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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Can I Use Municipal Waste Compost in My Propagation Media?

Calvin Chong

pp: 290-294

In unleached media consisting of between 15% and 75% by volume of municipal waste compost mixed with peat or perlite, cuttings from four of nine evergreen taxa were tolerant (rooting enhanced or unaffected) of salt levels up to 0.60 dS·m-1 (0.2 dS·m-1 desirable threshold). The other five evergreen taxa were intolerant (rooting adversely affected). In corresponding leached media, cuttings from most of seven deciduous taxa rooted as well as or better in the compost-amended media compared with 100% perlite or 100% peat. Best rooting occurred with between 45% and 75% compost in the rooting medium. A tendency for better rooting in compost with perlite than with peat was due largely to lower water and higher air porosities with perlite than with peat.

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