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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Report on Discussion "What is I.P.P.S. For?"

Masaru Shibata

pp: 690

I would like to summarize the contents of the discussion held 26 Oct. as a coordinator.


  1. Comments by Chairperson, Dr. Takeda (President, IPPS-Japan).
    Please read the constitution of I.P.P.S. at the end of Proceedings of the
          7th Annual Conference in Suzuka, Mie Pref. and understand that
          the organization of I.P.P.S. IPPS-Japan has been mainly run by the
          collective opinion of researchers; however, it should be operated for
          the members which are plant propagators.
    I strongly wish that IPPS-Japan will contribute to activate
          agribusinesses for the members by means of activities such as
          nursery tours and training seminars.
    I.P.P.S. is an international organization that has 50 years of history
          oriented to plant propagators.
    This is the 7th conference in Japan. Year by year interrelationships
          between members are being established and they are continuing to
          grow as long-term faithful relationships.
    I would like to ask you the members to continue to grow these
          prosperous relationships.

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