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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

A Fast and Reliable Method of Plant Propagation

Robyn Madeley

pp: 146-147


I often trim the trays of plants in 2-inch tubes and I noticed that some of the trimmings fell on top of the potting mix in the tubes and if I left them there they took root quite quickly. So I decided to duplicate the process in the igloo environment and I was amazed to see how quickly the clippings took root in the controlled environment. So I started trialling various sorts of plants and was very pleased to see how well this worked. About a year after I had started trialling this I was very interested to read Ian Gordon's article (2001) in the Australian Horticulture magazine and while his methods were similar, his method required a much more sophisticated setup than I had available. The beauty of this method is that it requires very little cost and labour to set it up and means that large numbers of plants can be propagated very quickly and cheaply. It is not applicable for all plants but I think I can demonstrate that it certainly works very well with

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