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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 52                 (published in 2002)

The International Plant Propagators’ Society
Jörgen H. Selchau
pp: 41 — See abstract

Plant Breeders’ Rights and Trademarks
Jörgen H. Selchau
pp: 42-47 — See abstract

Growing Indigenous Bulbs in the Eastern Cape
J.C. McMaster
pp: 48-51 — See abstract

How We Market Our Bedding Plants
Hans Sittig
pp: 52 — See abstract

The Art of Germinating Seeds
Jac Duif
pp: 53-55 — See abstract

Optimising Productivity in a Bedding Plant Nursery in South Africa
Hans Sittig
pp: 56 — See abstract

Manipulation of Flowering in Clivia
P.J. Robbertse
pp: 57-62 — See abstract

Mulch a Growth Control Mechanism
Gail Andrews
pp: 63-70 — See abstract

Buckawayo Research Project
Steve Trollip
pp: 71-78 — See abstract

The ABC of Commercial Plant Propagation
Edward Bunker
pp: 79-82 — See abstract

Germination of Central Australian Plant Seed After Long-term Storage
Glenis McBurnie
pp: 83-88 — See abstract

Fifty Years of Change in the Nursery Industry
Brian Smith
pp: 89-91 — See abstract

Controlling Insect Pests with Entomopathogenic Nematodes
Robin Bedding
pp: 92-99 — See abstract

The Evolution of Container Design
Peter B. May
pp: 100-104 — See abstract

Some New Research Into Container Design
Derek G. Moore
pp: 105-107 — See abstract

Root Deformation in Plantations of Container-grown Stock:
Asbjørn Strømberg
pp: 108-112 — See abstract

Rocketpot Technology
Peter Lawton
pp: 113-115 — See abstract

The Role of Micronutrients and How They Affect Plant Growth
David Nichols and Yibing Ma
pp: 116-120 — See abstract

Optimising Moisture Retention in Growing Media
Robert B Reynolds
pp: 121-125 — See abstract

Nutrient Analysis for the Nursery Industry
Ross Hall and Kirsten Raynor
pp: 126-131 — See abstract

Plant Quarantine Protocols
John Field
pp: 132-134 — See abstract

Importing Plants at Government Plant Quarantine Stations
Jane Urquhart
pp: 135-137 — See abstract

Plant Importation
Clive Larkman
pp: 138-140 — See abstract

Plant Diagnostics Can Save Money In The Propagation Nursery
Ron Barrow
pp: 141-143 — See abstract

Results of a Corymbia maculata Provenance Trial Using Street Tree Selection Criteria
Sarah Bone
pp: 144-150 — See abstract

Mycorrhizal Inoculum for Propagation of Epacris impressa
M.R. Conomikes, C.B. McLean, M.C. Starrett and A.C. Lawrie
pp: 151-154 — See abstract

Domestication and Improvement of Kunzea pomifera
Tony Page, Greg Moore, James Will and Gerald Halloran
pp: 155-160 — See abstract

Seed Germination and Propagation of Arachnorchis formosa
T.T. Huynh, C.B. McLean and A.C. Lawrie
pp: 161-168 — See abstract

The Relevance of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act to Plant Propagators
Suzanne Lambie
pp: 169-172 — See abstract

Occupational Health And Safety: Description of How to Manage Health and Safety in the Workplace
Peter Verwey
pp: 173-174 — See abstract

Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms in New Zealand — An Update
I.R. Hall and Y. Wang
pp: 175-180 — See abstract

Practical Workshop: How to Make a Hormone
Jeff Elliot
pp: 181-182 — See abstract

A Talk on Compost
David Prosser and Helen Prosser
pp: 183-185 — See abstract

Konjac: Production in Japan and Potential for New Zealand
J.M. Follett, J.A. Douglas and P. Cave
pp: 186-190 — See abstract

An Overview of Bio-dynamics©
John Guthrie and Dominique Davaux
pp: 191-197 — See abstract

Progress in Forest Nursery Practice
Eric J. Appleton
pp: 198-200 — See abstract

Sophora — The Kowhais of New Zealand
Denis Hughes
pp: 201-205 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation of Leyland Cypress (XCupressocyparis leylandii)
Heike De Silva
pp: 206-210 — See abstract

