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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

Propagation and Marketing of Regional Fruit Varieties

Kevin D. Croucher

pp: 213-217


It's been said of me that I like trees and dogs more than I like people. I apparently used to gurgle at trees from my pram as a baby. Therefore, it's probably no surprise that I ended up establishing my own tree nursery. However, ending up growing one of the largest ranges of fruit trees in Britain was a combination of accident and good fortune.

When I started Thornhayes Nursery, it was my intention just to grow ornamentals, although I had an interest in fruit trees from growing fruit on a domestic level, including some of the less common West Country varieties. However, at the same time as I started my new business, the whole subject of orchards and old fruit varieties came to the fore nationally. The charity Common Ground had initiated a national Apple Day in October 1990 as part of its campaign for local distinctiveness. Subsequently, the government increased Countryside Commission expenditure on its Countryside Stewardship Scheme and extended it to include orchard

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