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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Make Breeding More Efficient

Kell Kristiansen

pp: 195-197


With background in our breeding of Aster novi-belgii relations of importance for the efficiency in breeding are described. The procedure in Aster can be used in other vegetatively propagated plants. Crossings are made in the autumn and the first selection among seedlings is performed the coming spring. Selected seedlings are cloned and two groups of each clone are grown according to a standard programme for potted A. novi-belgii. The clones flower approximately 1 year after the crossings are made. The best clones are then selected and evaluated the following season in a number of nurseries prior to a final selection of clones worth introducing to the market. This time schedule gives a period of 2.5 years from crossing until plants are available on the market (Kristiansen, 1996; Kristiansen and Brandt, 1994).

Breeding of Aster is carried out in cooperation with the Danish Pot Aster Association (25 to 30 nurseries producing approximately 7 million pots). The breeding was

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