Tissue Culture Techniques with New Zealand Blueberry Selections
Shirley A. Miller and Emma K. Rawnsley
pp: 211-213 — See abstract

Where Have All the New Plants Gone?
Richard Ware
pp: 214-216 — See abstract

Biological Plant Protection — Mechanisms and Systems for Nurseries Using Beneficial Trichoderma Fungi
John S. Hunt and David S.J. Gale
pp: 217-224 — See abstract

The Climate of the South West Peninsula of England
Michael Pollock
pp: 225-228 — See abstract

Opportunities for and Constraints on Horticulture in the South West of England
Andrew Tompsett
pp: 229-234 — See abstract

Trees and Large Shrubs for Shelter: A Guide to Suitable Species and an Outline of Production Practice
Marshall Hutchens
pp: 235-240 — See abstract

Maintaining and Developing Abbotsbury Sub-tropical Garden
Stephen Griffith
pp: 241-243 — See abstract

Arduaine and West Coast Scotland
Maurice Wilkins
pp: 244-246 — See abstract

The Role of the Veitch Nursery of Exeter in 19th Century Plant Introductions
Mike Squires
pp: 247-248 — See abstract

The Shetland Isles in the Nordic Context: A Tree Grower’s Perspective
James Mackenzie
pp: 249-252 — See abstract

Propagation Methods and Policy for the National Collection of Betula
Kenneth Ashburner
pp: 253-256 — See abstract

Dogwoods and Willows for Winter Stem Colour
Chris Lane
pp: 257-258 — See abstract

The Role of Rhododendrons in Cornish Gardens
Rachel Martin
pp: 259-262 — See abstract

Camellia Propagation and Cultivation in the South West of England
Jennifer Trehane
pp: 263-265 — See abstract

Breeding and Cultivating Grevillea in Queensland
John Bunker
pp: 266-269 — See abstract

Propagation and Cultivation of Pittosporum for the National Collection
Benedict Murrell
pp: 270-271 — See abstract

Hybridisation and Cultivation of Phygelius
Peter Moore
pp: 272-273 — See abstract

Dierama: The Harebells of Africa
Diane L. Rowe
pp: 274-277 — See abstract

Recommendations for Propagation and Cultivation of Agapanthus
Richard Fulcher
pp: 278-282 — See abstract

Notes From Four Visits to Japanese Nurseries
Peter Waugh
pp: 283-284 — See abstract

The Potential for Chilean Plants in Cultivation
Martin F. Gardner
pp: 285-290 — See abstract

Exploring Chile for Plants with Cultivation Potential
Sue Inkster
pp: 291-292 — See abstract

New Fertilisers for Herbaceous and Bedding Propagation
Richard H. Williams
pp: 293-308 — See abstract

Summary of Meeting in Scandinavian I.P.P.S.: Recruitment of Horticultural Growers and Propagators in Scandinavia
Arne Skytt Andersen
pp: 309-312 — See abstract

Plant Protection in Danish Nurseries
Henrik Sivertsen
pp: 313-315 — See abstract

Organic Substrates: Are They a Realistic Alternative?
Kai Lønne Nielsen
pp: 316-317 — See abstract

Increased Cation Content in Recirculating Nutrient Solutions as a Means for Controlling Dissemination and Attack of Root Rot in Glasshouse Crops
Brita Toppe
pp: 318-320 — See abstract

The Propagation of Spiranthes cernua, Ladies’ Tresses Orchid
Rod R. Ackerman
pp: 321-322 — See abstract

Scandinavia 2002, Observations from the Exchange Propagator
Rod R. Ackerman
pp: 323-328 — See abstract

An Overview of Studies on Plant Chimeras: Progress in the Development of New Chimerical Plants
Takumi Wakizuka
pp: 329 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Daimonjiso (Saxifraga fortunei var. incisolobata)
Yoshinori Ochi
pp: 330 — See abstract

The Cytokinin Preference for Immature Embryo Culture of Some Terrestrial Orchids
Masanori Tomita
pp: 331-334 — See abstract

Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on in Vitro Propagation of Trifoliate Orange
Ram Chandra Bhusal, Fusao Mizutani, Hiroaki Ohashi and Kipkoriony Laban Rutto
pp: 335-340 — See abstract

