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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Successful Techniques for Overwintering Rooted Cutting

Jim Hallene

pp: 266-267

One of the most challenging tasks facing any nurseryperson is to successfully overwinter newly propagated plants. Prides Comer Farms propagates and grows a very large selection of woody ornamentals, as well as many perennials and grasses. Today I would like to give you a brief overview of how we overwinter woody ornamentals. Cuttings are stuck throughout the year but there are three primary times during which most of our propagation is done. The largest volume is done as softwood cuttings taken from liners or container-grown plants during the months of June and July. These cuttings include taxa of deciduous shrubs, such as, Viburnum, Cotoneaster, Daphne, Clethra, and Forsythia, and many others, and all are rooted under intermittent mist. They are stuck in a peat and Styrofoam medium and standard talc hormones used. A second major propagation period is in October, at which time propagation of broadleaf Rhododendron, Pieris cultivars, and Euonymus fortunei cultivars are done. The

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