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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 51                 (published in 2001)

The Potential Role of Knittex Shade Netting in Favourably Modyfying the Growth Environment
Leon van Rensburg
pp: 43 — See abstract

Plant Morphology and Leaf Anatomy of Sun and Shade Grown Plants
Elsa du Toit
pp: 44 — See abstract

Technology for Greenhouse Heating and Cooling
Victor Martins
pp: 45-46 — See abstract

Technology in Soil Sterilization
Victor Martins
pp: 47-48 — See abstract

Hydroponic Systems
J. Martin Steyn and H. F. du Plessis
pp: 49-50 — See abstract

Disease Management of Greenhouse Crops: The Role of Technology
Nico Labuschagne
pp: 51-54 — See abstract

Weed Management and Allelopathy in the Greenhouse
C.F. Reinhardt
pp: 55-56 — See abstract

Control of Certain Sucking Insects on Ornamentals Under Cover
M.P. Fourie
pp: 57 — See abstract

The Basic Principles of Selecting Growth Medium and Fertigation of Pot Grown Plants
A.S. Claassens
pp: 58-62 — See abstract

Agrichemical Use — 20 Years of Change
J. Maber
pp: 63-65 — See abstract

Propagation of Several Plants Threatened with Extinction
Tomohide Yamamoto
pp: 66-67 — See abstract

An Introduction to Hamilton Gardens
Peter Sergel
pp: 68-72 — See abstract

Genetic Engineering: Is Perception Reality?
Howard J. Bezar
pp: 73-79 — See abstract

Plant Biotechnology: A Global Overview of Problems and Potentials
Brent McCown
pp: 80-84 — See abstract

Comparison of Different Brands of Petri Dishes for Use in Tissue Culture
Cathy Hargreaves and Lynette Grace
pp: 85-88 — See abstract

Daltons Limited Growing Media: Production, Management, and Quality Control
Graham Saltiel
pp: 89-91 — See abstract

The Wild Origins of Clianthus Cultivars and Their Value for Ex Situ Conservation
J. Clemens
pp: 92-93 — See abstract

Kowhai (Sophora Species) and Other Nitrogen-Fixing Plants of New Zealand
Michael B. Thomas and Mervyn I. Spurway
pp: 94-97 — See abstract

Hamilton Gully Restoration: Integrating Ecology, Propagation, and Planting
Bruce D. Clarkson and Theresa M. Downs
pp: 98-105 — See abstract

Plant Taxonomy in New South Wales, Australia
Wyne Johns
pp: 106-108 — See abstract

Ginkgo biloba: Potential for Commercial Leaf Production in New Zealand
J.M. Follett, J.A. Douglas, E.J. Appleton, R.J. Appleton and R.F. Brown
pp: 109-113 — See abstract

New Zealand Plants and Their Allies — An Irish Overview
Philip Marie Moreau
pp: 114-116 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Syringa: Tree vs. Shrub Lilacs
Deborah D. McCown
pp: 117-118 — See abstract

Seed Technologies to Increase Seed Value in Tasmania
Nadine Donovan, Robert J. Clark and Sandra Hetherington
pp: 119-126 — See abstract

A Rose by Any Other Name—Does it Matter?
Iain Dawson
pp: 127-130 — See abstract

Do Plants Need Silicon?
Sally Muir, Cheang Khoo, Cath Offord, Brett Summerell, Bernadette McCabe, Julie Brien, Elizabeth Dann, Mary Ann Terras and Len Tesoriero
pp: 131-135 — See abstract

Genes for Flowering
Liz Dennis
pp: 136-137 — See abstract

Native Grass Seed Germination
Iain Dawson and Susan Winder
pp: 138-141 — See abstract

Propagation of Australian Arid Zone Plants
Jon Belling
pp: 142-144 — See abstract

Michael Lloyd and Tim Vercoe
pp: 145 — See abstract

Capillary Watering
Ben Stocks
pp: 146-147 — See abstract

Igloo Irrigation
Chris Rolfe
pp: 148-152 — See abstract

Propagation of Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis Schneid.) by Tip Cuttings
Peter J. Ollerenshaw and Robert L. Dunstone
pp: 153-155 — See abstract

Cultivar Assessment and Improvement of Ixodia Daisy for Floriculture
Gail E. Barth
pp: 156-159 — See abstract

