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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Chicago's Ancient Ecosystem and Local Insight into the Use of Several Ground Cover Plant Materials

Michael Kolaczewski

pp: 264-265

Welcome to the 50th Annual Meeting of the I.P.P.S. Eastern Region, North America. I am pleased to be taking part in this program, since this marks my 10th year as a member of the I.P.P.S. I have had the distinction to serve on various committees as well as having been the local area secretary for several years. It is my pleasure today to give you an over view of the Chicago that once was.

This area was once a true ecological treasure house. It was here that the deciduous forests that at one time, covered the Eastern part of this the continent, began to give way to the expansive grassland ecosystems of the middle continent. The western coast of Lake Michigan has had many unique and irreplaceable habitats occupy its shore line and adjacent boundary lands. Prairies once ran nearly unbroken from Lake Michigan nearly all the way to the great Mississippi River, and beyond. These various types of prairies — dry, mesic, wet, savanna, mixed woodland, and others — all combined to form a distinct

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