Somatic Embryos Produced From Aseptic Seedlings of Wild Cyclamen Species
Kazumi Furukawa, Fumika Kakihara and Masahiro Kato
pp: 341-342 — See abstract

Breeding Diploid New Variety from Tetraploid Cyclamen persicum Victoria Through Anther Culture
Noritoshi Fuwa, Keiko Ohkawa-Takahashi, Atsushi Kuboki and Yoshihiro Takahashi
pp: 343-345 — See abstract

Synthesis and Utilization of in Vitro Artificially Synthesized Chimeras
Gloria T. Nozawa and Yutaka Hirata
pp: 346-353 — See abstract

Characters of Melastoma tetramerum and the Differences Between the Two Lines
Hiroaki Ohashi and Toshihiko Yuasa
pp: 354-355 — See abstract

New Functional Photo-selective Sheets: N.S. Blue and N.S. Red
Yasuo Kamuro, Takafumi Tohyama and Katsumi Okabe
pp: 356 — See abstract

Designing a Brand-New Agriculture: Producing Consistent Quality Vegetable Seedlings
Naoko Nagai and Kazuhiko Yamaguchi
pp: 357-359 — See abstract

The Changing Greenhouse Environment During the Seasons for Grafted Vegetable Nursery Plants
Shinya Kawaguchi and Kazuhiko Yamaguchi
pp: 360-366 — See abstract

History and Impact of the US Government in New Plant Research
R.J. Griesbach
pp: 368-371 — See abstract

A Grower’s Perspective on Plants, Profitability and Propagation
R. Denny Blew
pp: 372-376 — See abstract

HRI: Your Research Dollars At Work
James Berry
pp: 377-380 — See abstract

Improving Vegetative Propagation Techniques of Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina)
Stacy L. Ruchala, Donglin Zhang, William Mitchell and Jianhua Li
pp: 381-387 — See abstract

Cotton Gin Compost as an Alternative Substrate for Propagation1
David M. Cole, Jeff L. Sibley, Eugene K. Blythe, D. Joseph Eakes and Ken M. Tilt
pp: 388-392 — See abstract

Evaluation of an Alternative Method of Rooting Hormone Application in Cutting Propagation
Eugene K. Blythe, Jeff L. Sibley, Ken M. Tilt and John M. Ruter
pp: 393-399 — See abstract

Propagation of Ornamental Grasses in Liners
Ron Strasko
pp: 400-401 — See abstract

Small Batch Seed Propagation of Various Pinus Species
Steven D. Kirk and Mark V. Coggeshall
pp: 402-405 — See abstract

A Grower’s Solution to Nutrient and Water Management
Ed Overdevest
pp: 406-409 — See abstract

Use of Waste and Compost in Propagation: Challenges and Constraints
Calvin Chong
pp: 410-414 — See abstract

Propagating Hydrangeas Year-Round
Michael P. Corbett
pp: 415-416 — See abstract

Forcing Epicormic Sprouts on Branch Segments of Adult Hardwoods for Softwood Cuttings
J.W. Van Sambeek, John E. Preece and Mark V. Coggeshall
pp: 417-424 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Trillium Species
Sherry Kitto
pp: 425-428 — See abstract

Developing Techniques to Produce Native Warm and Cool Season Grasses and Forbs in Missouri
Nadia Navarrete-Tindall and Becky Erickson
pp: 429-434 — See abstract

Ground Cover Production on Plastic Mulch
Ross Elsberry and Hugh Gramling
pp: 435-438 — See abstract

Grafting Versus Rooting of Fruit and Flowering Trees
Carl Sherman
pp: 439 — See abstract

The Feasibility of Utilizing Tobacco Greenhouses Propagation Facilities for Ornamental Plants
Gregory K. Eaton
pp: 440-443 — See abstract

Rooting of Pittosporum tobira ‘Variegata’ Cuttings as Influenced by Pre-Plant Treatments of Contrast (Flutalonil) and Post-Plant Fungicide Treatment Combinations
Brian Savage and Jim Newman
pp: 444-447 — See abstract

Propagation of Quercus virginiana by Cuttings
Brent Reeves
pp: 448-449 — See abstract

