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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

Dynamics of Oak Production from Seed

Cecil Pounders and Donna C. Fare

pp: 329-333


Most oak (Quercus) production in the United States is from seed using production techniques that have evolved over the past 50 years. The steps of production have become more specialized with various combinations of seed collectors, seed brokers, liner producers, and tree farms involved in the production chain. Distribution has changed from localized production to regional distribution over large areas with diverse climates. Production decisions usually center on whether to grow or buy bare root or containerized seedlings of the different oak species needed to meet production goals. Quality control consists of inspecting planting stock to assure the leaves are the right shape, growing straight scar-free trunks of appropriate caliper with proper crowns and keeping cull trees to a minimum. In all this activity little consideration is given to the genetic background of the oaks being produced. The innate genetic potential of acorn sources used to produce oaks can impact

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