Domesticating Haemodorum coccineum
Iain Dawson
pp: 160-164 — See abstract

Development of the Protea Cut Flower Industry
Andrew Mathews
pp: 165 — See abstract

Germination of Persoonia myrtilloides and Persoonia levis
Christopher D. Nancarrow
pp: 166-170 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Some Eucalyptus Species
David O. Cliffe
pp: 171-173 — See abstract

Tassel Ferns and Clubmosses
Joe McAuliffe
pp: 174-176 — See abstract

Fungus Gnats—Common and Damaging!
Anne Frodsham, Keith Bodman, Marilyn Steiner and Stephen Goodwin
pp: 177-181 — See abstract

Different Surfaces Need Different Treatments for Successful Nursery Hygiene
Martin I. Mebalds and Gordon E. Stovold
pp: 182-190 — See abstract

Cuttings Production: Alternative Strategies and Potential Techniques for the Future
Ross W.F. Cameron and Richard S. Harrison-Murray
pp: 191-195 — See abstract

Mechanised Cutting Production at Notcutts Nurseries
Mark Howard
pp: 196-198 — See abstract

Propagation at Wyevale Container Plants
Paul Green
pp: 199-200 — See abstract

A Review of Developments in Narcissus Propagation
Gordon R. Hanks
pp: 201-205 — See abstract

Rescuing the Near Dead: Propagation for Conservation
Martin Staniforth
pp: 206-212 — See abstract

Fifty Years of Progress in Plant Propagation
A.T. Wood
pp: 213-216 — See abstract

What Future for Plant Propagators?
Philip Marie Moreau
pp: 217-220 — See abstract

Theory of Grafting
Peter T. MacDonald
pp: 221-225 — See abstract

The Science of Hybridisation
Peter G. Alderson
pp: 226-229 — See abstract

Latest Developments in Plant Breeding: Application of Biotechnology
Michael R. Davey, Kenneth C. Lowe and J. Brian Power
pp: 230-234 — See abstract

The Science Behind Seed Propagation
Philip McMillan Browse
pp: 235-236 — See abstract

The Millennium Seed Bank Project and its Approach to Germination Testing
Robin Probert
pp: 237-242 — See abstract

The Importance of Crop Records and Sowing Rates in the Propagation of Woody Plants from Seed
Dennis Fordham
pp: 243-246 — See abstract

Programmed Plants. A New Approach to the Production of Cell-grown (Containerised) Tree Seedlings
Stan Thompson
pp: 247-252 — See abstract

Views from the Top: The Evolution of Forest Canopy Studies
Nalini M. Nadkarni
pp: 253-258 — See abstract

Propagation of Begonia hiemalis at Klem's Greenhouse, Inc.
Mark Klemmedson
pp: 259-260 — See abstract

The Native Plants Website: An On-line Source of Propagation Information
Thomas D. Landis and R. Kasten Dumroese
pp: 261-264 — See abstract

Winter Propagation Frame
Douglas Justice
pp: 265 — See abstract

A Heavy Duty Leaf Vacuum for Greenhouse Use
Jim McConnell
pp: 266 — See abstract

Seed Cleaning
Michelle Truscott
pp: 267 — See abstract

Rooting Softwood Cuttings Collected from Forced Large Stems of Oakleaf Hydrangea and American Chestnut
John E. Preece, Donna I. Ledbetter and James J. Zaczek
pp: 267-270 — See abstract

Early Spring Frost Protection for Fall-sown Maple Seedlings
Robert Buzzo
pp: 271 — See abstract

Improved Seed Germination Environment
Mary TenBrink
pp: 272 — See abstract

Liverwort and Algae: Chemical Control
Mic Armstrong
pp: 273 — See abstract

Grafting Tips
Verl Holden
pp: 274 — See abstract

Potential Use of Chlorine Dioxide to Control Diseases in Ornamental Plant Production Systems
Gary A. Chastagner and Warren E. Copes
pp: 275-279 — See abstract

Flowering and Bulb Quality of Liliaceous Species in Response to Mycorrhizal Fungi
Carolyn F. Scagel and R.G. Linderman
pp: 280-286 — See abstract

Using Water Reservoir Containers to Produce Plants for Wetlands Sites
Sven E. Svenson
pp: 287-290 — See abstract

Developing New Plants For Your Future Plant Inventory
Harold Pellett
pp: 291-294 — See abstract

