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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

Environmentally Responsible Plant Production

Johan Gerber

pp: 55-60


For many years the use of naturally produced organic pesticides have been debated against the use of synthetically produced organic and chemical agricultural remedies. Which direction is the right one to take? The use of organically certified products on the one hand resulted in produce that carries a high premium and affordable to the minority elite, where as the use of more economical chemical pesticides produce affordable produce for the masses. Technology at present is so advanced that today's chemical formulations available on the world market are in many cases less hazardous compared to many natural substances found in nature. At the same time many organic and biological pesticide formulations have become more affordable. Before selecting products for use in production one needs to do an assessment of risk.

Should pesticides be allowed that are isolated from nature (natural organic) or synthetically produced? Which of these pesticides should be made available for

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