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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Ideas from the Scandinavian Propagator's Exchange

Bill Barnes

pp: 273-275

In 1999 I was the lucky recipient of the Eastern Region, North America I.P.P.S. exchange propagator to the Scandinavian Region. It was a memorable trip and my wife and I saw a great deal of horticulture.

Denmark was the choice of the Scandinavian Region for their 1999 meeting and that was the ultimate destination. However, fortune was in our favor and we had an opportunity to fly to The Netherlands first and then proceed onto Denmark. This was a choice that was planned and should a future recipient have the opportunity I would highly recommend a stopover in Holland.

While not much time was allotted for the Holland excursion, having only one day, I opted to go to the Tropenberg Arboretum in Rotterdam. For those interested in North American natives this is a must stop as it represents one of the finest collections of North American plants that I have seen. Much can be learned from going to the Arboretum and admiring the work of Professor Van hoey Smith.

Traveling by train, my wife

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