Air Layering: A Rooting Alternative
Bob Byrnes
pp: 450-452 — See abstract

Wetland Plant Propagation: Comparative Growth and Reproduction of Micropropagated Sagittaria latifolia Ecotypes
M.E. Kane, N.L. Philman and C. Emshousen
pp: 453-458 — See abstract

Liner Production: Asset or Liability?
Francois X. Brun-Wibaux
pp: 459-462 — See abstract

I.P.P.S. International Tours: United Kingdom 2002
Fred W. Garrett
pp: 463-466 — See abstract

Integrating Web Technology with Traditional Teaching of Plant Propagation
Mack Thetford and Sandy B. Wilson
pp: 467-472 — See abstract

Propagating Aquatic Plants
Kelly Billing
pp: 473-476 — See abstract

Herbaceous Perennial Plants for Dry Shade
Ruth Baumgardner
pp: 477 — See abstract

Propagation of Oak Liners
Phillip Hart
pp: 478-480 — See abstract

Hardwood Cuttings for Erosion Control
R.E. Bir, J. Calabria and J. Conner
pp: 481-483 — See abstract

Use of Computer Imaging to Evaluate the Initial Stages of Germination in Woody Tree Seeds
Manjul Dutt and Robert L. Geneve
pp: 484-488 — See abstract

Production of Unique Cultivars Through Budding, Cuttings, and Grafting
Don Shadow
pp: 489-491 — See abstract

Green Roofs And The Ford Rouge Project
Bradley Rowe
pp: 492-495 — See abstract

Ornamental Horticulture of South Africa
James B. Berry
pp: 496-500 — See abstract

The Floriculture and Nursery Crop Research Initiative: A Partnership of Government, Industry, and Universities
Peter K. Bretting
pp: 501-503 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Tomasz Anisko, Darrel Apps, Fred Bauer, Dick Bir, Andy Brand, Steve Castorani, Rick Crowder, Angela Treadwell-Palmer, Tom Ranney, Brian Upchurch and Tom Ward
pp: 504-512 — See abstract

POSTER SESSION PAPERS Mildew Resistant Garden Phlox
R.E. Bir and J.L. Conner
pp: 513-514 — See abstract

Postharvest Quality Comparison of Canaan Fir and Fraser Fir Christmas Trees
Ricky M. Bates, James C. Sellmer and David A. Despot
pp: 515-517 — See abstract

Summer-planting Bare Root Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Wintergreen’ Shrubs on the University of Missouri Campus from a Missouri Gravel Bed
Mary Ann Gowdy, Chris Starbuck and Richard Munson
pp: 518 — See abstract

Recovery, Propagation, and Evaluation of the Box Huckleberry (Gaylussacia brachycera)
Margaret Pooler, Ruth Dix and Rob Griesbach
pp: 519-520 — See abstract

Plant Propagation for Horticulture Therapy Programs
Laurie Meyers and C. Frank Williams
pp: 521 — See abstract

Propagating Selected Submerged Aquatic Species of the Chesapeake Bay
Jennifer Kujawski
pp: 522-523 — See abstract

Remontant Hydrangeas?
R.E. Bir and J.L. Conner
pp: 524-525 — See abstract

Does Wulpak Have Fertilizer Value?
Dick Bir and Joe Conner
pp: 526-527 — See abstract

Nonchemical Weed Control in Nursery Containers
Calvin Chong and Peter Purvis
pp: 528-530 — See abstract

Bark Versus Municipal Compost in Paper Mill Waste Substrates for Container Culture
Calvin Chong
pp: 531-533 — See abstract

Mycorrhizal Fungi, and Organic and Inorganic Slow Release (Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa)
Lucila Amaya de Carpio, Fred T. Davies Jr and Michael A. Arnold
pp: 534-536 — See abstract

Mycorrhiza Influence Potato Crop Productivity in the Altiplano of Peru
Fred T. Davies Jr, Constantino M. Calderón and Zosimo Huaman
pp: 537-539 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Native North American Lilium Species
Nathaniel D. Petley and Mark Bridgen
pp: 540 — See abstract

Techniques for the in vitro propagation of Rhodophiala species©
Eduardo Olate and Mark Bridgen
pp: 541 — See abstract

Effects of in Vitro Basal Plate Cuttage Systems on Bulblet Production of Leucocoryne coquimbensis©
Eduardo Olate and Mark Bridgen
pp: 542 — See abstract

