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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

Refining Root Propagation Techniques

Paul Howling

pp: 203-207


As a leading producer of herbaceous perennials in the U.K., Howard Nurseries Ltd. (formerly Howard and Kooij's Nurseries) has always used root cuttings as one of the principle means of propagation. Many herbaceous genera lend themselves to propagation from roots. Commercially, root cuttings are a low-tech solution, capable of giving speedy increases in numbers with much less hassle than many propagators assume. Even highly skilled propagators who visit our nursery appear to regard propagation from roots with an air of muck and mysticism. In fact it is a very simple and effective technique if managed properly.

Recent years have seen many changes to propagation systems. Open-ground and low-tunnel systems have given way to glasshouses; mist and bottom heat have been joined by tissue culture; modular trays have replaced seed flats and boxes. At Howard Nurseries Ltd., techniques for production from root cuttings have been adapted in accordance with these trends. This paper

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