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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

A Simple, Versatile Mist Clock Setup

Michael Anderson

pp: 389

In the past we used mechanical clocks to regulate mist for 17 zones, consisting of individual benches or small greenhouses. The setup was limited in its versatility and required us to mist several zones at the same time. This inevitably resulted in low pressure midway through the mist time, leading to both dry and overly wet areas. In addition the mechanical clocks were prone to failure or hang up, leading to unpleasant surprises.

We decided to develop a new system, with the following objectives in mind:

  • Simple to adjust and easy to see current setting for each zone
  • Up to 18 zones of operation
  • Mist zones need to operate separately to allow for peak water pressure
  • Dependable; relatively failure proof
  • Long-lasting

We settled on using three Paragon model 4004 solid state 24-h time clocks; each of these controls one Phytotronics Gemini 6 controller. These are housed in a sturdy steel cabinet equipped with a small cooling fan.

The 24-h clocks can be set to start operation in 3-

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