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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

A Study of the Relationship Between Rooftop Planting and Plant Type

Masayuki Nakamura

pp: 652-656

Rooftop planting is recognized as a new business field today with keen interest. In April 2000, the metropolitan assembly of Tokyo established a new prefecture ordinance for rooftop planting as a measure against the "heat island problem". Rooftop planting is expected to be a big business opportunity in the planting and construction industries. Therefore, Oji Company has initiated a project for rooftop planting (Fig.1).

Rooftop planting garden styles include: traditional Japanese, private home, European style, and the new garden against the heat island problem.

Currently, use of a garden to reduce heat islands is receiving the major attention, and many companies compete in this field in construction methods and designs. For this type of garden, sedums (such as, Sedum mexicanum (Fig.2), S. sarmentosum (Fig. 3), S. makinoi (Fig. 4), and S. oryzifolium (syn. S. uniflorumsubsp. oryzifolium) (Fig. 5) are considered as useful plants because they are expected to resist dry-weather.

I chose S.

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