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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

Hot Callus Grafting

Cynthia Hobby

pp: 390

Hot callus grafting is a technique where the graft union is resting on or against hot pipes or heating cables to help increase the take of a union. We started using this technique 2 years ago to help improve the grafting take on certain varieties.

A trough-like structure was made from 1 × 6 inch-boards and 1 × 1 inch-strips, nailed to the edge.

Recycled carpet padding was then used to line the inside and top of the trough.

Three-quarter-inch copper pipe was soldered together and placed inside the trough on top of the carpet padding. Grafted plants were then laid down across the copper pipes and covered with more carpet padding. One inch × six inch-boards were then placed on top to hold the padding in place and to retain heat.

The carpet padding helped to insulate the copper pipes and kept them at a constant temperature. Hot water was provided by a small 1000-watt heating element, inside a 5-gal bucket and a submersible fountain pump, pumps the water through the copper pipe and back

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