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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 53

Keys to Know How

Richard Ware

pp: 107-108


The gift of life is a wonderful thing, but to be blessed with the gift of propagation is a most wonderful and exciting thing indeed, especially when we know how to find the keys to unlock the gift to bring life to millions of new generations of plant material. It is only then that we can fully and properly use our gift to give us our full potential as propagators. There is more to propagation than just sticking cuttings or planting seeds. It is helpful to identify the key aspects to our propagation knowledge and how to apply them. The very foundation of our Society, which rests on the key words "seek and share" is about seeking and sharing knowledge and how we use that acquired knowledge. It is not a bad thing to be occasionally reminded of the Society's motto especially in today's competitive, business like society. We all have skills or ability in some facet of propagation and they are ours to use the best we can. We should use our skill and ability as fully and properly

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