Comparative Studies on the Rooting of Betula Species
H. William Barnes
pp: 543-546 — See abstract

Potential for Grafting Evergreen Ilex: A Preliminary Investigation
H. William Barnes
pp: 547-550 — See abstract

Preliminary Rooting Evaluation of North American Stewartia, Symplocos, and Persea
H. William Barnes, Phil Oyerly and Rick J. Lewandowski
pp: 551-555 — See abstract

Influence of Environmental Factors on Parthenolide and Abscisic Acid in Feverfew
Jorge M. Fonseca, James W. Rushing, Nihal C. Rajapakse, Ronald L. Thomas and Melissa B. Riley
pp: 556-561 — See abstract

Feeding Preferences of Agraulis vanillae (Gulf Fritillary) for Pentas lanceolata cultivars
L.L. Bruner, D.J. Eakes, G.J. Keever, J.W. Baier, C. Stuart-Whitman, P.R. Knight and J.E. Altland
pp: 562-565 — See abstract

Time of Pruning Effects on Cold Hardiness of Butterfly Bush
Jennifer Warr, Gary Keever, Doug Findley and Raymond Kessler
pp: 566-570 — See abstract

Impact of Chilling on Ginkgo biloba
Jeffrey C. Wilson, Jeff L. Sibley, James E. Altland, Ken M. Tilt and Wheeler G. Foshee III
pp: 571-574 — See abstract

Initial Shoot Growth and Development of Micropropagated Blueberry Plants Following Inoculation with an Ericoid Mycorrhizal Isolate
Mark C. Starrett
pp: 575-580 — See abstract

The Role of Smoke in Dormancy Release for Horticultural Plants
Kingsley Dixon
pp: 581-584 — See abstract

Plant Collection and Importation
William R. Feldman
pp: 585-589 — See abstract

Limiting Your Losses on Hard-to-Root California Natives
Michelle Truscott
pp: 590-593 — See abstract

An Insight Into Biochemical Basis of Root Formation on Cuttings: A Review
Sheila Bhattacharya
pp: 594-598 — See abstract

The Use and Propagation of Wingnut (Pterocarya spp.) as a Phytophthora-Resistant Rootstock for Walnut (Juglans spp.)
Thomas W. Burchell
pp: 599-603 — See abstract

Effect of Bifentrhin (Talstar®) on Mycorrhizal Colonization of California Native Plants in Containers
Lea Corkidi, Jeff Bohn and Mike Evans
pp: 604-608 — See abstract

Photoautotrophic Micropropagation: Importance of Controlled Environment in Plant Tissue Culture
Chieri Kubota
pp: 609-612 — See abstract

Biogeography of Mycorrhizal Fungi and Their Use in Ornamental Container Production
Chris A. Martin
pp: 613-615 — See abstract

Evaluating the Application Uniformity of a Sprinkler System for Containerized Plants
Bruce C. Lane
pp: 616-621 — See abstract

Boom Growing at a Dutch-tray Facility
Ted Ardans
pp: 622-623 — See abstract

Growing Agaves
Mary Irish
pp: 624-625 — See abstract

The Effect of Invasive Plants on Native Ecosystems — How We Can Help
Betty L. Young
pp: 626-633 — See abstract

Propagation of the Genus Eremophila
Kathleen Echols
pp: 634-636 — See abstract

Propagation of Phoenix dactylifera Cultivars
Richard Harris
pp: 637 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Southwestern Plants: Ambrosia deltoidea, Buddleja marrubifolia, Vauquelinia californica, and Vauquelinia corymbosa
Ursula K. Schuch, Elizabeth Davison and Jack Kelly
pp: 637-642 — See abstract

Using Reclaimed Water in Production of Containerized Nursery Stock
Marcus G. White
pp: 643 — See abstract

Texas Superstars, the Plant Introduction and Marketing Assistance Program in Texas
Wayne A. Mackay, Cynthia McKenney, Steve W. George, Tim D. Davis, Michael A. Arnold, R. Daniel Lineberger, Jerry M. Parsons, Larry A. Stein, Brent Pemberton and Greg G. Grant
pp: 644-647 — See abstract

Ramon M. Alaniz
pp: 648 — See abstract

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