Yard Trimmings Compost as a Growing Medium Component and Nutrient Source for Chrysanthemum and Fuchsia Production
Rita L. Hummel, Charles R. Johnson, Robert Riley and Susan Smith
pp: 295-299 — See abstract

The Most Tricky Part of Micropropagation: Establishing Plants in Greenhouses and Fields
John E. Preece
pp: 300-303 — See abstract

Tissue Culture Acclimation
Mic Armstrong
pp: 304-307 — See abstract

Tissue-Culture Acclimation at Carlton Plants
Mike Anderson
pp: 308 — See abstract

Establishing and Aftercare of Tissue Culture Material
Mollie Hoare
pp: 309-310 — See abstract

New and Worthy Plants
Douglas Justice, Ken Coppola and Richie Steffen
pp: 311-316 — See abstract

Effect of CO2 Concentration on Net Photosynthetic Rate of Coffea ×arabusta Somatic Embryos Cultured Photoautotrophically
A. Uno, C. Kubota, K. Ohyama, W. Chintakovid and T. Kozai
pp: 317-318 — See abstract

Growth of Root Systems and Changes in Phloridzin Content in Fibrous Roots of Container-grown Apple Transplants©
Hiroshi Gemma and Tomoki Nakamura
pp: 319-323 — See abstract

Effect of Cutting Wood Harvest Time on Planting Success Rate of Five Blueberry Cultivars
Etsuyo Korehisa
pp: 324-325 — See abstract

The Machine Grafting of Grapes in Okayama
Kazumi Wada
pp: 326 — See abstract

Effect of a Simple Evaporation Cooling Device for Cutting Propagation in Arid Lands
Kazuhiro Fukasawa and Atsushi Ooishi
pp: 327-329 — See abstract

Rooftop Planting, Its Present and Future — What I Learn While in New Zealand
Masayuki Nakamura
pp: 330 — See abstract

The Main Seedling-born Diseases Occurring in Grapes
Hideo Nasu
pp: 331 — See abstract

New Mycorrhizal Fungi for Germinating Goodyera schlechtendaliana
Masanori Tomita and Chihiro Adachi
pp: 332-338 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Prostanthera rotundifolia
Mary Carmen Rodrigo Hernandez and Arne Skytt Andersen
pp: 339-346 — See abstract

Aksel de Lasson and Werner Bühr
pp: 347-349 — See abstract

BMT Biofilter: A Biological Water Treatment System
M.N. Jonas
pp: 350 — See abstract

Propagation of Cuttings in Different Media under Different Levels of Drainage
Lars Jørgensen
pp: 351-357 — See abstract

Mineral Nutrients in Water: Quality Variation of Rainwater, Surface Water, and Ground Water
Bengt Nihlgård
pp: 358-368 — See abstract

Dan Studebaker
pp: 369 — See abstract

Plant Propagation Techniques: A Historical Perspective
Robert Geneve
pp: 370-375 — See abstract

Cephalotaxus Production at Rivendell Nursery
Ted Kiefer
pp: 376-377 — See abstract

A New Grafting Tape
Tom Intven
pp: 378 — See abstract

Hidden Mysteries of Conifers in 2001
Teresa Ford
pp: 379-380 — See abstract

From Seed to Seed: Producing Native Grass and Wildflower Seed for the National Park Service
Jennifer L. Kujawski
pp: 381-382 — See abstract

Green Roofs: The Next Horticultural Revolution
David J. Beattie and Robert Berghage
pp: 383-385 — See abstract

New Plants! What's Good for Nurseries?
F. Todd Lasseigne
pp: 386-389 — See abstract

Using Turkey Litter Compost in Growing Media
Calvin Chong
pp: 390-394 — See abstract

Layering Cuttings as an Alternate to Sticking Them
Tom Kimmel
pp: 395-396 — See abstract

Determining the Invasive Potential of Rhamnus frangula ‘Asplenifolia’ and ‘Columnaris’ Based on Seed Germination
Adam R. Wheeler and Mark C. Starrett
pp: 397-400 — See abstract

The Top Performing Plants from the Evaluation and Breeding Programs at Chicago Botanic Garden
Jim Ault and Richard Hawke
pp: 401-407 — See abstract

Getting Stage III to Nurseries…Proper Handling by Everyone
Deborah D. McCown
pp: 408-409 — See abstract

