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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

Just Another Bottom Heat System

Christine Ames

pp: 389

In 2001 we replaced our boiler (used for bottom heat) with a 100-gal A.O. Smith Cyclone commercial gas water heater. We needed to heat greenhouse space that equaled approximately 6000 ft2. Since this is a small application we were able to reduce our propane costs by 80%. The money savings paid for the water heater in the first year. The water heater managed to keep up with demand rather well except when the temperature dipped, we were getting some variation due to the time it took the water heater to heat the water in the tank. The 2nd year we wanted additional backup for severe demand and to add an additional 3000 ft2 of bottom heat. We bought a washing booster heater from Precision Temp. Inc. which is used in the restaurant business for dish washing. It maintains water temperatures on demand under normal conditions. This has become our primary heat source. Between the two heaters we have 400,000 BTU input. The water heater is now used as a 100-gal reservoir in case of severe demand.

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