slow-Release Fertilisers and Substrates From Bark Wastes and Composts
K.L. McLachlan, R.P. Voroney, C. Chong, B.E. Holbein and H.-W. Liu
pp: 595-598 — See abstract

Comparing the Growth of Gymnocladus dioica in a Pea Gravel Medium Amended With Calcined Clay or Expanded Shale
Steven D. Kirk, Chris Starbuck and J.W. Van Sambeek
pp: 599-601 — See abstract

Accelerated Japanese Maple Understock Production
Jennifer Wells and Jerry Lavallee
pp: 602-603 — See abstract

Nitrogen and Potassium Nutrition of Geraniums Grown in Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) Fertilized with Leachate from SMS
E. J. Holcomb, Charles W. Heuser and Paul H. Heinemann
pp: 604-607 — See abstract

A New Intergeneric Hybrid Between Franklinia alatamaha and Schima argentea: ×Schimlinia floribunds (Theaceae)
Thomas G. Ranney, Thomas A. Eaker, Paul R. Fantz and Clifford R. Parks
pp: 608 — See abstract

Green Roof Plants Mitigate Storm Water and Clean the Environment
David J. Beattie, Robert D. Berghage, Albert R. Jarrett and Harvey B. Manbeck
pp: 609-611 — See abstract

Cold-Tolerant Camellias
Richard E. Bir and Joseph L. Conner
pp: 612-613 — See abstract

Needle Retention of Concolor Fir from Four Seed Sources
Ricky M. Bates, James C. Sellmer and David A. Despot
pp: 614 — See abstract

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