Success with Stage 3 Tissue Culture Plantlets
Alan Jones
pp: 410-412 — See abstract

Dormancy and Germination in Lonicera involucrata var. ledebourii
Anne T. Laursen
pp: 413-416 — See abstract

Modified Nurse Seed Grafting of Aesculus
John H. Alexander III
pp: 417-420 — See abstract

Carpinus caroliniana Production at Johnson's Nursery, Inc.
Michael Yanny
pp: 421-423 — See abstract

Propagation of the Endangered Legume Amorpha nitens and the Common Shrub Amorpha fruticosa
Nadia E. Navarrete-Tindall, J.W. Van Sambeek, Mark V. Coggeshall and Robert L. McGraw
pp: 424-428 — See abstract

Hardy Hemlocks and Salty Pines
Brian K. Maynard
pp: 429-432 — See abstract

Grafting and Marketing Specialty Nursery Crops
Brian L. Upchurch
pp: 433-437 — See abstract

Self-felting Wool Pellets as a Means of Weed Control During Propagation and Liner Production
Bradley Rowe and Thomas Fernandez
pp: 438-442 — See abstract

Development of a Subirrigation System with Potential for Hardwood Tree Propagation
Mark V. Coggeshall and J.W. Van Sambeek
pp: 443-448 — See abstract

Are the New Astilbe Really Better?
Leo Blanchette and David Beattie
pp: 449-456 — See abstract

Hydrangeas for the Future
Sandra M. Reed
pp: 457-460 — See abstract

Rootstock Selection and Graft Compatibility of Chamaecyparis Species
Bradley T. Holland, Stuart L. Warren, Thomas G. Ranney and Thomas A. Eaker
pp: 461-465 — See abstract

Seed Harvesting and Processing: Techniques That Work
Howard W. Barnes
pp: 466-469 — See abstract

Plants Found in My Backyard…And Yours
Michael Hayman
pp: 470-474 — See abstract

Seed Propagation — The Lost Art
Dennis P. Niemeyer
pp: 475-478 — See abstract

Status of the Commercial Micropropagation Industry
Richard H. Zimmerman and Robert J. Griesbach
pp: 479-481 — See abstract

Jack Alexander
pp: 482-486 — See abstract

Beb McCown and Dick Bir
pp: 487 — See abstract

Use of Para Formaldehyde as a Potential Soil Sterilant: A Preliminary Investigation
Howard W. Barnes
pp: 488-490 — See abstract

East Meets South in Baltimore!
Howard W. Barnes
pp: 491-492 — See abstract

Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’: Liners That Live and Flower
Richard E. Bir
pp: 493-494 — See abstract

Automatic Controlled Water Table Irrigation for Container Production
Jack W. Buxton and Robert E. McNiel
pp: 495-499 — See abstract

Container Crop Response to Slow-Release Fertilizers, Placement, and Mixes
Calvin Chong
pp: 500-503 — See abstract

Ionized Copper as an Effective Control of Proplematic Pathogens
Michael Emmons
pp: 504-505 — See abstract

Growth of Herbaceous and Woody Perennials in Spent Mushroom Substrate Composted by Aerated and Static Methods
Charles Heuser, E. Jay Holcomb and P.H. Heinemann
pp: 506-508 — See abstract

Propagator's Cornucopia: Products, Problems, and Observations
Michael Kolaczewski
pp: 509-510 — See abstract

Effects of Drought on Trees and Shrubs
Ronald F. Kujawski and Robert D. Childs
pp: 511-512 — See abstract

Aesculus parviflora Propagation by Layering
Robert E. McNiel and Steve Elkins
pp: 513 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation Screening Trials at University of Rhode Island
James Owen Jr., William Johnson and Brian Maynard
pp: 514-516 — See abstract

Screening of Cercis (Redbud) Taxa for Ability to Root From Cuttings
Margaret R. Pooler and Ruth L. Dix
pp: 517 — See abstract

Design of a Propagation Unit That Independently Controls Atmospheric and Medium Moisture
Shubin Saha, Sharon Kester, Erin Wilkerson, Jack Buxton and Robert Geneve
pp: 518-519 — See abstract

Efficacy of Five Pre-emergence Herbicides in Pot-in-Pot Tree Production
James C. Sellmer, Rick Bates, Tracey L. Harpster and Larry J. Kuhns
pp: 520-522 — See abstract

