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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 52

Somatic Embryos Produced From Aseptic Seedlings of Wild Cyclamen Species

Kazumi Furukawa, Fumika Kakihara and Masahiro Kato

pp: 341-342

Somatic embryos were produced using aseptic seedlings of wild Cyclamen species. The seeds of 18 wild Cyclamen species were cultured in the dark at 15 to 20°C until germination, and then maintained under a 16/8-light/dark photoperiod at 24°C. Modified Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with 30 g · liter-1 sucrose and 3.0 g · liter-1 Gellan gum was used for culture of aseptic seedlings. The seeds of C. balearicum, C. creticum, C. intaminatum, and C. repandum did not germinate. Aseptic seedlings were obtained from 14 Cyclamen species: C. africanum, C. cilicium, C. coum, C. cyprium, C. graecum, C. hederifolium f. album, C. libanoticum, C. mirabile, C. parviflorum, C. persicum, C. pseudibericum, C. purpurascens, C. rohlfsianum, and C. trochopteranthum. Sectioned petioles and leaves from the seedlings were inoculated on two types of induction media. The induction was carried out in the dark at 24°C. Among the 14 species, only C. creticum, C. libanoticum, and C. parviflorum did not produce

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