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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Experiences of Cordyline australis Production at Hewton Nursery

Steven Watson

pp: 189-194


This paper describes the production of Cordyline australis and cultivars from bought-in ex-agar propagules and from seed, at Hewton Nursery. It is not necessarily a recommendation for other nurseries with other production systems, simply an insight into what works well in one particular situation. There are 15 species of cordyline ranging from shrubs to small trees. They are spread over a wide area from southeast Asia in the west to Hawaii in the east, taking in Australasia and Polynesia. Some of the species are too tender to grow in northern Europe. Cordyline australis is the species commonly grown in Europe. In its native New Zealand it can reach up to 20 m but here it normally reaches only a fraction of that. Cordyline australis is a versatile plant that will grow in many different situations and is just as happy in borders or as a spot plant as in pots on patios. Cordyline australis requires a well drained soil or growing medium that does not become waterlogged. Plants

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