Applying Accelerated Growth Production Practices to American Chestnut (Castanea dentata)
Tracey L. Harpster, James C. Sellmer and Larry J. Kuhns
pp: 523-525 — See abstract

Comparative in Vitro Culture of White And Green Ash From Seed to Plantlet Production
J.W. Van Sambeek, John E. Preece and Nadia E. Navarrete-Tindall
pp: 526-534 — See abstract

Embryo Rescue and Embryo Excision — What's the Difference?
Susan J. Wiegrefe, Carol A. Robacker and Sloane M. Scheiber
pp: 535-536 — See abstract

How Degree Days Affect Rooting Percent of Cotoneaster acutifolia Cuttings
Francisco Castillo and Alfredo Castillo
pp: 537-540 — See abstract

The Stephen F. Austin Mast Arboretum's Ornamental Plant Evaluation Program
Dave Creech
pp: 542-546 — See abstract

Antique Roses
G. Michael Shoup
pp: 547-550 — See abstract

Scouting a Real Life Experience
Liz Felter
pp: 551-552 — See abstract

Effects of Pistill and Atrimmec on production of Lagerstroemia
Glenn B. Fain, Charles H. Gilliam and Gary J. Keever
pp: 553-557 — See abstract

Rapid Determination of Nitrogen Status in Potted Pansy Production
J.E. Altland, C.H. Gilliam, G.J. Keever, J.L. Sibley and D.C. Fare
pp: 558-563 — See abstract

Irrigation Time of Day — Does It Really Matter?
Stuart L. Warren and Ted E. Bilderback
pp: 564-568 — See abstract

Dealing with Water Restrictions in Your Nursery
R.C. Beeson Jr.
pp: 569-571 — See abstract

The Use of Suction Cup Lysimeters for Monitoring EC, pH, and Nutrients in Large Containers
Robert D. Wright, Mary Stanley and Roger Harris
pp: 572-574 — See abstract

Water and Nutrient Management Planning — Monitoring of Irrigation and Fertilization Practices
John D. Lea-Cox and David S. Ross
pp: 575-579 — See abstract

The Art and Science of Plant Introduction
Michael A. Dirr
pp: 580 — See abstract

Why, When, and How to Patent a New Plant Variety
Geoffrey Needham
pp: 581-585 — See abstract

Promoting, Distributing, and Servicing of New Plants
Brent W. Marable
pp: 586-589 — See abstract

The Effective Propagator — Keeping a Focus on Key Issues in Propagation Management
Gene Blythe and Jeff Sibley
pp: 590-593 — See abstract

Camellia Production from Cuttings
Bob Black
pp: 594-596 — See abstract

Propagating Under Different Plastics and Shading Materials
Tommy Adams
pp: 597-600 — See abstract

New and Improved Deciduous Magnolia Cultivars
Gary W. Knox
pp: 601-603 — See abstract

Chilling Affects Foliar Budbreak of Ornamental Trees
Jeff L. Sibley, Barrett C. Wilson and Jeff C. Wilson
pp: 604-609 — See abstract

Seedling Development: The Critical First Days
Carl Whitcomb
pp: 610-613 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Sweet Viburnum (Viburnum odoratissimum)
Gisele Martins, Michael Kane and Thomas Yeager
pp: 614-619 — See abstract

The Integration of Traditional Teaching and Distance Delivery of Plant Propagation Statewide
S.B. Wilson
pp: 620-622 — See abstract

The Influence of Mycorrhizal Fungi, Organic and Inorganic Slow Release Fertilizers on Growth and Development of Bush Morning Glory (Ipomoea carnea)
Lucila Amaya de Carpio, Fred T. Davies and Michael A. Arnold
pp: 623-628 — See abstract

Cutting Requirements for Propagation of the Endangered Species, Clematis socialis
L.L. Bruner, D.J. Eakes, J.L. Sibley, C.M. Morton, P.R. Knight and J.J. Cain
pp: 629-633 — See abstract

Propagation of Four Florida Coastal Dune Species by Stem Cuttings
Mack Thetford and Debbie Miller
pp: 634-637 — See abstract

Benefits of Shade During Production of Illicium: Optimizing Growth and Nutrient Recovery
Richard T. Olsen and John M. Ruter
pp: 638 — See abstract

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